Perspective Of Yet Another Night Owl

Still Not Banned!
October 16, 2007, 10:50 am
Filed under: Anti-PT, Blog Wars, Humor, Pink Truth, Tracy Coenen

For giggles today, I thought I would check out Pink Truth and see if I could still log on.  Guess, what?? I can.  I think it is funny that I still have not yet been banned or had any of my privileges taken away.  It could be that no one visits that stupid ass site anymore.  That would make it unnecessary to ban me.  I could be the only “user” of the site.  LOL.

So, Mole #1 came out admitting my dirty deeds, even put my real name out there for the “Queen” herself to see, and nada.  I feel so unloved by Tracy Coenen.  Tracy removed the existence of so many and yet there is me, who broke the rules at PT, and I am still allowed to log on, post, etc.  Hmmmm, must be selective punishments and rule applications.  I wonder how she keeps it all straight.


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Now that is very interesting…

Comment by shadesofpink

I hope your mother is doing well.


Comment by Blessed

Thanks Krysti .. I could have heard nothing better when your mom called yesterday. Have sent your site to three friends who were concerned about A. One of those being my ex-roommate (lumpectomy in February) who bonded with your mom and a someone who went thru this 17 years ago, who is 72 and extremely active in cause and just generally.

Comment by vixennva

Stupid me, of course I posted on wrong thing. Meant to put on Mom-results are in.

Comment by vixennva

Hey girl! You go-Not banned. HH got her karma taken away with over 2,000 posts-that sucks. If you get back on-and see Miss Periwinkle-see if she took my karma away. My new sign in got banned the other day-she must have figured me out. Oh well. Anywho-I was gonna tell you that the doctor I am gonna change to-his wife is a MK customer of mine and we both go to the same Nail Tech/Hair Stylist. She has been giving me advice about doctors etc. She knew about my initial screening exam. Well I just found out that she went for her yearly screening mammogram and they found a lump-within a week she had a lumpectomy and just started chem last Monday. Isn’t it amazing how quick one’s life can change? Anywho-thoughts of you and your family are still with me-still contemplating on being a Captain of a team for the Relay for Life. I always participate-just haven’t been a Captain.

Type to ya later gator!

Comment by Mercedes

Vixen, you can give anyone you like my blog address and no worries about where you post. 🙂 Do you think you want to walk with Mom and I, or if you are unable to, maybe help us raise funds???

Mere, Glad you found a new doctor and even happier that it is someone you sort of know. That will make you feel more comfortable, I am sure. I don’t know that I will be at PT anytime soon, but if I am, I will check. I hate giving the site any “hits” but had to check recently just to see if I was banned. Amazed I was not banned.

Blessed, Nice to see you here. Thank you for your continued concern and support.

Mom and I are thinking of walking, so now to research how to go about that right after I order some football and cheerleading trophies.

Hugs to all of you! Krysti

Comment by Krysti

Tracy Coenen is a rude bitch. Why anyone would ever do business with her is beyond my understanding.

Comment by Hatey Tracey

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