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Birthday Boy
October 5, 2014, 11:14 pm
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It’s been 19 years since my son Zachary was born. In my heart, he will always be my little boy, but he’s really a grown young man now. I remember when he was just a baby…always ready to give hugs and cuddles. Spoiled rotten by his big sister who doted on him like he was her own. He was her baby brother and she treated him like a little prince. With his big sister around, he didn’t have to ask for anything.

Zachary 10/5/95

Zachary 10/5/1995

Zachary learned to walk during a hurricane in the Outer Banks. If my memory serves correct, the name of our rental that year was “Time Off” and it was an amazing family vacation. The winds were blowing a gale. The house was one of those beautiful brightly painted beach mansions on stilts. The house swayed in the wind and the ceiling fans stayed completely still. It was not so bad that we could not get around, but you could definitely feel the house moving with the wind.  Meanwhile, there is this adorable little boy pulling himself into a standing position and then walks across the room to us. His first steps without someone helping him! It was super cool.

Growing up, he was the sweet, but tough kid. He is the one who listened, but very outgoing. He is the one who made friends with everyone. Never left anyone out. He has a good heart in there.  Then when he was about 4 his baby sister came along.  He adored his baby sister.  He treated her like a princess and his big sister was right at his side helping him to do so.  Of course over the years there would be sibling arguments and sides taken. (Not to mention a phase of chasing one or both of his sisters with bugs or something else “gross and disgusting!”) Oh the screaming by the girls and the laughing by him. Following that always came one of us saying, “Zach leave your sister’s alone.” To no avail.  Thankfully, like we told the girls he would, Zach outgrew that phase.

Zachary, Bethany,  big Sister Alyssa @ Grand Canyon

Zachary, Bethany, big Sister Alyssa @ Grand Canyon April 2001

Zachary has always been respectful of others, even if he doesn’t always agree. Since the time he was young, he always tries to see all sides to everything and figure out his own mind. He is a leader, not a follower and he is never afraid to go it on his own and follow his heart. He was a great baby, easy to take care of, didn’t cry unless he really had a reason. Slept through the night quickly.  He is the friendly, outgoing kid who gets along with everyone.  And as a teenager, more respectful than most and always polite and kind to his Mom. Like all kids, we’ve had our arguments with him as parents. I mean, heck, he is a teenager and they do think they are always right! We’ve had our broken bones. Again, he is a boy, right? Boys will be boys. But, this kid, now young man…I wouldn’t trade him for the world. In my world he is my baby boy (always will be), and he is my world!

I still am the annoying Mom that’s always lecturing and telling him my way of thinking on things. It doesn’t mean he always takes my advice, but he at least listens to my opinions and considers what I say. I suppose I have to loosen the reigns some more and let him continue to make his own decisions. He makes decent ones and he isn’t so little anymore. He’s a college student now with a part time job. He is growing up.

When you are pregnant, no one tells you that when your baby is all grown, you will still want to protect them like they’re still a baby. They don’t tell you how quickly your baby boy grows into a young man that you couldn’t be more proud of! [18 – 21 years goes by really fast when it comes to your babies!] But it happens and when it does it is bittersweet. You are slightly sad to see your little baby boy all grown up, but you are thrilled to pieces that you helped to raise this terrific young man that you are proud to call your son. A son for whom your love continues to grow with each passing minute!

Zachary 10/5/2014

Zachary 10/5/2014

Happy 19th Birthday, Zachary!

Love, Mom. ❤


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