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First Football Games of the Season…First Ambulance Call
August 31, 2008, 12:26 am
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Well today we had our first games of the football season for the kids.  We started our day off by arriving at the football field at 11:00 AM.  My daughter, Bethany, was cheering for the Trojans who won their game.  I think the score was 18-0, following a morning of Upper Loudoun teams winning games over Lower Loudoun teams.  Bethany’s cheer squad looked really good for the little amount of practice they have actually had.  Their half-time routine looked fantastic and it was obvious they had worked hard on it. 

We had a quick break around 1:00 so we could change clothes and get Gatorade for my son Zachary’s game.  Zach’s game started a bit late because at this point games were running about 30 minutes behind schedule.  Typical by the time you get to the older boys’ games. 

The Giants got off to a rough start in the first quarter against the Lower Loudoun Rams (even their 2nd string was HUGE) and the score was 7-0.  During the second quarter, the Giants got on the board with a fantastic pass.  “Goliath” (nickname for smallest kid on the team) had a beautiful catch and run into the end zone.  The score was now 7-6.  The boys were now pumped up as the headed into the 3rd quarter which proved to be a tough fight.  The Rams got another touch down, making the score 13-6.  Going into the 4th quarter, the Giants were fighting to even the score.  Neither team was getting very far and both were fighting hard. We were down to the last five minutes of the game.  The Rams put the pressure on our Giants quarterback who ended up running the ball.  He was on his way to a great run when the tackle hit him hard.  That’s when the day went further down hill. Our QB walked off the field, fell to the ground, and the game stopped while he was attended to.  The players and cheerleaders all respectfully took a knee.   The families and friends in the stands all waited for word as to what was wrong.  It turned out to be his left arm and it didn’t look good.  An ambulance was called and responded very quickly and stabilized our QB.  Throughout this entire ordeal, our 13 year old QB was in obvious serious pain, but he was a trooper.  As he was assisted to the stretcher and left the stadium, he was applauded.  Some moms, I noticed, looked on with tears in their eyes, while other parents had chill bumps on their arms.  All of us knew this could be our kid and in a way, he is.

The Giants tried hard to get back into the last 2 minutes of the game, but the morale was lost.  The Rams scored another touch down, making the score 19-6 and ending the game.  The ambulance was still in the parking lot adjusting medication for pain and preparing to go to the hospital as the boys exited the field. (The ambulance and ER stories are stories in themselves and I won’t go into those here.)  Our team captain and QB was brave and he gave the team a wave to let them know he was going to be ok.  The ambulance finallly drove off. 

Being the football lovers that we are, we stayed to watch the last game of the day and I helped out in the concession stand.  All in all, we were finally home around 9:00 PM this evening.  I gave our QB’s mom a call to check on his condition.  My friend sounded pretty positive as she told me the head coach had been by to see our QB and told me what had actually happened to her son.  It turned out that during that tackle, our QB’s forearm got snagged in his opponants shoulder pads, twisted and snapped.  He broke 2 bones just above his wrist, but the x-rays show they appeared to be fairly clean breaks.  The ER doctor felt pretty positive that they could set his arm so the chances of needing surgery would be slim. 

Football is rough, tough and extreme.  As the coaches have said, A-League is not little league anymore.  Although we know it can happen, we parents are never mentally prepared for one of the boys to get seriously hurt.  (We are always prepared with the necessities for any event.)  My friend, the QB’s mom, maintained total calm (how she did it, we do not know) throughout this entire event.  She is an amazing person.  We are all hoping and praying that our friend and team captain makes a speedy recovery.  I feel safe saying that the Giants are going to work extra hard this week at practice to make sure they win the next one for themselves and for our QB.


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