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And The Secret Is…..
August 4, 2007, 2:27 pm
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Some of you know, that recently I have been up to something secretive. Today, I am spilling the beans.

About a month ago, there were some changes within the franchise that I worked for up until early 2005.  I left that company with a very heavy heart, having loved my job, but going through some pretty rough personal issues.  My father had passed away in October 2004 and that sent me into a depression, although I didn’t realize it at the time.  A month after my father passed, just before Thanksgiving, I found a dear friend and wonderful employee of mine, face down and blue in her bed.  No amount of CPR that I was doing was helping and although they were able to revive her for a minute or two at the hospital, Ms. Helen, also passed away.  

Ms. Helen and her daughter both worked for me then.  Helen’s death was hard on me and my employees, as she was “Mom” to us all.  I tried hard to keep things together, but by March 2005, I was not able to continue to run my store properly the way it needed to be run and the way I wanted to run it.   If I didn’t do something quick, the store would suffer too.  I threw in the towel and decided my place was at home until I figured out how to get over the depression.

Now, a little more than 2 years later, the depression is gone, although not forgotten.  During those 2 years, I had started volunteering with the kids stuff, started my Mary Kay business, and improved the family life that had begun to suffer.   I can honestly say that this year in particular, I have been happier than I have been in a very long time.   And, better yet, my family has noticed it.  However, there has always been that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was still missing.

The recent supervisory changes within my old company were not being received well by the current managment and employees.  Seeing what changes were being made, I decided to take a chance and throw myself into the mix.  Not because I need the money, but because I really miss what I used to do and the window was open for the opportunity.  I have to admit, I definitely miss those paychecks and bonuses, too, but not as much as I miss the whole enchilada.  The few times that I “helped out” running shifts were not filling the void that I felt from leaving my job.  Guess what???  It worked.  I got that second chance!!

As of August 27, I will be returning to the workforce.  I have been given my second opportunity to be a General Manager of Papa Johns Pizza.  It’s the store closest to my house.  When I say close, I mean real close.  My new commute will be just 2-3 minutes.  Now, some of you may be thinking, Papa Johns?? Yes, PJ’s and I am thrilled about it!  Some of you may know that my best friend is currently the GM of the store that I will be taking over, but before you think I am a total jerk, I did not steal her job.  She has been given the opportunity to run a higher volume store and with that comes better income potential for her.


What about my old store, you ask?  Well, it is the best profiting store (of our franchise) within our county.  I had a big hand in that and my assistant manager (at the time) has built it up even more.  If all goes right in our little “PJ’s world” than that store will soon be my old AM’s.   I will be taking on the lowest profiting and newest store within our franchise with the hope of building it up to where my old store currently is or higher.  Best part yet, I think I can do it! 

How is the family reacting to all of this?  My husband is being extremely supportive and the kids are all for it. The hubby is looking forward to the extra money that this opportunity will bring and he is excited that I am excited.  Heck, since he works at home, I know he is thinking “The house is mine again!”   The kids? Well, I  know that they are thrilled about the money that will come from it.  Hey that means more for them, right?

 There are still a few details to iron out, such as salary and bonus percentages.  A few things that I need to catch up on, such as the changes that were made while I was gone and new laws regarding minimum wage.  But all that is really nothing.  I have no worries that the company and I will see eye to eye on all of that.  Being that it’s a franchise with corporate benefits, this company is a great one to work for.  We honestly get the best of both worlds that way.  We get all the benefits of being a large corporation, while running our stores like we want to as a franchise. 

 In closing, I plan to take this new opportunity and run with it. The way I see it, it will only help to further everything that I am trying to do in my life.  The money will benefit the family in lots of ways.  The contacts will benefit both Papa Johns and [hopefully] my Mary Kay business.  Heck, it’s my store, so no problem with a fishbowl there!  The feeling of having something to get up and go to in the morning is something I can hardly wait for.  The hours are fabulous, never an early morning as the store only opens at 11 AM.  I make the schedule and I can work it around the kids schedules, coaching and family commitments that I already have.   The earliest I will ever need to be there is 10 AM unless I am making pizzas for a special function.  That in and of itself is great for a night owl like me.   


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Great news! I think this will definitely boost your MK business. You’ll be interacting with more people. 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

Yay! It might sound downright freaky for a complete stranger to say this, but I really am feeling very happy for you! [just happened to pop by your blog randomly through wordpress].

I wish you all the very best for your second opportunity at this. I know, depression can be a real sucker…but it’s really wonderful to see you overcome it.

P.S. Around this corner of the globe, in India, (I live in New Delhi)…I have seen a couple or so outlets of Papa Johns Pizza. I have never been into one, though, sticking to Pizza Hut and Dominoes, but after reading this, I think someday might just give it a try! 😉

Comment by narziss

Narziss ~ Thank you for the well wishes. Stranger or not, your post is very kind. I must admit, I like Pizza Hut Pizza too, but not a big fan of Dominoes. I had no idea Papa John’s had made it to your corner of the world. That is kind of cool to know and, of course, I suggest you give it a try sometime. Thanks for stopping by and come back again if you like. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I am so happy for you. i understand how depression hurts, so glad that you are going with Papa Johns, Great Pizza by the way, Bet your MK will blossom even more as you feel the void. God Bless

Comment by msmkpink

thanks msmkpink! I think it all will benefit my life in lots of positive ways and if the MK business blossoms because of that, than all the better!

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I just ate Papa John’s last night. Mmmmm…
Don’t forget the best fringe benefit of that job. FREE PIZZA!!

Comment by Duh

With that fringe benefit though, if abused, comes a larger rear end. 😉

Comment by Semi~Charmed

[…] and football already.  You all know that I was supposed to start my new job on Aug 27. ( Well, as of today, that date has been pushed right up to next Tuesday, the 14th.  This was kind […]

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