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OMG! So Much To Do So Little Time!
August 10, 2007, 12:11 am
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This is just a quick update for everyone.  I have been really busy with cheerleading and football already.  You all know that I was supposed to start my new job on Aug 27.   ( Well, as of today, that date has been pushed right up to next Tuesday, the 14th.  This was kind of short notice but needed to be done for lack of management in another store. So, here I thought I had a few weeks to get everything with the family in order, and now I do not. 

I am going to have be very productive over the next few days. I have a surprise pizza party for our boys’ football team and their families tomorrow night after practice.  Uniform pick on on Saturday morning at 10AM for the cheerleaders.  I will be watching my nephews Saturday morning until picking up my sister and taking them to the beach Saturday afternoon.  We will be gone until Monday night and then BAM, I am working full time again the next morning.

I am excited about it, but nervous just the same.  I thought I would have a bit more time to get used to the idea.  Good thing is I am starting back at my old (but nice) weekly salary, and an increase in percentage of profit for my monthly bonuses.  That will be great!  Now to get cracking and get the business to grow, hence increasing my bonus.

Anyway, I may be on the computer very little over the next few days, so don’t worry, I didn’t forget you guys, just am gonna be really busy. I will be trying to find new balance in my life with all that’s going on.  I think I can do it.  No, I know I can!!


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You can do it! 🙂 You will probably have a shock to your system diving right back into work 2 weeks early, but you are resillient! 😉 Good luck.

Comment by shadesofpink

Thanks! I just got a call this morning, that my friend has to start her new store tomorrow as the GM that was there walked last night instead of staying through the weekend like we thought would happen. That means my new store will be without a GM until Tuesday, but my area supervisor will keep an eye on it. Just like any other vacation of mine would be treated. I am going up there this afternoon, before dinner rush, to meet the couple of employees that are new in the last couple of weeks. I will also chat with the ones that I know and just get a feel for how a new boss will be received. So far, I think there will be no problems. Everyone knows and they seem OK with it. Most of the employees already know me anyway because I have pulled some shifts there over my 2 years away from the company.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Hey Semi, they would be crazy not to love you! Good luck with getting everything in order before you go off to the job. Let us know how things are going. Maybe you can have a pizza party for all of us some day.

Comment by MK4ME

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