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Calling for High Hopes!
December 22, 2007, 12:35 pm
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High Hopes,

Special message just for you!  I will be headed your direction real soon.  At one time on PT, we had chatted about meeting for coffee when I was in your area.  I remember our chats late at night over there and we had some laughs.  I figure a cup of coffee would bring about some more laughs, if you are still up for something like that.  Just in case you forgot, I was “Seeing Clearly Now” over there.  I will keep an eye out for a response.  Hope to hear from you. :o)

~ Krysti
(FKA Semi~Charmed and Seeing Clearly Now)


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Hey Krysti~I did “call” HH on Duh and passed the message that you wanted to talk to her!

Happy Holidays!

Comment by Mercedes

Mercedes, Thanks! We arrived in BC around noon today. It’s wet, rainy, a bit of snow mixed in and cold. Hunkered down for the night. We are so tired from the travel, as we had to leave home at 4 AM to catch the flight. My body thinks its 10 PM now (although its only 7 on the west coast) and I need some serious sleep. (I can’t ever sleep on a plane.) Just waiting to have Christmas dinner with the hubby’s family which should be ready soon. Then sleep, sleep and sleep in tomorrow. 🙂 Then vacation will start.

I hope you had a very merry christmas and that all your christmas wishes came true.

Comment by Krysti

Merry Christmas Krysti. Take care “up there” in BC! I hope you get to rest and relax while you’re there. 🙂

Comment by fightingwindmills

Well Dang Krysti I’m sorry it didn’t work out! I hope you will be up my way soon again. I’m glad we caught up by email anyway!

Come and visit my new blog, I am blogging with Busty and it is a hoot, we started three days ago and I am getting the hang of it! You can add us to your blogroll, I think Busty and I are going to add a blogroll to ours we are just deciding on format and stuff, so if it changes a couple of times we will eventually figure out how we want it to look so bear with us! Hope to see ya there.

Comment by HH

HH, sorry we missed each other too. I checked out your new blog, added you to my blog roll and left a comment for you.

I wish I wasn’t such a stranger to my computer now that I am working again, but daggone wireless is not in my store. The coffee shop is too far away for my laptop to work while I am at work.

Comment by Krysti

Well Krysti I am adding you to our blog roll as well. Hopefully when you are in my neck of the woods we can try and connect.


Comment by High Hopes

Hey Krysti, not to worry we will meet one day. I am adding you to our blog roll as well!

Comment by High Hopes

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