Perspective Of Yet Another Night Owl

Texas….It’s been fun so far and Uncle’s surgery went great!
October 15, 2008, 11:05 am
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Hey all!  I thought I would  take a few minutes and let you know how the vacation/family help has been going.  My uncle’s back surgery went off without any hitches.  The doctor says he has the bones of a much younger man, even though he is in his 70’s.  He was able to come home from the hospital the following morning and has been doing really well with his recovery.  Now, if we could just get this workaholic to just relax without trying to work from home.  My uncle and I have been doing the restaurant row thing for dinner nightly, except the night he stayed over in the hospital.  For those of you familiar with Dallas, I am talking about Beltline Road/Restaurant Row.  Let me tell you, there are soooo many restaurants, it’s hard to decide where to eat.  I think we will be doing leftovers for the next day or two, just so we can empty the refrigerator.  The one night he was not home to eat with us, we got a pizza from Whole Foods which was pretty darn good.  My aunt and I have decided that cooking this week is overrated.

My cousin’s kids have been a lot of fun to hang around with.  They are so cute!!  Their little boy is so full of energy and just a complete image of his father when he was young.  Such a great little man to play with and so loving.  I just love getting him on the bus in the morning and retrieving him in the afternoon.  His little eyes light up whenever he sees me.  Makes me miss my kids a bunch.  Their little girl, the princess, is as sweet as can be and so very smart.  She and I have been doing homework together and having a lot of fun watching girly movies together and cuddling on the couch. 

Last night, when we went to pick up dinner at PF Changs (YUM) my aunt actually sat at the bar with me while I had a cocktail. Since the restaurants here are non-smoking, she was able to hang out inside with me.  This was a much needed cocktail, as we are actually in a dry county here in North Dallas.  Not to mention, my aunt and uncle are not drinkers (at all) so there is no alcohol in the house.  I was about to go nuts, so that vodka (Stholis) rocks, was a good and strong one.  I could buy some a bring it home, but as you all know, I am not really an “at home” drinker.  I much prefer the bar and socialization that comes with it.

I may swing by the Mary Kay building and check it out today.  Even though I am not doing Mary Kay anymore, I think it would be cool to see it while I am here.  I also am hoping to get a chance to stop by the State Fair.  I am not huge into rides that leave the ground, but I hear there are some pretty cool things to see there.  Not to mention, any fair that requires school holidays (and yes, you heard that right, they get out of school for this around here) has got to be seen!  Anyway, we are off to do a bit of shopping.  I have some souvenirs to get for friends and want to get some gifts for my kids.


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