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Political Issue: Sex Education, Birth Control & Abortion
September 10, 2008, 8:01 pm
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This issue is where I happen to somewhat disagree with the Republican party.  I have said before and will again, I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  Where does that leave me on the party lines? Primarily still on the Republican side.  This is a touchy subject, so click to read on if you want.

Sex Education & Birth Control: I believe sex education should begin and end at home with all the details and choices included in that education.  I have no problems with the schools teaching the facts about sex and encouraging abstinence until marriage.  That is what schools should do, but that is where it should end.  As parents, I think we rely too heavily on schools to teach things that should be taught at home.  I believe that birth control education (and all pregnancy choices) should take place at home.   Parents, I believe you, as parents, should provide birth control to your teens.  No matter what they tell you, teens are having pre-marital sex.  While I would rather that not be the case and definitely do not condone it, I want my children to be protected.  Therefore, I will teach my children about and provide them with birth control, just like I provide immunizations, food, shelter, etc. 

Abortion: Republicans, if given their way, would have Roe v. Wade overturned and take away a woman’s right to choose.  This however, is not likely to ever happen.  There are far too many Liberals and Democrats in this country, not to mention women.  I happen to be pro-choice when abortion is not used as a form of birth-control. Unfortunately, too many teen girls do use abortion as a form of birth control, and I personally believe that this is the fault of the parents. (See above about providing birth control to your teens.)  I totally oppose partial birth abortions and public funding for any type of abortion.  I am completely pro-parental notification when girls under 18 years of age are seeking an abortion.  This is serious surgery, people.  Even in today’s age of really good medical care, things can go wrong.  If I, as a parent, did not know about my underage daughter having surgery and something (God forbid) were to go wrong, how would I know how to help her? 

I guess what I am saying is, on this issue, I lean towards the Democrat side.  But what I want everyone to get from this is:  As parents, we need to be realistic.  We need to not live alongside that river in Egypt (D’Nile) and we need to openly discuss these topics with our teens.  It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but the discussion will be worth it to you and your children in the end.


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OMG – what do you know??? Another socially liberal, fiscally conservative! Who uses Mary Kay! Like me…

Excellent site, Miss K.

(and I was seeping as I watched your tribute to your dad.)

Comment by Dinah Lord

Thanks, Dinah. Being a “realist” gets us some looks sometimes from the hard core conservatives, eh? 😉 No matter. (BTW, I love my MK stuff.)

Comment by Krysti

Agree with much of what you say on the topic of sex ed. Keep on thinking for yourself and stand up for your beliefs.

Comment by Jack Black

I agree with you, Krysti.

Comment by fightingwindmills

I guess you could say I am a realist. I am and always have been socially liberal, but very fiscally conservative. Sex happens and we need to protect our kids, not pretend that “our child isn’t doing it”. Even if your child is REALLY NOT doing it, they still need to know and if you talk to them, you know they WILL know.

Glad that you stopped by FWM 🙂

Comment by Krysti

Very smartly written.

Comment by moriahbethany

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