Perspective Of Yet Another Night Owl

Football, Homecoming, Parades & the Kids

Zachary had a couple of great games this past week.  Wednesday night the ULYFL Giants played against the ULYFL Bandits.  The Giants won 20-6.  It was a fantastic game and gave the boys a sense of “we CAN do this” which was needed after their first game loss to the LLFBL Rams.  Saturday night the Giants played against the ULYFL Titans and won again, 8-0.  The score would have been 20-0, but we had two touchdowns called back for some pretty stupid penalties.  One was recalled for blocking from behind, a silly mistake.  The second was recalled for holding, an even sillier mistake but it happens.  The coaches were not too pleased about the penalties, but I think the boys were actually feeling worse about them.  

Zachary on the move!

(Zachary is on the left of the photo with the long blue sleeves.)

Zachary was moved to a different position in this game and had quite a few important tackles.  He was hurt during one of them in the second quarter.  Technically it was a bad hit on the other teams part and wrenched Zach’s knee.  Good ‘ole Zach, though, got up and limped his way back to the huddle, where he continued to play (and limp) through the next few downs securing more great tackles.  So a few days of rest, ice therapy and a new knee brace that I am making him wear now for extra support.  His coach has been making him take it easy during practice this week.  Of course Zach is disappointed about this.  He just loves “hitting”. He should be good to go this coming Saturday. Way to go GIANTS!!! 

My oldest, Alyssa, had a marching band showcase/competition and parade this past Saturday.  The parade was really cool because the LVHS Marching Band got to march with the Quantico Marine Corps Band, who also put on a show at the Showcase of Bands Competition.  There were many parents and students from all over the area.  Heritage HS, Freedom HS, Park View HS, Jeb Stuart HS, Annadale HS, Stone Bridge HS, Loudoun County HS and of course, Loudoun Valley HS all competed.  Since Valley was the “host” school, they technically did an exhibition show, but it was a fantastic performance. 

Alyssa moving onto the field for competition.

Alyssa moving onto the field for competition.

(Alyssa  is the 3rd from the left with an all black piccolo.)

As I was sitting in the bleachers with my mother and youngest daughter, we heard over the PA system an “air-gram” for my Alyssa.  An air-gram is one of the bands way of pumping up the Band fund.  For $2.00, you could write a brief word to be announced for all to hear.  Although Alyssa received a couple, the one I loved the most was from her boyfriend and it was the sweetest thing you ever heard!!  “To Alyssa from KID (his nick name) – Can’t wait to see how beautiful you look in your homecoming dress.”  (It was something close to that.)  The entire audience and band all “Awwwed” at the same time.  Since the two of them had been back and forth about going to Homecoming, this kind of solidified that they were and Alyssa and I were off this past Monday to shop for a dress.  We found “the dress” and I can’t wait to see her all dressed up.  She is going to look so beautiful. 🙂

Bethany’s cheer squad had a “by” week this past weekend, so she only had a couple of practices.  The Trojans did play last night and Bethany had a great time cheering her team to victory, 18-6 over the Eagles.  Bethany however, is more interested right now in the after school activity program I have enrolled her in.  She will be scrapbooking once a week for the next 11 weeks or so.  These programs are put on by the PTA and really are fun for the younger kids.


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