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It’s Finally That Time!
August 6, 2007, 12:38 am
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Football and cheerleading season have finally begun!  This is my son’s 3rd year, 2nd playing for the “B” league Oarsmen.  It is my daughter’s 3rd year cheering for the “C” league Huskies. (Pictures are from 2006 season.)

Beans - C League Champions - Huskies

Z~Man - B League - Oarsmen
Today we had our first team meeting for my son’s football team. Go  Oarsmen!  There we were, all 21 boys, their siblings and parents, in one very brave Mom’s kitchen for the “get to know everyone” meeting.  Mrs. “S” was very kind to open her house, swimming pool, and serve wonderful refreshments to all of those very active 10-12 year old boys and their little brothers and sisters.   It turned out to be a great get together.  All the details that we had so far were shared and I was introduced as the team Mom.   Mrs. “S” was team mom last year, so I immediately enlisted her help.  She and I worked well together before, so this year with some experience under our belts, it should be no problem. 

We have 7 returning players from last season.  There are 14 new players on the Oarsmen team, a lot of who moved up this year from the younger “C” league.  Our coaching staff has completely changed from last year.  We have 6 great guys coaching the boys this season.  Of those 6, 5 were the coaches of the “C” league champions last year, the Huskies. Go Huskies! That means, at least 5 of our new players are last year champions.

After leaving that meeting, I was off to another.  This was the monthly board meeting for the league that all coaches are required to attend. Although I have assisted now for 3 years, this part of football and cheerleading is new to me as a certified coach.  It was my first board meeting, and I have heard some pretty “scary” stories, so I admit I was a bit nervous.  The room was packed, standing room only.  (Note to self: wear more comfortable shoes next month.)  It runs like any other board meeting, so I won’t bore you with all the details.  There were serious and funny moments while we were there, luckily nothing like what I had heard rumor of.  Don’t worry, as with any other thing in life where you have large groups of opinionated people involved, there are bound to be conflicts that will make these meetings much more entertaining.

Some of the more seasoned coaches informed me that the “scary” meetings are the later ones in the year.  You know, the ones where coaches and parents all start bitching and moaning about each other and everything else. (Like the league can help it if the fields are under 5 inches of water and there is hail?!?) The board is trying to head that stuff off before it gets started, but we have some pretty opinionated parents out there who always think they can do a better job. (BTW – To those parents: If you can do a better job, than you volunteer and do it!  Otherwise, sit back in your lounge chair while we continue to volunteer so your kid can play/cheer.)  It will be those parents that will make me wish I was not so involved this year, but also those same parents that will keep me involved next year.

So, for now, the football and cheer season have just begun. It’s bound to get more interesting.  It always does.  I have 3 meetings this week: team mom, cheer parents, and one for my new job; practice(s) start tomorrow and are 5 nights a week until school starts; and a quick weekend at the beach with my sister and nephews coming up next weekend.  Oh, and we need to be fitted for uniforms somewhere in all this.  We will be busy this season, but I know we will be having fun!


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Your daughter is too cute!!

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Thank you very much. 🙂

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