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Mom’s Results Are In And….
October 17, 2007, 1:05 am
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I know everyone has been waiting for an update, so here it is.  I took my Mom in for her follow-up appointment today.  This appointment was with her reconstructive surgeon.  Mom will see her breast cancer surgeon for follow-up on Wednesday.  I couldn’t have been happier than I was today, so please read the details here.  This looks like the makings of a success story. 

Dr. Parva said that everything looked really good.  The small amount of swelling and numbness at the surgical sights on Mom was to be expected.  Nothing looked red or infected, which was good. Dr. P did not remove my Mom’s drainage tubes because it would be too early to do so.  If he had removed them, the excess fluid would have to be removed by needle withdraw on her next visit, a week from now.   Obviously, Mom decided to keep the holes she has already and opt for no new ones.  Good choice in my mind.  Dr. P did prescribe a stronger pain medication for her, as what he had previously prescribed was not working.  Mom has discovered her tolerance for pain is not as high as she thought.  That’s what pain meds are for and we have them now.

Since all looked well, Dr. P scheduled Mom a follow-up, told her to refill her antibiotic as long as the drainage tubes were in place to prevent infection.  He also suggested to her that she begin to work on her range of motion on the right side.  She should still be limiting any lifting, but more movement of the right arm will be beneficial.  The drainage tubes will hopefully be removed at this appointment.  If nothing else, Dr. P will be inflating the expander some to continue the process of reconstruction.  Mom will have “new” boobs hopefully by March of 2008.  Mom’s good friend will be taking her to her next appointment with Dr. P.  Thank goodness for good friends, because it’s about time I return to work before the “kids” working for me ruin my sales without any real management.  This particular friend has been extremely helpful in many ways.  I hope she knows how much we all appreciate her because we may not always show it.

Mom’s quitting smoking is obvious, too. It has been 21 days today, pretty much cold turkey, and we are super proud of that.  Mom has lost the morning cough she had and does not wheeze anymore.  It has helped in surgical healing, allowing the skin to heal faster because blood flow is normal.  A plus to all this, is Mom’s high blood pressure is reducing on it’s own.  Maybe this quitting smoking thing has helped in many more ways than one.

We called Mom’s breast cancer surgeon on the way home to see if the results were in from the biopsies of the lymph nodes.  We knew right away the results were good when the office assistant told us that we were on her list to call.  Office assistants never give out bad information.  That is saved for the doctor.  Of course, we were willing to hold as long as necessary to get good results.   It turns out that Mom’s breast cancer was labeled as “margins are good, Stage 1 Breast Cancer, and Lymph Nodes were negative”.  That is fantastic news and we were all thrilled to hear it.  Mom follows up with this doctor a week from tomorrow.

Mom decided on the way home that she wanted to go to the store.  We went to Harris Teeter (grocery store) and got some groceries as well as some “pink stuff”.  Mom and I each bought a Breast Cancer Awareness baseball cap, which a portion of the proceeds go to research and cures.  We also bought a pink ribbon cookie cutter (yes, I will be baking soon) and some cupcake holders.  I think eventually we will get sick of all the pink ribbons on everything we have, but for now it is helping to support the cause in any way we can, and we will continue that. 

We then stopped at the Giant in Mom’s neighborhood.  For those of you on the west coast, that is another grocery store.  Mom has lived in the same neighborhood since 1976 and well, they know us up there.  We spoke with a few of her friends there and let them know things were looking really good. 

I think Mom has had a weight lifted from her shoulders today with the news that we received.  Her spirits were raised.  Her mood changed drastically from crabby to fantabulous.  It looks like she will absolutely beat this thing.  We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support. Now that there is less to worry about here on the home-front, it’s time for Mom and I to look into walking for the cure in 2008! 


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Congrats Semi! I’m sure you and your mom are both ecstatic about the results. Thats about as good as it gets, huh?
And congrats to your mom on quitting smoking too. It had to have been hard for her but so worth it.

Comment by ScrewU

That is wonderful news, Semi! So happy to hear your mom is on the road to recovery! My mom’s aunt is currently being treated for breast cancer. She’s on her second round of chemo and so far, she appears to be doing OK. Continuing to pray for you and your mom and family. It’s also great that your mom gave up smoking. She sounds like a strong woman–just like you! 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

Great news, Semi! I know you and your family are estatic!

Comment by msmkpink

Im glad to hear the good news about your mother!!!!!!

Comment by colleen

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