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The Mole Comes Out
September 10, 2007, 10:58 pm
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Those of you that have been following the MK, anti-MK, PT, anti-PT blogs “Blog Wars” in my previous posts and, and on the numerous blogs that seem to grow by the day, you obviously know that PT has had a mole, two or three.  Who am I kidding?? There are quite a few.  Even in her little group of Mavens, she has a mole or two.  I for one, was never a Maven. (Thank God.)  Never asked to be one either.  But I was Mole #1.

Being a mole was fun.  It was fun sharing with everyone the craziness of Tracy’s thoughts.  She truly is a nut.  Since I am a mom of 3, married and living the regular suburban family life, being a mole was exciting and even a bit risky.  A little spice, you might say, in an otherwise average life.  As the days pass, PT is becoming extremely tired, old and boring.  The blog owner has basically alienated anyone and everyone that took her side originally and they are all flocking away from her. 

There is no longer anything worth copying and talking about.  Again, PT is tired, old and boring now.  Just look at the lack of posts there!! Everyone sees it and knows it.  The few internet friends I made there, have left.  I am glad to see that.  Since I added a full time job back in my life I am very busy now.  I have no more time to be a mole.  Plus, there are many moles left who made it way beyond the Baroness Boards.  They are much better than I, in my opinion.  I bow down to them.

For those of you that may think this was a terrible thing for me to do, know this:

1. My intent was never to be mean or cruel to any of the blog participants.  My intent was to show people what the blog owner was really like. Hopefully it also showed those that were following her blindly the real person they were so gung ho about protecting.

2.  It was pure fun and exciting for an average Mom like me!! Lots of laughs. 

3. I apologize to anyone that Tracy may have banned because of my behavior.  I never intended for anyone else to take the blame, just for them to see what TC was really all about.  I just couldn’t quite come out at the point of the Baroness Board Mole Poll.  I was still having some fun.

To Tracy:

You never figured it out, even with your Baroness Board Mole Poll.  Funny, I never received banning, hugs, limited privileges or any of your choices in that poll.  Wish I had a copy to share with my readers, it was funny!  You must not be that great investigator you claim to be.  So save all your new rules, whining and crap for someone who cares.  If I want to hear from an ass, I’ll fart!


Mole #1


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You never lost your privileges and I lost all of mine because someone posted a positive thread about me. What a joke. *rolling eyes*

Comment by freefrompt (sickie/happy)

Tracy is the joke!

Comment by Semi~Charmed

So the mole surfaces! Too too funny. 😀 You are the original Mole. 😛

Comment by shadesofpink

OH my… this is too funny. Well, TC, you got any idea who she is yet? Hmm, Ms. ‘Fraud Investigator’?

Comment by bluehairedbebe

She may be getting close. I noticed the “In The News” Baroness & above thread was no longer visible. That or she took it down completely.

Such a shame….I loved reading the clickety clicks of the Help with My Business Blog thread…..NOT.


Comment by Semi~Charmed

Semi!! Wow, and here I thought you were all nice and sweet. lol Should we call you Agent 99?

Cudos to you!

Comment by MK4ME (Black Sheep)

*waving hi to nightowlmom!*

Well, shoot. Frozen Tootsies needs to go sign on to PT, if she still can. She’s a “Baroness” but didn’t notice any oh so special “In the News” thread. Maybe she’s just never been among the In Crowd over there.

Like she gives a rat’s rear anyway. PT is sooo boring now.

Comment by frozentootsies

“You must not be that great investigator you claim to be.”

Check out my new topic. I agree with you!

Comment by Me

MK4ME ~ It’s not my usual me, that’s for sure, but oh it was fun while it lasted. 🙂

frozen ~ I never considered myself to be in the “IN’ crowd there. Had to be a computer glitch! 🙂

ME ~ Once again, TC puts her “fingers in her mouth”

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Semi~Charmed, I saw you on Duh’s blogroll and came over to say hi.

Comment by Not a Bee-liever

Hi, Not-a-Bee! *waves*

Comment by Justme2today

Hi, Not a Bee & Justme. Thanks for stopping by.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Hello. I have really enjoyed reading your posts on Duh’s blog since my first post as Miss Periwinkle-My stupid post-which actually lead me to the light and out of PT. Thought I would stop by and check out your blog. Very nice! I am creating my own blog now-still under construction. Happy blogging!


Comment by Mercedes

Does your avatar give you away? Do I get the great investigator prize? A spank on my fanny?

Comment by Not a Bee-liever

Nope, “Clipper” never existed until BFBF did and I got rid of that name almost immediately. 🙂 Keep guessing! 😉

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Dang. I thought maybe New To Pink was your PT name. May 20, 1:22 PM

Comment by Not a Bee-liever

Nope never used New To Pink at PT. Only on wordpress and changed that one, because you can only be “New” for so long. Since I am inactive with MK now, that name is obsolete anyway. Good try though. 🙂

Too bad Tracy won’t play this game, this is fun! 🙂 It’s almost like “Marco Polo” LOL

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I can’t believe I never read this before! You guys have to give me a heads up or something.

Comment by Duh

Sorry, DUH, thought I emailed you that I was posting it.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Man, you came out! Good, now you won’t have to read PT anymore….! 🙂

Comment by mkrules

Nope no more reading at PT. Yeah!!!!

I admit that I have visited to see if I can log on still and I can. That will wear off quickly though, I am sure. Just typing the words pink truth make my fingers hurt and head ache now. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

[…] Screen Name Is…. 23 09 2007 Since I announced that I was Mole #1 (see post: The Mole Comes Out), the curiosity of my PT identity has peaked.  On a post called Shay’s Good Bye Cruel […]

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