Perspective Of Yet Another Night Owl

Back in Virginia with the family and the cold!
October 22, 2008, 4:36 pm
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I am back in Virginia and wow, how cold the weather has gotten since I left.  I am so not ready for the winter cold, as I love Spring and early summer weather.  Guess I better get started and break out the sweat pants and warm coats.  It looks like this winter is going to be a very cold one.  I miss the warm of Dallas, that’s for sure.

The kids had football games on October 18, and both teams won.  Although I did not see them, I got the play by play in photos and some video.  It really was an awesome game.  Zach’s team won 29 to 0!! Yup, that’s right, they slaughtered the other team.  So much so that the league invoked the “mercy” rule and gave the other team an extra 10 yards towards the goal line whenever they were on offense.  Zach has again proven he is good in a different position and is being utilized all over the field.  Bethany’s team won as well, and for her, all she has left to do this season is perform at the games.  Her team has suspended the practices because of the cold weather.  (I guess our little girls are not geared to be outside in this frigid air.)  The boys, however, seem immune to the cold and are practicing still 3 nights a week.

I haven’t been back to work since I returned from Texas. The schedule goes up today, so maybe I will have some hours.  I could use some cash, that’s for sure.  I spent a bit more than I should have in Texas, but I had a blast.  I bought my first pair of Lucky Brand Jeans, and let me tell you, I love them!!!  I also bought gifts for the family and my nephews, as well as a few for some friend’s kids.

Homecoming is Saturday and we are getting all ready.  Nails, Hair, Shoes, Dress, etc. etc.   I wish it were over already. (My daughter’s boyfriend is probably thinking the same thing.)  Zach has his last regular season game this Saturday against the Giants rivals, the Vikings.  I can’t wait to see the game, then we will see if we are still in first place as playoffs are about to begin.  Bethany’s last game is this Saturday too.  I think my mom is taking her as she will be spending the weekend at her house and the game is in Sterling.

Well, I hear the washing machine calling to me (“come switch it over and start a new load”) so I had better run.


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