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January 24, 2008, 10:15 pm
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I feel as if I have neglected you!!!  I tend to keep in touch with a lot of my family and friends through this blog.  I have been extremely busy these last couple of weeks, but then at the same time, feel like I probably could have made the extra time for keeping in touch.

Next week is my oldest daughter’s 15th birthday.  It’s hard to believe that she is almost a sophmore in high school.  I am not sure what her plans are this year for her birthday.  She has gone back and forth on gifts and party ideas, etc.  She just doesn’t know what she wants.  Oh well, when she decides she will let me know and then we will take care of it then.

My husband’s birthday is the following week.  We are also planning a super bowl party for some friends of ours.  A bring a dish kind of thing, very casual.  Between all the birthdays and the super bowl, the next couple of weeks look like they will be busy too.

I had done some research recently on the 3 Day Walk for the cure for Breast Cancer.  I have 4 ladies who all would love to walk the 60 miles with  me. Being new to this, I had not realized that each participant must guarantee $2,200 in donation/sponsor money, on top of the $90 registration fee.  The ladies that were going to walk with me and I, find this amount to be a bit extreme. The registration fee is more than reasonable and affordable.  We would even consider paying a higher registration fee if necessary.  If we were to register and go to the walk without the full $2,200 each, we would have to guarantee the difference with a personal check or credit card.  I just cannot fathom the idea that they would not accept a lesser amount as a goal.  I could be persuaded to personally guarantee an amount like $500, but how can they expect each walker to guarantee to collect $2,200?? Don’t you think they would be happy to receive any amount?? I would think if the registration fee was not enough to cover my share of the food tents, sleeping tents, etc. that they would increase the registration fee and just accept whatever donation they receive.  I want to walk the 60 miles with my Mom and a few friends to show my support, but I don’t think I could raise $2,200 nor could each of them for their own reasons.  My mother of course, is paying for her mastectomy and reconstruction.  The reconstruction part not being covered very well by health insurance.  My friends and I are not wealthy and cannot guarantee said amount.  Together, the 4 of us could probably raise a good bit of money though, but not personally guarantee $8,800 (the guarantee expected from 4 walkers).  It would be too scary to personally guarantee that amount as that could financially cripple a lot of paycheck to paycheck families.  Can anyone tell me why the minimum goal is sooooo high???

There were some bumps in the road at work when I returned from holiday vacation.  I was beginning to think that I missed NOT working at Papa Johns.  I had forgotten how there was a lot of “he said, she said” crap that goes on.  As with any place, it seems a fair share of it found my store.  Without going into details here, I had a “lay it all on the table” conversation with a couple of people.  This proved to be a good move in my opinion and I am happy with the outcome.  Hopefully, things will continue in this direction. 

I have also had a few Mary Kay  sales this month.  Unexpected, and yet always welcome.  🙂  I plan on placing my order at the end of the month.  Luckily I had most of the products on hand, as they are regular customers and I know what they like.  I have decided not to renew my Mary Kay web page, as I have generated “$0” sales through the web site in the entire previous year.  No sense in throwing away good money.  I do plan on trying the new mineral makeup Mary Kay has come out with.  I know a few ladies who have tried it and are thrilled with the results.

So, all in all, it’s been just normal day to day things that are keeping us busy.  My Mom is doing really well and her reconstructive surgeon has given us a date of March 10.  I saw the cutest t-shirt that said, “Pardon our appearance while we are under reconstruction” with a pink ribbon.  Of course I don’t think my Mom appreciated it as quite as much as I did. She did however, at least let out a giggle.


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Hi there!! Great to hear from you. I hope it comes together for your walk. It couldn’t be alot, but I would be more than happy to send something. If you decide to start collecting, let me know and we can email!! I would love to do something like that too but time isn’t permitting right now!

Happy Birthdays to your family!

PS They minerals are awesome, luv ’em!

Comment by MK4ME

Whoops, forgot to tell you…

PATRIOTS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by MK4ME

Thats really ambitious Krysti about the walk! Good for you, go for it. I do the Breast Cancer walk here in Victoria, but its not the big one.

As my dd is getting older I am finding it harder to find things to do. It was easier when they were little. She is still hooked on Buildabear so she has asked if a couple of friends could do that. I’m going to indulge her.

I bet she will figure it out. How about a spa party or something like that? It sure sounds like you’ve got your hands full right now, but it sounds fun!

Comment by highhopes1

Our group is now considering the Avon 2 Day walk. It’s less of a walk mileage wise and also only an $1800 guarantee. Some of the ladies still think that $1800 is too much to personally guarantee, but with Avon, if you do not raise the full $1800, you can opt not to participate and turn in what you did collect. Granted, not participating would stink, but at least there is an out if we are unable to collect. We will probably make a decision over the next week and I will let everyone know.

HH: Love the Build-a-Bear parties!! They even have a home version of a build-a-bear workshop that my youngest received for Christmas. She loves it! The oldest has only asked us what her $$$ limit is. Haha! We told her to decide what she wanted and we would see what could be done. If we give her a $$$ limit, she will spend it whether or not she really wanted what she spent it on. (Hmmm, sounds like a 15 year old girl who takes after me! Haha!)

We have done a spa party before and I think she is skipping the party idea. Hopefully she will choose a few friends to see a movie with and let us buy her something she wants. That would be ideal for Dad and I. 🙂

Off to the coffee shop. Too lazy to brew my own this fine morning. 🙂

Comment by Krysti

Just wait, my dd turned Sweet (ummm) 16 last Summer, her first thought was she should have a party like the ones on that MTV (?) show – Sweet 16 or something like that and also thought a Car, perhaps would be a great gift!!

We compromised and did have a great party… we did a big bbq with pool and hot tub, trampoline, music, bonfire, etc… biggest hit of the party, I had bought oodles of cans of silly string at the dollar store, our yard over 2 acres was covered, laughed and laughed and all ran like chickens with their heads cut off. Proves you can still have a great time without having to take out a second mortgage on the house.

We had a small fireworks display at the end of the night put on by dad and brothers. (The car will wait until after we gets her license and that won’t be until April) – and to her disappoint, it is going to be older, little, and get amazing gas mileage. The Lexus, BMW, Viper, and everything else that she like will just have to wait a little bit!!

Comment by MK4ME (B.S)

Hey Krysti–I agree $2200 is a lot of money, however, if you don’t raise $2200, you just turn in what you do raise. You are not required to pay $2200 just for registering. I did it last year. I think my total in donations came to $500. You only have to make up the difference if you do the online check in. When you check in for the walk and show up and walk, they expect the full $2200. If you can’t do it, you can raise what you can and that’s good–just don’t do the online check in. I’m registered for the walk this year. My registration fee was reduced to $55 because I’m a past participant. So far, I’ve raised no money for this year’s walk. Because it’s so steep I don’t think I will do The 3 Day in the future. I also feel the “coaches” are not very helpful (at least mine wasn’t). I think it’s a wonderful cause, but I think it has some shortcomings. As far as getting donations, some ideas I’m going to try are talking to local businesses to see if I can set up donation boxes. There are also restaurant franchises that do dining for donations. Applebee’s, Max & Erma’s, and T.G.I.Friday’s are a few that do this. I did a conference call for the cause last year. You would be surprised at how similar this is to MK. The ideas for gathering donations are nearly identical–from putting up local boxes to holding home donation parties. I raised a couple hundred in donations through my MK business last year. I was surprised that most people were more interested in ordering MK and having a portion of that go as donation rather than making a straight donation. I believe I donated 10% of my profit to the cause.
It’s great to see you back online. Missed you lots! {HUGS} 😀

Comment by shadesofpink

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