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November 14, 2007, 1:41 am
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In Virginia, DMV means “Division of Motor Vehicles”.  This is where we (residents of VA) go to get our driver’s license, license plates, register our cars, boats, etc.   DMV is always busy and has been since I started driving 17 years ago.  Ever since I can remember, you waited at least 20 minutes to be helped.    They have closed some offices.  There are now satellite offices that handle every thing BUT ID’s/Licenses to drive.  But since 9/11DMV has become harder to deal with and I think MORE STUPID.   It has not gotten busier, just more impossible. 

Today, DMV screwed me, and didn’t even have the decency to pick up the tab!

Background: I have a perfect driving record (knock on wood). My dear hubby, not so good.

My husband and I own a few cars, and in particular, a truck.  We recently paid off this truck.  My husband then put the car solely in my name.  We do this because he only drives 1 of them.  All of the cars (mine and his) are on the same full coverage insurance policy and have been for about 5 years.

Due to the change in ownership on the truck in June, DMV sent me a request, by first class mail, for proof of insurance. The request was mailed to me in September, giving me 1 month to reply.   I complied with the request.  We ALWAYS carry full coverage on all vehicles regardless if they are paid off or not, so this was not an issue.  I mailed, by first class mail, the Declarations page of my policy proving coverages paid for.

They obviously received it because on October 1, when I renewed my truck registration, they told me “You can only have registration to December because your insurance expires in November.”  OK.  Guess, what? This means they got my Declarations page because they now know the exact date my policy expires.  Hmmmm, DMV is really on top of all of this now, even if you need your umbilical cord as proof of identity.  (See later in story.)

Well, yesterday, while renewing our insurance policy, our Agent told me my driver’s license was suspended.  WHAT? ME? I don’t even have a ticket!  I called DMV which was closed for Veteran’s Day.  I got up at 6 AM today and gathered all my information together and called DMV as I was headed to their offices.   Turns out, I have been suspended since Oct. 24!  Yep!  Me, the perfect driving record, was driving on suspended for about 2 weeks.  That’s not so good.

DMV Headquarters in Richmond told me a simple fax would fix the problem.  GREAT!  Well, my local office was not so easy.  No, a fax won’t do.  I must pay $585.  $500 for being uninsured (which I NEVER was) and $85 for reinstatement of my license.  Well, a little arguing and a trip to the insurance agent and back got $500 knocked off.  I HAD proof I NEVER lapsed insurance. This took about an hour.  Now, DMV still wants me to pay $85 to reinstate my license.  Wait a minute.  DMV knew my policy expiration date.  I mailed the information.  I KNOW DMV got it because they had the exact date when I renewed my tags in October.  So, WHY did DMV suspend me?  Um, because they (DMV) made a mistake.  So, now I have to pay $85?  Apparently I do because no arguing, nice or mean got me out of that check.

Even though I felt I shouldn’t pay because of their clerical error in accidentally suspending me for not having insurance which they actually knew I had the damn insurance, I wrote the check.  Ma’am?? Yes? We need your passport.  What? We need your passport to prove who you are.  Well, you have my license, the one DMV issued me and here is my social security card, credit card and voter registration.  Guess what????? None of those will work.  Passport or Birth Certificates only.  DMV DOES NOT EVEN ACCEPT THEIR OWN ID AS ID!!!  Can you believe that bologna???  Guess maybe they shouldn’t have been so careless as to give them out to terrorists and maybe their ID’s would be useful again.  So, another 1/2 hour to drive home (on a “technically” suspended until DMV fixes it STILL) and back to DMV to get my passport.  Then I get to wait in line at DMV again.  Wow!  I am about an hour late for work now.

After waiting another 20 minutes or so in line.  Then waiting for my number to be called.  Another 20 minutes.  I give DMV my passport and a check for $85, all for them to correct a clerical error on their part.  I finally get my driver’s license, almost 5 total hours later after my first call to fix this problem.   Oh, and to top it off.  They made me sit for a new picture (something I hadn’t planned on at all).  In my good ole Papa Johns work clothes, hair up in a high and tight pony tail and the look of sheer friggin surprise.  Why is it your driver’s license photo ALWAYS sucks??  Oh yeah, because DMV is involved…… SUCKS!

I  I did ask DMV to schedule me for a hearing to see about getting my $85 back.  There is a way to have a hearing and fight an administrative action.  However, I was told I could not have one.  There is no such available hearing for asking for your $85 back. End of story.  I wonder if I should talk with my attorney on this??  I wonder if DMV judges are as harsh as the bitches at the DMV offices??  I wonder if their English is any better??  I wonder if they can actually read the information they are looking at and better yet, type it into their computer correctly.   I bet at least, the DMV judge would offer me a drink before he/she screwed me. Then again…..maybe not.

Needless to say, I got to work a little before 1 PM.  That was the longest moring I have had in a long time and one of the moodiest.   I hope someone shoots me if I ever consider working for the damn DMV.  Common sense is not so common anymore and those damn people are pretty frigging stupid.  At least at my local office.

Rant over. Sorry it wasn’t more exciting.


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Wow, that really sucks, Krysti.

Comment by fightingwindmills

I can’t imagine. Right on, it sucks!

Comment by Angie

The DMV screwed me over one time and I found out when I went to renew my license that I had in fact been driving a school bus illegally for 7 yrs. One of the much needed endorsements that you need to drive a school bus that I had tested for and gotten had in fact not been added to my license.

So I had to actually go and take a retest. Not a written one… a physical one. It’s a pretty detailed exam and you have to name parts of the engine (which is so stupid since I’m not a mechanic) along with driving the bus for the test. I wasn’t worried about the driving part of it but the engine and precheck stuff concerned me. It’s one thing to take a test to get a job… it’s a whole other level of stress to KEEP your job.

Fortunately, my district flipped the bill. And yes, they had to pay for me to be retested by a certified tester and to have the endorsement put on (again) my license.

Those typo’s will really get ya with the DMV. Long story short, check your license well! Especially if your livelihood depends on it.

Hope you are doing well 😉 And yes, you know me by a different name

Comment by Chris

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