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Headed to Dallas, Texas and other news….
October 9, 2008, 11:24 am
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It’s been a long time (17 years), but I am headed to Dallas, TX this coming Sunday for a whole week!! I can’t wait to see my aunt, uncle, cousin and my cousin’s 2 kids.  I am going to down to help out for a week after my uncle’s back surgery this coming Monday, but it’s a visit just the same.  I hope the weather is nice as I am looking forward to breaking out some shorts again.

My kids have been doing fantastic in their respective sports.  Zachary’s team, the Giants, have been on a winning streak lately.  Last night they beat the Bucs, 12-8.  Zach has proved himself to be a very versatile player this year.  He played center last night for quite a few plays, apparently having the best long snap on the team.  Here is me, in the stands, saying to myself, “What is going on?? What are they doing?” because Moms are always the last to know.  My hubby, Jim, neglected to tell me that they had been practicing this play all week.  We have another game this coming Saturday and I expect that the boys will continue their winning streak.  (Ok, enough on that because I don’t want to jinx it.)

Bethany is doing quite well with her cheer squad.  They recently took 2nd place in the cheer off competition held at LVHS.  They came in 2nd only because their dance routine was 15 seconds too long.  Yes, they are extremely strict about the rules.  Was a shame because honestly, they gave a better performance than the team that took first place.  Then again, I could be a bit biased. 🙂

Alyssa has been working hard with the marching band. They did very well in their last competition in Charlottesville.  I believe they came in 2nd place, but as she is a teenager, pulling information from her is like pulling teeth. I was unable to attend this competition because of the younger two kids needing to be in two different places at the same time.  Alyssa has another competition this coming Saturday at Oakton HS, but again, I am unable to attend because of the younger kids.  Sometimes I wonder if Alyssa thinks we ignore her activities.  I hope she knows it’s not because we don’t want to see her perform, just that she is capable of going by herself with her team whereas the younger kids can’t go by themselves.  I know Alyssa is in good hands because she is always with another family here that has been fantastic to us in helping her get where she needs to be.  I do buy all the DVD’s of the competitions so that I can watch the ones I don’t get to attend. 

Work for me has been a blast.  I love bartending and have decided to stick with it after my “help-out” month.  I will probably reduce the hours I am putting in to about 3 shifts per week instead of the 5+ I have been pulling.  The money is fantastic and it really is a lot of fun, fun, fun!!! 

Well, this was meant to be a quickie update, as I have lots to do before heading out of town.  I hope everyone is well, and MKRules, if you see this, shout at me.  I will be in your area!


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