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Coffee & Quiet Mornings
September 21, 2007, 9:11 am
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Today I could have slept in.  I have the morning off and don’t need to be at work until about 1:00 PM.  So, what did I do?? I woke up at 7:00 AM, got some coffee and watched all the kids get off to school.  No sleeping in for me.  Must be the new schedule that prohibits slacking mornings Monday through Friday.  My hubby left at 8:30 AM for an estimate.  He doesn’t work outside the house very often anymore, so this was a nice little surprise for me.  The house is empty, all except for me, the dog and cat.  It has been so long since I have had the house all to myself, I forgot how quiet it can be.

I am going to the doctor’s this morning with my mom.  We will be having a pre-op appointment with Dr. Parva, the surgeon my Mom will be using for her mastectomy reconstruction.  You can check out his website at: .  Hopefully, we can get answers about the reconstruction.  I am not so worried about the reconstruction as I am about getting rid of the breast cancer, but the cancer questions are for the oncologist. 

My mom is only having the right breast removed due to the cancer.  The left side is clear, so no need to remove that one.   I do plan on asking how Dr. Parva plans to make the pair match again.  I am sure my Mom has more questions and although is concerned about her pair looking fairly the same, she is not so worried about that for obvious reasons.  She’d rather have none than have the cancer.  I think we would all rather none than cancer, but as women, until they aren’t there, that’s easy to say.  I think I would want reconstruction done, just like my mom, right away on the same day.  I do not know what would happen if I woke up one day without my boobies.  In the right shirt, they are sometimes my best asset now that the abs aren’t so flat anymore. 😉

Anyway, I am on my second cup of coffee.  The news is on, not cartoons.  What a nice quiet morning.  The only irritation this morning was that for some reason, Barney (you know that big purple dinosaur kids love) is helping with the weather this morning.  Just when you thought you would never have to be subjected to Barney again, he creeps right back in your life with his 20th anniversary.  Thank goodness the kids won’t ask to go see him on tour!

We will be celebrating a birthday at work today for my Assistant Manager.  He is such a hard working guy, always willing to work and skips his day off (often) to help out.  His birthday is tomorrow, which yes, he has off.  Hopefully, he will take advantage of it and not even stop by.  It’s so easy to get sucked into helping out if you pop in the store.  He is the one covering for me this morning so I can attend the doctor appointment.  I am going to stop and get him a cake on my way in to work today.  The rest of the staff has signed a card that we got yesterday.  Hopefully, we will get a chance to have a little party after the dinner rush tonight.  🙂

The second cup of coffee is now empty, meaning it’s time to go.  I have to finish getting ready and get out of here.  I hope everyone has a great day.


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Sounds like you have an interesting day ahead of you. I, too, love days that I have the house to myself…which never happens! I may have one of those days on Columbus Day. I’m typically off and Dave typically works. A day alone in the house never hurt anyone. 😉
I think they can do great work with the reconstructive surgery. A woman in my unit had a double mastectomy and had the reconstruction and she is quite pleased with the results. I know your mom will get through this. *hugs*

Comment by shadesofpink

I like being alone when I first awaken and having coffee,
When working at home some days, it can and has quickly becomes a pot
of coffee. That’s another story.

Here’s to you and your Mom. May it be and go well.
For encouragement on how the breasts look after reconstruction,
Honestly, they are amazing. My friend chose to have that and smile…
she was quite proud of them. So hopefully your Mom will be too.

Have a Great Weekend,
Thinking of you

Comment by msmkpink

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