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I’m back! Summer 2008 is coming to a close….
August 28, 2008, 3:15 am
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Well, it seems like forever since I have logged onto wordpress. Summer 2008 is coming to a close and we have had a busy one. We went to Canada this summer and to the beach a few times. The husband and I have a quick jaunt to Florida planned for the weekend of Oct. 31. One of my dearest friends from high school is getting married to a great guy. We plan on celebrating with them and leaving the kids home with my sister. After Christmas, we have another trip planned to Jamaica for the kids and us. We can’t wait. New Years in Jamaica. How cool is that?

The kids are getting ready to go back to school next Tuesday (Yeah for me!!) and summer is coming to an end. Football and cheer season are in full swing with our first games this Saturday. I am not coaching youth cheer this year, except in the absence of one of my daughter’s coaches. At first I thought I would be bored this season (no volunteer work), but low and behold there is always a job to be done somewhere and some of them have found me.

I am team Mom to my son’s youth football team. Zachary has moved up to A-league and is on the Giants this season. We are looking forward to a great season. Zach is looking good on the field and so far has proven himself on the field. Looks like he will be first string, but I don’t want to jinx it, so don’t tell anyone. I am the chair person for Spirit Wear sales for the Loudoun Valley Marching Vikings this year. This position is new to me, but assures me that I will see all the home football games. Of course I will get to see my oldest daughter, Alyssa, who is on the Valley Marching Band a bit more this way too. Although I volunteered to sell the spirit wear, I didn’t ask to chair the committee. If anyone has any advice on being in charge, I will take it. I love being the assistant for these kinds of things, just in case, but it appears I am moving up. LOL.

Bethany is cheering for the Trojans this year. She has moved up to B-League which means the stunts are a little tougher and hopefully the girls look a little more crisp. Bethany, my baby girl, just celebrated her 9th birthday and decided the drums would be her thing. She got her first set of Pearls and my eardrums are still in tact, for now. She can’t officially play in school until the 6th grade and she is only going into 4th, but we figured we will get her started anyway. I suppose that means some private lessons of some sort are in the near future. Thank goodness I know some of the kids on the marching band. One of them has been kind enough to come help me set the drums up, tune them, and show Bethany a few of the basics. (Thanks, Michael.)

Alyssa is ready to get her learners driving permit. I am not sure that I am ready. She has her first job and is still very busy with school and after school activities. Not to mention, she has a boyfriend. (As I write this, I feel the wrinkles getting deeper.) I keep wondering where all the time has gone and how it is that my first baby is only 3 school years from college. It seems like just yesterday she was born.

Speaking of babies being born, my brother and sister-in-law (Josh and Carmela) have welcomed a new member to the family. Her name is Emerson Anne and she was born on July 27. Little Ms. Em had a heck of time coming into this world, suffering a broken collar bone and some heavy bruising during delivery, but is a trooper and doing just fine now.

Let’s see….My mom is doing great. No signs of any complications from the breast cancer or the resulting surgery. I can see she still misses my Grandpa every now and then, but that is to be expected. She has kept herself busy going out with friends and redecorating the house (again). It’s good for her. She needs to get out more. My sister has been recently diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. It appears that she may have had this for some time before discovering it. She is doing well right now, but has bad days too. We are hoping in the next month or two the worst of it will be over. She is also going to be starting a new/old job next week. It is a lateral move (business wise) for her, but a good one none the less. It will put her an hour closer to home, saving her 2 hours a day and gas! This will give her more family time and hopefully a bit of savings on gas. My brother and his girlfriend moved into their new house. They are excited and having a housewarming this weekend. That is sure to be a party.

I guess that is it for now. I won’t promise to write again soon because it doesn’t always happen as soon as I say it will. 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well.


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Welcome Back! It has been awhile! Looks like you have a full load-as always! Good to hear from ya! I too haven’t been blogging as much as usual!


Comment by Mercedes

Oh wow! You came back and I missed it! Yay! You’re back! Missed you so much! Glad to hear your mom is doing well. You sound busy. 🙂

Comment by Shades of Pink

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