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Karma of a Mole
September 24, 2007, 1:33 am
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Normally I don’t copy and post things from PT to my blog.  I did send some to DUH, but you all know that already.  Today I thought I would check my PT karma one last time, copy and save it here.  For the scrapbook, so to speak.  This is the Karma Change Log for me on PT as amended by TC/PT on or before 9/24/07.   I know High Hopes had given me some, and it’s gone from the list. Click! Poof!  There are a couple missing in fact.  You might say: computer glitch? I say: Tracy Coenen moderation.  

I also noticed in the Karma Statistic box that High Hopes is no longer listed.  She had given and received a lot of karma.  Now she doesn’t appear to have existed.  If I recall (by memory obviously) High Hopes had been applauded more than Tracy currently has now and was ABOVE Tracy on that list.  Reminds me of when Erin disappeared from the list of smited users a little while back.  Click! Poof! Boy, it must be convenient to delete away someones existence so you can be on top.  Oh, the beauty of caches (or posts like this) on the internet.

Here is my Karma Change Log (what is left of it), as amended by PT on or before 9/24/07, which is not completely accurate like I stated above.  The Karma statistics (as of 9/24/07) are below that.  Sorry if it’s hard to read but apparently the ‘copy and paste’ thing is biting me in the ass and I had to reformat it.  Hhhmmmm must be karma of a mole!

Karma Change Log
Who Whom What (+/-) For What When

PBJ (+141/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + for your prayers! May 10, 03:51 AM

NotSoTickledPink (+16/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + because the dog ate
your CGM shoes 😦 how sad May 09, 03:15 PM

DebiUnpinked (+173/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + You’re an angel! Thank you! (((hugs))) May 09, 02:29 PM

The Scribbler (+294/-1) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + That Slinky remark is  AWESOME – still laughing at that one!! May 03, 12:14 AM

Truth Not Tears (+248/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + For your understanding heart! Apr 26, 10:29 PM

neverpink (+23/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + For not returning to the 80’s! Apr 26, 02:45 AM

PBJ (+141/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + cause I can!! Apr 25, 03:37 AM

sadnpink (+100/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + Cause you are so thoughtful! Thanks! Apr 23, 10:47 PM

PBJ (+141/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + for your humor, luv it! Apr 23, 01:25 AM

PBJ (+141/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + for being part of the good thoughts thread 🙂 Apr 22, 04:33 AM

(Values: 14)
Pages: [1] 2

neverpink (+23/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + Great post on the religion board! Very inspiring! Apr 21, 12:08 AM

DebiUnpinked (+173/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + Thank you so much for your support and prayer!! Apr 20, 04:47 PM

eyesicle (+57/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + Amen! Apr 18, 07:21 PM

DebiUnpinked (+173/-0) Seeing Clearly Now (+37/-0) + Thanks for the blanket prayer and coming back at ya! Apr 17, 07:53 AM

(Values: 14)
Pages: 1 [2]

Karma Statistic
General Statistics
User MAX applauding other users Personal Use Recruiter + [650]
User MAX smiting other users ChaosTamer – [5]
Karma points today 9
Today “+” 9
Today “-” 0

Top 5 applauded users
TRACY + 300
The Scribbler + 294
Personal Use Recruiter + 265
Baroness von SügarScrüb + 257
Truth Not Tears+ 248

Top 5 smited users

jennyflorida – 12
chjj04 – 12
x-director – 11
ophelia – 10
mksales2 – 8


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Interesting…although I know nothing about PT operations. I never posted. Just read a few times and moved on. 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

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