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My Life….lately….Happy Holidays
December 13, 2007, 2:56 am
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It’s nearly Christmas and my life seems to be busier than the norm.  Since Thanksgiving, I have been extremely busy with work and the family.  

We spent Thanksgiving at my mother’s house,staying for a few days.  It was nice to get away from home and even nicer to hang out with Mom and Grandpa.  Everything went very smoothly, with only one exception.  My grandfather had a small fall the night before Thanksgiving.  I happened to be within minutes of my mother’s house at the time of the fall and was helping my Mom to help my Grandpa within minutes.  Although Grandpa was technically fine, he did get a nasty gash on his arm. 

 At first, I thought I could clean and wound, but on further look, I hesitated.   I decided, with the help of my brother-in-law, to be better safe then sorry, and my brother in law and I took my grandpa to the emergency room to get the wound cleaned and closed properly to avoid infection.  (At his age, stitches are not an option because of the extremely thin skin he has and infection is a chance we shouldn’t take.)  I am glad we chose to take him to the hospital because they did a much better job cleaning it than I could ever have, no matter how hard I tried.  Also, I learned that hydrogen peroxide must be diluted to 50% or it will actually cause more harm than good.  I am just glad I was nearby and that my brother in law was there to help me.

My mother is doing very well since her mastectomy.  With the current reconstruction process that seems to take forever, she has managed to stay in good spirits.  She is currently prescribed a low dose maintenance chemotherapy prescription to hopefully prevent any further breast cancer.  For the last month, with the exception of being tired a bit earlier, she has been doing well, until tonight.  The doctors told her that her hair would probably thin a bit while taking the current prescription, but until tonight, she hadn’t seen the evidence of the hair thinning.  Today it hit her like a ton of bricks.  Considering she was thinning before the breast cancer, she is not taking this new addition to her condition very well.  Luckily, hair grows back and there are fabulous hats and wigs she can work with.  Although I am good with that (I mean, we are through the hardest part as far as I am concerned), I am sure if I were in Mom’s shoes, I would be devistated by the hair loss as well.  All I can do is cry with her, console her, and help her to know that no matter what, we are just overjoyed that she is here with us.  Hair can be replaced, my Mommy cannot.

The husband and I have been slow getting started with our holiday shopping.  For some reason, the mood just hasn’t been right.  We are planning a trip to BC for Christmas to see my husband’s side of the family.  Leaving on Christmas day didn’t go over too well with my Mom this year, as she seems to want everyone to stay close to home, but she understands the issue with travelling while the kids are on school holiday.  We plan to spend Christmas Eve with her and Grandpa, then head off early Christmas morning on our flight.  We will then spend 2 weeks visiting with my mother, father, sister and brother in-laws, as well as my niece and nephews.  I can’t wait and I know the husband and kids are looking forward to it as well.

Work at the pizza place has been kind of crazy lately.  Although I have more than enough staff now, the store is not running as smooth as I would like or hitting the sales goals I have set.  Now, my goals are probably a bit higher than they should be, but I see no reason why we can’t hit them or at least come close.  I have decided that to reach the goals that I have set, a few minor changes must take place and I have started that process.  I hope by the end of January, the store will run the way I planned.  If so, we will all benefit from it, the staff and the customers.

It’s late now and this is the short version of “My Life” lately.  Hopefully, I will be able to steal a few minutes and update you all again.  In the mean time, best of wishes to you all.  Have a safe and happy holiday season and Merry Christmas!!!


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I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

Comment by daily health

Great to see you back, even if it’s brief! Glad to hear your mom is doing well. Hair loss is hard to deal with. Mine thins a lot from having a thyroid condition. That’s hard enough. I feel for your mom. Happy she is doing well. 🙂

I don’t feel real “Christmassy” either. I sent out my cards really early this year and thought that would get me in the mood. I’m not a scrooge, but it just feels weird this year. Maybe it’s because there’s no snow yet. It’s been a weird year. Maybe that’s why, too.

Glad to hear your grandpa is OK, too. That had to be stressful. Take care! Big hugs to you!! 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

Hey, glad to see you back on here.

I know it must be very hard for your Mom to go through this with her hair. I am so glad she is doing well except for that.

Hated to hear about your grandfather, but glad he is going to be o.k.
I am really bad with everything this Christmas.. Hopefully I will get in the mood, maybe Christmas Eve? 🙂

Have a wonderful family time this year at Christmas.

Comment by Angie

Hey girl! Always thinking of you and your family. I know you’re busy-soon we will catch up. Hope things get better. Tell mom I still pray for her!

Love Ya!

Comment by Mercedes

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