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Pedicures Gone Bad
October 14, 2014, 4:21 pm
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I am not the usual “girly girl” type, but I do have a “girly girl” guilty pleasure….Pedicures!  For years I have had the same person do my pedicures each month.  Tony is amazing and I always love how he makes my feet feel 1000 times better. I am on them a lot…at work, at play, just always!  Recently, Tony opened his own shop and left the local place he has been with for years.  I am super excited for him, but I am sad for me. I am not always the best planner when it comes to doing things for myself, so I was always the one to go for the last minute appointment with Tony.  Now that he has moved further west of where I live, I haven’t taken the time to make an appointment and go see him. Instead, I decided to try another local place in my town. Mistake. Big mistake!

The place I went looked very clean and new. It should look new, it is. It has only been open for about a year. The people who worked there seemed pleasant and very personable, even if I could only understand every other word they said to me. A few of them used to work at the place I always went to, so I felt fairly confident that it would be a good experience.

I forewarned the lady that did my pedicure that I have a tendency to develop ingrown toe nails and asked her to please be aware of that.  She was doing a great job until she cut my toenail too short on one side.  I could instantly feel slight pain in that area of my toe, but thought to myself “as long as she doesn’t start digging at it, it should be OK.” Maybe I should have spoken up.  She started digging. I spoke up.  Next thing I knew, I wanted to jump out of the very comfortable massage chair that I was sitting in and I almost did.  My toe was now bleeding and wouldn’t stop.  She had to put some medicine on it to make it stop bleeding. It seemed to slow down, but boy was it sore. I asked her to put all tools away and just paint them. She painted my toenails and I was off as soon as I could go.

Two days later, I could barely walk. The big toe on my right foot was two times it’s normal size, red and definitely infected.  It hurt so bad that I could not even cover my feet with the sheets on my bed.  At this point, I had I decided that I needed to go see my General Practitioner and get some antibiotics.  I wasn’t in his office but 15 minutes before he asked me if I had health insurance.  In my mind, all I could think was, “this can’t be good.”  Considering my insurance situation is not optimal, my GP decided to perform a minor surgery in his office rather than send me to a Podiatrist.  He saved me well over $500, I am sure. Needless to say, an hour later, I was leaving the GP’s office with half a toenail and two prescriptions.  The lady who had done my pedicure had cut my nail extremely too short and on top of that dug at my toe so badly, caused a severe infection and an ingrown toenail. Now I have to swallow these horrible smelling antibiotic pills twice a day and change my bandages probably for the next few weeks. Not to mention, I can’t wear regular shoes until it’s healed enough.  Ummm…it’s autumn in Virginia. Boot weather and I am stuck wearing flip flops.  Good thing I can handle having cold feet.

I went back to the place that gave me the pedicure to ask for a refund.  It was only $35, but it is the principal of the matter more than anything else.  I know there is an inherent risk in getting pedicures and know they are probably not responsible for the following medical bills I got because of them. I did expect a refund of that particular pedicure price though.  They tried to offer me a gift certificate for my next pedicure. Seriously, did they think I would come back for another one???  They are out of their minds!  About a half hour discussion ensues, with 20 asian ladies pointing at my toe, saying things I could not understand amongst each other. Does anyone ever notice that their language makes them sound angry?? I did.  What I could understand from them was, “We sooo sorry. It accident. We give money back. We sterilize our tools.” I finally got my $35 cash and not a useless gift certificate.  That doesn’t make a dent in the $250+ I spent getting a mini-surgery, but at least I got my $35 back.


So, now I have my $35, an ugly ass toe, a bottle of smelly antibiotics that I get to take for the next 7 days and half a toenail. I also can’t enjoy my guilty pleasure of monthly pedicures for probably 6 months.  Thank you goes out to Pro Nails in Purcellville, VA. You kinda suck and I won’t be going back!  This girl will discipline herself to make an appointment (when I am allowed to have pedi’s again) and travel 30 miles west to someone I know and can trust.


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Oh my word, you poor girl!!! I’m actually flinching & queasy reading this, I just cannot believe a professional would leave your toe in such a state… you must be in absolute agony!! Wishing you a speedy recovery after such an awful experience 😦

Comment by karenheidirees

Thank you! I thought that I toned down the grossness of the situation. Sorry if I made anyone queasy. I am feeling better and am hoping that my nail grows back in normally.

Comment by Night Owl Mom

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