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I QUIT!!! (And other news…)
April 6, 2008, 11:39 pm
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It has been a long time since I have been on wordpress.  I plan to be on a bit more as I have about 60 hours a week on my hands.  “Why?” you ask, because today, I quit my JOB!!  No, I did not quit Mary Kay, although that fell to the wayside some time last summer when I went back to Papa Johns.  (I have managed to remain an active MK consultant with the few returning customers.)  Today, I quit my General Manager position at Papa Johns (PJs).  There have been a few things going on lately that made the decision to leave an easy one.  Here is whats been up lately:

My mother needed my help caring for Grandpa during her reconstructive surgery so I planned to stay with her and Grandpa for a week (the week before Spring Break).  Working my schedule at PJs and taking care of both her and Grandpa was a full schedule.  Not to mention I wouldn’t see much of my own family.  Thank goodness we had a trip planned for Spring Break.  Grandpa seemed to have gotten older since I had last seen him which was only about a week.  I noticed that almost daily there was something more difficult for him than it was the day before.  We decided to hire a company called Home Instead to help my Mom and me make sure someone was always with Grandpa.  His balance was getting worse and he had fallen again in February. 

Right when Mom was about to have the reconstruction surgery, they pulled her off the table at the last minute having noticed some irregularity on her EKG.  Of course she was very upset and it caused trips to the cardiologists. It turns out there was nothing to worry about and her surgery was rescheduled. 

Grandpa really liked Corrina, the lady from Home Instead, who was helping us out.  She worked with him on his physical therapy, helped prepare his meals and stayed with him if Mom or I had errands to run.  She came too, when we were there, just to sit and talk with him.  I stayed for the week even though Moms surgery had been cancelled and kind of showed Corrina around.  Grandpa wanted her to come help more often to give Mom and the rest of us peace of mind.  So we scheduled that for him.  Between Corrina, the church, his physical therapist, general practitioner and the family, we had an army of people to help and care for Grandpa.

The hubby, kids and I went away for Spring Break to Key West, FL, a week before Easter.  Since we drove, we detoured through Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Corolla, NC, on the way home.  We had a great time and returned home on Easter Sunday. 

Unfortunately, while we were away, my Grandpa had taken a turn for the worse.  My Mom and doctors believed he may have suffered a small stroke.  Grandpa was taken to the hospital mid week.  I talked with him on the phone from the hospital and told him that we would make it home on Easter unless he wanted us to come earlier.  The kids and husband needed the break and frankly, I did too.  He assured me he would be fine and would see me on Easter Monday. 

We arrived home and immediately, I was at Grandpas side.  He wanted out of the hospital and sometimes seemed to not remember where he was and why.  My sister and I sat by his side, as did his two oldest daughters.  We called in the rest of the family to come and see him as things were not looking better.  Grandpa at 88 had had numerous surgeries, a pace maker, and numerous tests that could help determine his problem could not be run without killing him.  Ultimately, he became unable to swallow and we had to have a feeding tube put in.  Grandpa wanted out of the hospital desperately.  We found him a room at a well known and good nursing home close by.  They were able to take him and we moved him there.  For the first day, he seemed to be getting a bit better. We stayed by his side until night time and the first night went well. He was alert the next morning, then very tired and sleeping for huge periods of time. We began taking turns staying at Grandpas side.  My Aunt had the priest come give Grandpa his Last Rites and we all prayed.

On the Saturday after Easter, Grandpa began aspirating his nutirents into his lungs.  He was again choking to death.  The doctors had to quit giving him the “mush” through the feeding tube.  The doctors told us that without heroic measures (which may not work either) since Grandpa had a DNR, it would only be a matter of 24 to 48 hours.  Early Sunday morning, one week after Easter, on the day of The Feast of Divine Mercy, my Grandpa was called Home while he slept.   My Uncle was by his side at the time, holding his hand.  We all had our chances to say goodbye. 

If you knew my Grandpa, you would have known that he was extremely devoted to God and his Catholic beliefs, as well as his family.  To be called Home to God on the day of Devine Mercy would have pleased him. The funeral was this past Wednesday.  My daughter played the flute and my other uncle gave the eulogy.  It was truly a beautiful service and everything was just as Grandpa would have wanted it.  Grandpa was laid to rest next to my Grandmother.  Finally at peace and not in any pain.

My Moms surgery has been rescheduled once again, but not until May.  The unexpected passing of Grandpa has put a hold on a few things.  I have always been a family first person, so I find myself needing more time away from work.  That obviously isn’t a good thing for my boss. When I came back to work Thursday after the funeral, it seemed I couldn’t make the hours up fast enough for my boss, although being salaried and I technically (financially) had 3 weeks this period to do it.

I know that my Mom is going to need my help in May.  And I want to coach cheerleading and be team Mom and do all the things I can’t do this year if I continue working at PJs.  Knowing that it’s tense regarding my time off already, I figured I would just head it off at the pass.  The money wasn’t great like it was the first time around with PJs and the headaches are still the same.  It was time to part ways….for good and do it right away.  I felt so relieved to know that I do not have to go back in there.  I can see my husband and kids and maybe eat dinner with them this week.  We can go to my Mom’s for a cookout and not worry about me having to leave work early so that we can eat before 9 PM.  I can concentrate on my family, which changes so quickly that I don’t want to miss anymore!

For my Grandpa:  


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Welcome Back! Bless you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers-always have been! So sorry about the loss of your grandpa. I know this is short and sweet-but I only have a minute. BTW~you have had 1 or two spam comments-hope you found them. I hope Mom is ok! Again, so good to hear from you! Good luck!


Comment by Mercedes

Hi Mercedes! Yep I think I found the spam. Thank you for your prayers and kind words. They are always welcome. :o) Mom is doing well and as for me, I need to get back into the Mom mode and clean my house! Ok, so here goes nothing, I am off to clean……wish me luck!

Comment by Krysti

Krysti! I’ve missed you! I am so sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing. I pray for you and your family. It is good to see you back around blogland. I hope we can chat sometime soon! Glad all is going well for your mom. I’m still prepping for The 3 Day! Thinking of you often.
{{{BIG HUGS}}} 🙂

Comment by Shades of Pink

Im sorry Ill be praying for you!!! Im glad to see you are back.

Comment by colleen

I’m so sorry for your loss Krysti.

Congrats on quitting that 60 hour marathon.

~Formerly Free From PT =)

Comment by Darla

I too am so very sorry for your loss Krysti. It is hard to let our loved ones go because we miss them so very much. I was very close to my grandparents and there are still not too many days that I don’t think of them.

Glad your Mom is doing well. Praying for you..

Comment by Angie

Angie, Thank you for the prayers and kind words. ~Krysti

Comment by Krysti

Hey!! Great to see you back, I was visiting Shades site and something just made me click on yours, I had sort of stopped visiting because you had been MIA.

What timing!! And good for you for quitting that job that was taking over your life!

Comment by mk4me

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