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The Mole’s Screen Name Is….

Since I announced that I was Mole #1 (see post: The Mole Comes Out), the curiosity of my PT identity has peaked.  On a post called Shay’s Good Bye Cruel World at Banned from the Bitchfest, a few fellow biatches have been trying to guess my Pink Truth screen name.  As I was responding to one of the posts, I thought to myself, this game is fun, but it’s not the BFBF biatches that should be “playing” Ms. Investigator.  I mean, they never said they were the great fraud investigator.  It was the Ms. Self-proclaimed Awesome Fraud Investigator herself, Tracy Coenen.  I guess TC doesn’t want to play my lowly little “Guess the Mole” game. 😦  Maybe she will want to play this game:

Which one is me?? Which one will you whack??  Oops.  Remember, you whacked eyecicle and stalkedbythemarykaylady.  Wrong twice!  You are such a “looser”!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one. Read on to find out my screen name!

The clues to my screen name so far have been:
1) not “Thinkin Pink”
2) this clue can be read at: about 1/2 way down the comment is my little story of my first (and so far only) PT Banning.  Some of the comments following may also provide some input.

Incorrect Guesses so far: (although there may have been some I missed)
1) Still Pink
2) EnlightenedinPA

Some of the BFBF bloggers remembered the incident where I was “ripped a new one” and banned for posting a comment that ONLY TC saw (she says she caught it before it actually posted).  But, no body can remember my screen name at the time.  My screen name then was “Thinkin’ Scared“.   I was asked what that screen name meant at one point.  Funny thing was, I didn’t know if it meant I was scared of this insane woman who ran PT or scared of the fact that I just signed on to be a Mary Kay Consultant.  Really, no sooner had I signed and ordered from MK, I found this PT place where everyone hated MK and anyone or thing associated with it.  Of course, I told the person who asked the question that I was “Thinkin’ Scared” because of the latter reason, lest I be banned again from PT.

Now once I was reallowed access by the Queen herself, I decided to change my screen name.  For those of you that saw that incident and the apology for the insensitive and inflammatory comment I supposedly made, my new screen name was perfect!  At least I thought so.  I was/am “Seeing Clearly Now” (not to be confused with a similar screen name at PT, “Iseeclearlynow” or something like that.) This screen name had it’s own double meaning. 

Meaning number 1: I clearly saw that Tracy Coenen was a paranoid certifiable nut job!

Meaning number 2: I did learn good information about MK (and what not to do) from some of the ladies participating at PT.   They are the ones that made me decide to continue with MK only as a PU consultant and with the stories of debt, scared me out of over-ordering. That was some good information. 

So, pppj, hh, eyecicle, stalkedbythemarykaylady, sickie, dizzy, mrs. m, and all the others on PT, I hope you all understand, it wasn’t any of you.  It was Tracy.  Watch out for that PinkTruth Kool-Aid and PinkTruthTinis!  I am pretty sure Tracy Coenen might be the next David Koresh. 











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Hey Semi~Charmed

I would have never guessed!
You go girl…I mean mole!

Comment by Mercedes

Wow! My comment didn’t go to spam! Yippee!

Comment by Mercedes

ohhh…. Seeing CLearly now…. I’ll have to check you out!!

Comment by Accountable

Hey, that is great! I was trying to decide between ih8pink and enlightenedinPA.

I did like you on PT, and I love you on duh! THanks for letting me know!


Comment by Painting Pink Pjs

I love the mole game! That is cute and hilarious. 😀

Comment by shadesofpink

I paid a lot of money at Hershey Park recently to play the mole game and lose to my daughter so she could win a damn $1.00 bear made in China. I do love the game.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Dude, I always sucked at that game. 🙂 I remember seeing it at Chuck E. Cheese’s way back when! 😆

Comment by shadesofpink

I don’t think the Chuck E Cheese by us has one anymore. In this day and age some kid would hit another with the little mallet tied to a short string and then Chuck E would get sued. Too bad.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

What a sad world we live in!

Comment by shadesofpink

Hey! Love your blog. And, glad to see who semi-charmed really is. =) Wow! Cyberspace is crazy, huh?

Comment by eyesicle

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