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Over $100,000 to redecorate the Whitehouse?
November 11, 2008, 3:29 am
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Mrs. Obama is going to receive OVER $100,000 to redecorate the Whitehouse??  Really?? Why is it that our government hemmorrhages cash?  There are so many things wrong with this. 


First, in the scheme of things $100,000 might not seem like much.  But to you and me, that’s a lot of money.  Second, does the Government really need to spend our tax dollars redecorating the whitehouse?  The President and First Lady live there for free on our dime already.  Don’t you think the Obama’s can afford their own redecorating costs? Wouldn’t it be nice if when you and I got a new house, it came with $100,000 redecorating fund??  Third, If Obama’s plan is to decrease national debt, maybe he should do the right thing and not spend money needlessly.  Lord knows his wife makes enough money and he is not hurting financially either.  (He just took his wife out on a date for about $1,000 dinner!) 

This kind of spending is exactly where this country needs to start saving pennies. Then maybe review the medical programs in place that the government pays for.  Did you know a single aspirin at the hospital costs you about $15?  If you are ever in the hospital, look closely at the charges for disposable items (bed pans, pillows, etc.) that you are charged for.   And guess what government health care programs pay for those items?  You guessed it, highly inflated prices.  With $15 you and I could go to the grocery store and buy a bottle of aspirin and have money left over, even after paying sales tax!!  Again, our government needs to look into a lot of programs and revamp a lot of things.  If they would do that, we would have the money we need to pay the debts, keep our country safe and not raise taxes.


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Hi Kristi,

Those were my thoughts exactly when I heard this yesterday morning. That money could feed alot of hungry children in this country. The president needs to live with how the Whitehouse is decorated or pay like any other american, at his own cost, to have it redecorated. And is the money tax free????? I would imagine it is. Now figure out what our country pays for interior design if a new president is elected every 4 years…..

Then this morning on The Early Show they talk about how Mrs. Obama is touring private schools for her children that the who’s who attend….WOW must be nice….are the tax payers paying for that also? All while our public school districts teach to the no child left behind just so they can get their funding. Doesn’t seem fair….concidering our public schools teach mainly to the middle class. So what are the Obama’s really saying…..public schools are not good enough for our children.

His entire campaign was about the middle class and how he is going to look out for them while he is in the Whitehouse….kind of hard to relate to the middle class when you live as part of the upper class from day one.

Obama should make a statement to the American people that he is for the middle class by paying for his own interior design and putting their children in the public school district. The american middle class do.

Comment by dana

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I SO agree. Obama is supposed to be “CHANGE” but he never said a good change. SO far he hasn`t shown me anything good. I was for him at first but seeing how he wants to spend our tax dollars and how he spend all that money that was sent to him for his campaign. What he is trying to do doesn`t make sense unless he`s trying to hurt America. If he decided to pay to redecorate himself, then I would be impressed and think he was good. He makes more money than most Americans and yet he wants us to pay for this?? They just spend out hard earned money in the stupidest ways. No wonder why they put us in so much debt. They don`t care. It`s not THEIR money.

Comment by Samantha

Honestly, I think $100,000 is a bargain to redecorate the white house. I think 1/2 a million would be about the average price with inflation. Elections notwithstanding, they’ll be living in that house for 8 years, shouldn’t they have the right to personalize it? When we move into new homes, we don’t keep the same furniture, paintings and rugs as the previous people, do we? Not to mention, over a thousand people work at the White House, so I’d be willing to bet a lot of those rugs and chairs are wearing out after 8 years.

Yes, $100,000 is a lot of money to us, but that’s less than the cost of the average pork project that would have gone into the bailout had obama not banned them.

Comment by lovethelimelight

Every First Family is allotted money to redecorate the private areas of the White House: it’s $100,000 and it’s been that amount for at least a decade. Any amount over that is paid through private donations.

@dana: The Obamas pay the tuition for their children to attend school. We pay the president’s salary, of course, but he’s free to spend that money on whatever he likes — just like everyone else does with their salaries. FWIW, a president sending his children to DC public schools is a wonderful idea, but the Secret Service generally advises against it, as it presents a security nightmare. Private schools — because they have smaller campuses and student populations — are much easier to secure.

Comment by Rob in Denver

Say what you really mean, don’t hide behind phoney smoke screens. How much did Bush spend on White House renovations? Every presidents gets the same $100k. Do they get to take any of it with them? No, but Clinton did anyway. How much do you spend on improvements on your rental space knowing the landlord gets to keep it all? Fake, false, phoney complaints. Have the courage to say what you really mean.

Comment by HATE FAKES

I did say what I really meant and I honestly don’t think the White House needs redecorating every 4 years. It’s a waste of money for Democrats or Republicans in an economy like ours.

Comment by Krysti

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