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Back to work today….wish me luck!
August 14, 2007, 9:13 am
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Today will be my first day back at work as a General Manager at PJ’s since March 2005!  I am not nervous, just a little bummed that my days of being an at home Mom are over. The paychecks should fix that, right?  I have no real worries about going back to work, just a bit concerned about how it’s going to feel putting in at least 50 hours a week after not putting in hours for over 2 years. 

I got one last weekend at the beach before going back to work full-time.  My sister, her kids, my youngest and I camped in Chincoteague this past weekend.  The weather was great, all went well with us there and the kids had a great time.   I even ran into the parents of a kid on my son’s football team on the beach.  With as crowded as Chincoteague was this weekend, that was like finding a needle in a haystack.  I didn’t even know they would be sneaking in a weekend beach trip.  Scary, this world really can be small sometimes.

So I have finished my coffee and am headed out of here.  I want to get in early (yeah, I know 9:00 AM is not early for most of you, but for this job, it is) and get my head back in the game before my day actually starts at 11:00 AM.

Wish me come luck!


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Good luck on the first day back! I would LOVE to be a housewife. I NEVER in a million years thought I would say that, but working a “real job” sucks. At least you are the boss! 😉 I’m a peon at this place and if I could be a housewife, or even just work part-time, I would love life more. What makes it harder is that my husband quit his job without warning. I’m STUCK. He hated his job. I hate mine. How is it fair for him to quit with nothing lined up??? Sorry to vent. Just having issues today.
I’m sure you will get right back into it without missing a beat. It sounds like a fun job. 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

Shades, I know just how you feel. I used to never quit a job without another lined up, but sometimes you are sooooo fed up that waiting until the new job comes along is really trying on a person. I can understand your frustration though. Hopefully, he will find something he likes soon and it will actually help him and your relationship. Unfortuneately, it falls on us girls sometimes (sometimes too often) to be strong and bite the bullet. I will keep my fingers crossed for you two. One that he finds something soon (equal money) and that you can then work on your switching jobs too, without worry. Hugs!

Oh, and the day went great. I just got home from work, cheering & football. Some quick computer time, a shower and then bed for me. I have to get used to this being gone from the house again for 11 hours a day. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Glad you had a great day!
Yes–I want my husband to be happy more than I want him to be employed (sorta). I have an interview tomorrow and it’s potentially better pay than what I have now. Hubby’s applying to all sorts of jobs and also trying to get some side work going for himself. Thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

Going back to work after being a stay at home Mom for a year was really weird. Though, I only work 3 days per week, so it works out. I actually make more working part time than I did at my full time job before my maternity leave (up here in Canada, we get a full year off). So, I know all to well how weird and awkward it can be to be home one day, and working the next. I love my job, so it makes it easier.

Good luck to both of you! I hope you find something you enjoy shades, and I also hope that PJ’s works out too, Semi. 🙂

Comment by Duped

Congrats on the job!! I used to LOVE PJ’s, but I can’t eat it anymore….stoopid food allergies….. I would get so fat if I worked there back in the day though!!!

Comment by FollowOurFlip

Semi, hope things are going great still and you are starting to get into your new schedule.

Comment by MK4ME

You don’t need luck when you have SKILLz! LOL, good luck, in all seriousness. I am on a blog hiatus…have been working in my mom’s home office. I could start a show like “clean house” there but call it “clean my office”. Her records have exploded into all areas of the house. I have my work cut out for me. This plus my other job, plus MK…it is kinda hard, but it helps her out and she is paying me well. And by well, I mean cash. 🙂

Comment by mkrules

mk4me ~ Things are going great and I am getting used to it. I hardly have computer time though. Wish I had internet at work for those slow times. 🙂

mkrules ~ I feel pretty much like I am on blog restriction! 😉 I hardly have time to catch up with them, and am far far behind on reading/posting. Glad you found a “side job” and one that helps Mom is great! (Cash doesn’t hurt either – Woo Hoo!) I just got a letter (snail mail) from my director that if I don’t order by Aug 31, my Applause will quit coming. I thought you only had to order once a year to be a consultant (even if you go inactive) and I thought that covered your subscription to Applause for the year????? Kinda sucks, because I just don’t need to order, so I am not. I suppose I can still see Applause on InTouch though. Just not the same. 😦 Maybe I will call MKC and mention that I think Applause should continue for your full year. They may do nothing, but I will have said my peace. That’s kind of crappy of MKC in my eyes, especially since I am still sending (and paying for) PCP and participating in those MKC things. I just haven’t sold to need to buy.

Ok, off to work. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I was always under the impression you have to be Active to get Applause in the mail. I think it would make sense to get it for the full year. 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

Good luck to you in going back to work I hope you are fulfilled….

Comment by colleen

You are missed Semi~Charmed..
Hope all is going well with you and your family.
I know you are super busy with PJ. not to mention
Have a great Fall, it has been so hot here, I am actually looking forward to some cool.

Comment by msmkpink

Thanks, MsMKPink! I had a chance to post a bit tonight about current happenings. Unfortunately, MK isn’t top on the list. I will figure it all out though and get back to that too. I did have a re-order this week. That was good! Now to get more customers. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

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