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September 11, 2007, 2:29 am
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It’s about time for an update on the goings on around me.  My son has had 2 football games so far.  The first game found his team up against last year’s championship winner.  There were a few mistakes, the boys never gave up and played hard, but they took a loss.  The second game proved to have fewer mishaps, just as much heart, a touchdown, but still resulted in a loss.  Now we have the 2 toughest games out of the way, so hopefully the season will turn around a bit.

My daughter cheers for a different team and that team has had both a win and a loss so far.  The girls looked fabulous doing the half-time routines and have come such a long way in the month of practice we have had.  Being that they are only 6-8 years old, the girls have learned a tremendous amount of routines and cheers and perform fantastically!

My oldest had her first football game 1/2 time marching band performance.   It was really great and the entire band played wonderfully.  The game was good too, but of course my loyalties lied with my daughter and her piccolo playing.  One of the guys who works for me is also in the marching band.  It was fun to see him play as well.  He is quite good.

My mom’s breast cancer MRI results came in.  The left breast is completely clear.  The right breast proved to have a total of 3 spots, not just 1.  The 2 additional spots have been biopsied and we are awaiting the results.  It appears she is in a middle range and things could go either way.  She is opting to have a mastectomy and reconstruction with an implant.  This route may prevent her having to take any chemo or radiation treatments which she is hoping for.  She does need to stop taking her hormone supplements (Prem-Pro) for the menopause, but she will adjust.  She will be weaning off those now, not just stopping them cold turkey.  The less stress, the better.  Once these other biopsy results are in, we will be scheduling surgury.  Currently, we have a very positive outlook on this situation.

I have been at the new job for almost a month now.  It has had a few ups and downs.  I have had to dismiss a driver who felt he could set his own schedule.  I have lost a manager to another store and  hired a new manger in training as his replacement.  Today, I had to let the replacement go as he just isn’t getting the grasp of anything.  He unfortunately embellished a bit on his experience.  When we spoke today, he admitted he would not be able to do the job.  It’s not that it’s hard, but you need to be quick and able to give direction.  This guy could barely figure out that “P” was for Pepperoni. 

I did lose it a bit tonight as well.  It’s a known fact that certain things like having a buddy ride with you on deliveries is not allowed.  Since I have taken over the store I have tried to enforce some of the rules that had previously been disregarded at times.  In this company there are lots of friends among the employees.  They are not always scheduled together so at times it seems people who aren’t scheduled are hanging around anyway.  If everyone kept the same work ethic when this happened, it wouldn’t be a problem.  Instead though, people tend to socialize instead of work. 

Some of them are putting in 60-70 hours right now because we are short staffed and they are working their butts off.  I do appreciate this and had been looking the other way when the little stuff (like off the clock employees riding with an on the clock employee).  Unfortunately, this seems to be happening a lot and now employees who aren’t working those excessive hours are breaking those little rules.  It’s hard to enforce the rules on one and not on another.  Fair is fair afterall.  I should have remembered that from the past, any inch gives someone a mile, whether or not it’s that same person.  So tonight I made it known it had to stop.  It will either go over well or not.  We will see what tomorrow brings and I will know where the current staff stands.  Those that can hang with the rules are welcome to stay and those that can’t can move on.  I refuse to be stressed over the little crap anymore. 

I may be a bit more emotional lately with the added stress of my schedule and my mom. Plus PMS is now coming upon me.  I guess stepping back into the job wasn’t exactly the breeze I thought it would be and that I expected it to be.  A good friend and old co-worker reminded me tonight: it’s MY store and the employees could like it or leave it!  Follow the rules or go elsewhere.  I am NOT there to be their friend(s).  I am there to be their boss and run a profitable store.  I once gave that sound advice to my friend, telling her that the staff wasn’t supposed to be her friend(s), but that if that happened that would be an added bonus.  I knew I trained her well and she gave that same advice right back to me tonight.  I am glad that she reminded me I have done this before and can do it again.  Sometimes you need that smack in the butt to get you moving.  Tonight was it.  She is going to be a great GM one day.


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You really have a lot on your plate. You seem to be handling it well. Best wishes to you! I’m glad to hear things are looking promising for your mom. I will continue to pray. My uncle has to get more chemo. His lung cancer came back. My gram keeps saying he doesn’t look sick. So, I’m hoping that is a good sign that he will get better. Sounds like everything is going great w/ your kids, too! Fall is always fun!

Comment by shadesofpink

Hey ! Did not read your entire story ..the cancer part yes..I just recently purchased Kevin Trueau’s “Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know About” I read that women were given linseed oil in muffins and it killed cancer cells faster than chemo. hmmm Well Im all about alnatural.At that i would invite you to also check out my wordpress’s all about health . Hope everything goes well with Mom and the babes..sayin a little prayer for ya..take care Dana

Comment by alnatural

me again watched that video Banned Love that song But i must be new what is Bitchfest???? Dana

Comment by alnatural

Dana, Banned from the Bitchfest is a wordpress blog. Link is on my blogroll under “Anti-PT”. It’s really just a fun crazy place to complain about what is bugging you. Mostly the bloggers there complain about a web site called Pink Truth, but it’s fun and real. Forewarning though, the language can be colorful.

Thanks for the information on natural remedies. I will check out your blog and forward some information to my Mom. At this point, we will try anything to make Mom better. 🙂 Thanks

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Shades, sorry to hear your uncle has to have more chemo. I dread the day they tell my Mom she needs it. The illnesses just from that alone is bad enough to make someone give up. My good friends significant other was diagnosed with lung cancer about a year ago. The chemo and radiation actually fused his lung on one side and wreaked havoc on him, but it killed the cancer. When they went in for surgery they found they couldn’t do it because of the chemo and radiation problems, but the cancer was killed. Now he is in remission (something I was worried greatly about) and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back. I will pray for your uncle and hope that this is the last round he needs and that it does the trick. Oh, the older I get the more I realize my mortality. Ugh! To be a kid again and be invincible. Those were the days.

Work was much better today. The air was thick in the morning. I guess being told “I am not here to be your friend, but here to be your boss. If we become friends, great, but remember I am the boss,” went over better than I expected. A few of the kids (I call them that) asked if I was feeling better today and assured me they understood my frustration. Even the manager that moved to another store called to see if I was ok. I guess they all understood. 🙂 That was nice, made me smile and today went much more smoothly. They all worked instead of ignoring the the job and everyone was happy. Woo Hoo!

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Thanks for the prayers. 🙂 I’m happy to hear work is going more smoothly. And I’m missing those youthful days myself!

Comment by shadesofpink

Flaxseed oil otherwise known as linseed oil . Go to local health food store and get whole flax..flaxseed oil..linseed oil add to your diet read this at theres a one month no cost trail!! Also im trying to think I beleive something about homocysteine levels in women brain is so crammed right now but i’d do some reading on that subject…

Comment by alnatural

That is good news about your mother. You have so much going on in your life. You might need to do what your mother is doing: “The less stress, the better”. Or maybe I am saying that out loud to you so I can hear it…I NEED to do that-YES…less stress! How do I do that?

Again~in my thoughts and prayers and I enjoy your stories.


Comment by Mercedes


Less stress does sound nice. Reaching it isn’t always easy. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Comment by Semi~Charmed

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