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August 27, 2007, 10:46 pm
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Sometimes in life, you score a touch down. Sometimes you fumble or complete the pass for an extra yard or two.  Lately, I have had a bit of it all.  This is the latest going on with me.

My most recent touchdown was going back to work as a general manager for Papa Johns.  I am extremely busy with work and coaching, family and life.  I am constantly “on the go”, but I am totally loving it!  The staff members that were at PJs when I took over are pretty cool and so far my new hires are working out.

The family is adjusting to the changes day by day. We have had a few shaky passes over the last couple of weeks, but we are completing the passes.  Compromise, balance and working together are the key.  If I could just get the hubby to compromise and balance to MY way more often and if I had just one extra hour a day, I might be a little more sane.  Oh, and if the kids could be ready for their practices when I swing home to pick them up after work.  I don’t always get those extra 15 minutes it takes to find that cleat, knee pad or sock.  The hubby loses track of time, so not much help from him to remind the kids “time to get ready”. Regardless of the mini hurdles, going back to work has really been good for me and good for the family, too.  Balance, well we could use a bit more, but it’s coming.  🙂

We had welcome plans these past two weeks and some not planned (or welcome) news arrive.   

First, the news: My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This is a first in our family that I can find.  My maternal grandmother died from melanoma skin cancer and I believe her sister had ovarian cancer.  Breast cancer was unexpected.  My mother did get diagnosed quite early.  She has always had yearly mamograms and it was this that caught the cancer and further testing has confirmed it.  The tests have shown that it is dime size or smaller and should be able to be removed with surgery and no Kemo.  She does go in for an MRI this Thursday, so we should know more very soon.

Second, the plans: My youngest had her 8th birthday bash here this past Sunday.  Princess was the theme and we had a huge moon bounce and slide, snow cones, pizza, cake and a pinata.  Dancing to High School Musical with bubbles everywhere turned out to be an awesome celebration.  There must have been 15 or more kids, all having a wonderful time.  She must have told me a thousand times how this was “the best birthday ever!”

We are planning to have a big family dinner at my Mom’s house this coming Monday over the long weekend.   News like the above snaps you back into reality and reminds you how quickly life can change.  Not to mention, reminds you of your mortality.  This family dinner should turn out to be great!  Our entire family and those friends of our/hers that my Mom considers family.  I think this could turn out to be quite a gathering. 🙂

Now to the football and cheerleading part of our lives.  My son’s team is looking great having won or tied all of their scrimmages so far.  My youngest’s cheer squad is getting it together and their half time dance routine is looking fabulous.  Coaching has been a great outlet and exercise for me. My son’s first game is this weekend on Saturday. My youngest daughter’s first game is a week from Thursday night. School starts up again on Tuesday. YEAH!  Oh, and my oldest has her first home game for marching band next Friday night, as well.   🙂

The Redskins pre-season is looking decent enough so far.  Steelers did win the first pre-season game, albeit only with field goals, no touch down.  At least the Skins scored a touch down and field goal.  The second pre-season game against Baltimore resulted in weather related game delays and ultimately cancellation.  The Skins were ahead, so we will take the “win”.  I can’t remember the last time there was an NFL game cancellation due to weather.  Can anyone??

Well, that’s about it for now.  Hopefully, the football and cheer season games get off to a great start.  More importantly, I hope that my Mom’s MRI will prove this breast cancer extremely small and be able to be removed for good with just simple surgery. Oh, and ladies, do the self-exams and get mammograms (particularly for those of us over 35 or with history of breast cancer). It could save your life!


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First, let me say how sorry I am about your Mother. It sounds like they have caught it in time. In any case, you will all be lifted up in prayer.
Second, It’s exciting to hear from you.
Remember that old saying “If Mama aint happy, then nobody’s happy” and I might add, I really believe that! Your job sounds fullfilling to you, so your family will reap your contentment.
Life is just a series of adjustments, and they will get used to it in time. I hope hubby gets on the bandwagon, but I would’nt hold my breath. Smile, The guys are great but sometimes, they don’t get it.. another smile.
Your daughter will always remember that birthday, How fun! I wish I were 8 again! whoo hoo! well in some ways I wish I were 8, maybe its the Pinata, but I can still dance!
Have a great Family get together with your Mom

Comment by msmkpink

Msmkpink, thank you for your prayers. I know in my heart that God will take care of us regardless of the outcome of our bodies. I can’t help but hope that He sees fit to let my Mom and her body stay with us here on earth for a long time to come.

The saying “If Mama ain’t happy….” is so true!! My hubby is definately trying to help. It’s just sometimes his help isn’t so helpful (LOL) but he is trying. We will get it together. Just going to take a bit of time to get used to me working outside the house 50 hours a week again.

The pinata was fun, but dancing was more fun for me. I think the kids preferred the dancing as well, since I can’t dance, it was quite comical!!!!

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I, too am very sorry to hear about your mom. I did email you some links. My doctor was doing an annual exam for me in 2005 and she felt a lump. I had a series of mammograms and ultrasound. It turned out to be fibrocystic mass. No cancer. But it made me aware. From what you’ve described, I think they have caught the cancer in time and she will be OK. I will pray for you and her. 😉

I’m also happy to hear your job is going so well and keeping you happy! That is wonderful! And the kid party sounds like it was a blast! My cousin had a pinata and bouncing thingy for her daughter’s 2nd b-day (she’s 10 now). I remember all of us “adults” being in that trampoline thing more than the kids!

Comment by shadesofpink

Thank you, Shades, but after checking into some information, I feel OK with this and like it will be alright. Obviously the MRI will give us further information soon and we will know for sure how serious or not it is.

I tried the moon bounce and got extremely dizzy so came back out. Definately a thing for the younger ones. I do love our trampoline but don’t get much time to play on that.

Thanks for your help, encouragment & prayers.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Man, Semi~Charmed, I’m sorry about your mom. Mine is in remission from breast cancer. I will be praying for y’all and just try to be supportive. Positivity really helps in situations like this. Love you!

Comment by mkrules

Semi my prayers are with you…..Colleen

Comment by Colleen

Thanks MKRules & Colleen. We should know more this coming Friday. The results of the MRI are in. The good news so far is the left side IS definately clear of any. We thought that with the mammogram but the MRI confirmed it.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

You are a busy woman. My prayers are with you~your mother~and your family.

Comment by Mercedes

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