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November 11, 2007, 2:12 am
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Youth Football season ended last week for us when my son and daughters’ teams were knocked out in the playoffs.  The Championship Games were played today.  We didn’t see the games, our first Saturday morning off since September. 

I am working a bit more now with the unused football hours.  It’s a great chance to give my assistant manager a break.  He has been working quite hard and a lot of hours so that I could coach and be as active as possible in my kids’ activities.  So, I closed tonight.  I don’t think I have ever worked a Saturday, even in the pizza business.  I know it sounds weird (most request Sunday) but I have always reserved Saturday for family.  I quickly got over it, but it did feel odd to me to be headed to work on a Saturday.

I miss football season already.  I miss the girls practicing their cheers.  The hugs and smiles and hard work, even when they would rather be playing “webkins”.   I miss all the kids playing and having fun.  The total parental support of hundreds of parents.  I miss the games and wish I had gotten up and went to watch the Championship games today.  I was being lazy and well, frankly, it’s gotten very cold lately.  I hate the cold.

The hubby is planning our holiday trips.  To British Columbia for Christmas and Florida again for Spring Break.  In the years past, this much travel was not a problem.  Now, with my new job, this much travel could pose a speed bump at least.  I only get 2 weeks paid vacation.  But being that it is pizza, they strongly prefer we do not take both weeks in succession.  Well, therein lies the issue.  We go away ALOT.  We love to travel.  I don’t care about the pay, I care about the time.  Already, I will not have enough accrued vacation to go to British Columbia for Christmas through the first couple of days in the new year. I told my area supervisor to just not pay me, but he looked skeptical.  In the past, the company (another area supervisor) had dealt with it and actually paid me anyway.  It could just be this supervisor, but whatever, I can take leave with or without pay since I mostly went back to work because I wanted something to do.  I always make sure my store is well covered while I am gone, even enlisting another GM from another store to check in frequently. 

Thanksgiving is only 11 days away now.  We are spending it at my mothers house.  It is one of two days a year my store is closed.  The other is obviously Christmas Day. Otherwise we are open.  We do close early on Christmas Eve, but not until 8 or 9 PM. Anyway, Thanksgiving at Mom’s is always good.  She makes the best turkey and all my favorites.  My sister usually gets a Ham (she does not like turkey) and all her other favorites too.  We will all be stuffed from toe to cheeks I am sure and maybe gain 10 pounds.  It will be fantabulous!

We are also planning to go camping this coming weekend.  One last quick trip before we put the camper away for the year.  It should be fun, even if it is going to be freezing.  Oh well, the camper has heat and we have lots of blankets and warm pjs.  (Can’t tell we have done this stupid stuff before, now can you???)


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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just next week already! That is just crazy! November just started, didn’t it??? We still don’t know what we’re doing. Sounds like that pizza place is really keeping you busy. Hope you are enjoying it. 😉

Comment by shadesofpink

I’m with Shades, is it really next week?
Time for making some memories.

I miss you, Semi, hope you and your family doing great!
I be loving Pizza, bet when you work around it a lot or anything else, it probably loses some of its attraction.

Happy Thanksgiving

don’t know if I told ya, but I’m msmkpink, started a rambling blog and this is how I’m logged, which is ok when everybody knows It’s the same person. Think where I go, they know now.

Comment by Angie

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