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It’s Homecoming, Football, Cheer & Wedding Season…Is that all?

Saturday, October 20, was Homecoming here in my little town.  My oldest attended the pancake breakfast with her friends.  Then she was off to join the Homecoming Parade.  Since she is in marching band, she had to go a bit earlier than we did.   As the oldest headed to the high school, we left to attend my youngest’s football game to watch her cheer.  It was the last game before playoffs and although the team did not win, they do have at least 1 playoff game to look forward to.  We were then off to the parade.  For the rest of my weekend, keep on reading.

You could of course hear the marching band before it got to where we had stationed ourselves.  I was hoping I chose a good spot to get some photos. (I did get some great shots and will hopefully be posting those later.) I lucked out and my daughter was in the first row of the band, on my side of the street AND they stopped right in front of us to play 2 entire tunes.  How cool!  I have lots of photos now. Considering the oldest doesn’t like me to take too many, this parade made it easy for me to do.  Funny thing, too….My daughter never saw me taking them even when I walked into the street right in front of her to get a better angle! 

Anyway, we then took my son to his last game before playoffs.  The Oarsmen pulled it off and won again.  The score was closer than the boys had expected.  I think they went into this game with inflated heads and thinking it would be a breeze.  Luckily the score brought the boys back to reality and they are tightening up and buckling down before their playoff game this Thursday.

After the game, we rushed back to get my oldest (a freshman) ready for the homecoming dance and her first real date. She looked so beautiful.  Her date bought her a sweet wrist corsage that matched her dress beautifully.  The kids ordered dinner in and met up at the dance.  She came home right after the dance and straight up to talk to me.  She seemed so happy and had so much fun.  I was extremely excited for her.  I can tell that someone definitely has a serious crush! 🙂

While the homecoming dance was happening, we managed to get to J & C’s wedding reception.  We barely made it before it was over, but we did get there in time to see the bride and groom (they looked fabulous) and the rest of the family.  My step-brother J looked so handsome and happy.  And the bride, C, was absolutely stunning in a gorgeous gown, smiling from ear to ear. She looked so beautiful and completely happy.  A lifetime of happiness together is my wish for them.  Love you both!

Ok, off to bed.  Another long day at work today.  Another open to close, but the store is shining clean and ready to go for tomorrow.  I missed the Redskins game, but they won!  Woo Hoo. Personally, I am thrilled as the Redskins have always been my favorite NFL team.  For Papa Johns that means another long and very busy day tomorrow at work.  I mean, who doesn’t want a 6 topping large pizza for only $8.99????  Yep.   In our area (Washington DC Metro Area) Papa Johns has Redskins Monday.  For every touchdown the skins score on Sunday, you get a free topping on a large pizza on Monday for only $8.99.  Hell, that’s a couple of bucks cheaper than a plain cheese, so even if the skins do not score, you get a decent deal.  Now, since the skins won, Papa Johns will double the toppings to 6 tomorrow (3 TDs x 2 for the win).  Jeez, there goes my food costs!

Good night.


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