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The Final Score Oarsmen 21 – Redskins 0!
September 23, 2007, 3:04 am
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Just like any other Saturday, we got up early, grabbed some coffee and headed out the door for a day of football and cheerleading.  My youngest had the first morning game and the girls did their routines well.  One of the stunts fell during half-time, but the bases caught her and the dance continued without a hitch. 

Today was also my day for concession stand duty at lunch time.  There were 4 other Moms from my son’s football team, the Oarsmen.  We had fun, although it was busy and hot!  I was in charge of hot food (burgers, dogs & pizza).  The funny part about that is they serve Domino’s pizza!  I will have to show the league the error of their ways and nab that contract for next year! 😉

Right after my stint in the concession stand was over, the Oarsmen vs. Redskins game began.  The boys had been working so hard this week at practice and were mentally and physically ready for this game.  They wanted it bad and they got it!  The result, the final score 21-0.  Way to go Oarsmen!!!  I am so super proud of the whole team.  To see the details of the game and some more photos, keep reading!

It wasn’t long after the game began, the Oarsmen QB threw a great touchdown pass and the boys got 2 extra points, making the score 8-0.  The Redskins turned the ball back over by fumble a few plays later and the Oarsmen were at it again.  Another fabulous few runs, numerous first downs and another touchdown pass! The score was now 15-0.  At half-time the boys were pumped!

The second half of the game, the Oarsmen dominated possession of the ball.  My son sacked the Redskin QB twice in a row!  Those were a couple of really exciting plays resulting a total loss of about 11-12 yards.  He also had some great tackles. The Oarsmen QB threw another long pass, and right into the hands of his receiver for another touchdown.  This time the extra point was good.  The score now 21-0 and not much time left in the game.  All they needed to do was hold the Redskin line and it was in the bag.  This game meant so much to the boys as they have not had the best of luck so far this season and last year’s record was the same, if not a bit worse.

Here are some photos of the highlights! What’s not here is on Flickr.

A fabulous touchdown pass and catch! Go Oarsmen!

That’s my boy!  Get that Quarterback!

Still got that Quarterback and they are losing yards!

Touchdown Oarsmen!

Sack resulting in a fumble which  Oarsmen recovered!

Coming off the field victorious!


Veteren Oarsmen, please stand.  This one is for you!  Way to go boys!  #45 (my son), #15, #13, #90, #28, #29, #30 are the Veterens on this team!

And the winners are…….OARSMEN!

Be better today than you were yesterday!


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