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Jamaica Vacation – Part 3
August 3, 2007, 5:06 pm
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I have been procrastinating writing this, as it’s like ending the vacation all over again. 

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Thursday morning started off with the breakfast buffet and coffee.  My son had left his flip flops somewhere on the resort the day before, so we decided to walk across the road to the strip mall.  Some souveniers and flip flops were the goal.  The strip mall must have had at least 20 stores, all with someone outside encouraging you to come and look.  “Free to look” they will say.  If you are polite but say you are not interested, your wishes are respected and you are on your way. 

We found some flip flops for the boy and a few other touristy things.  Next to get a cold drink from the convenience store.  As luck would have it, we found Jamaican Patties there, something we really wanted to try.  Beef for the hubby and oldest, curry chicken for myself and the other two kids.  Turned out to be such a treat, as they are really good.  Not to mention, Patties are very inexpensive, so it makes them even better.

This day was by far one of the hotter days we had.  I hadn’t actually checked the temperature and it could be that we were on a walking mission rather than with a driver.  Chef had told us that Jamaica was already 3-4 degrees hotter than normal while we were there meaning August was sure to be extreme, being that is Jamaica’s hottest month of the year.

Back at the resort and in our room to change for a trip to the beach, I noticed a piece of paper on the table.  Since we had arrived, I had left a short note for the housekeeper with a tip.  On this one day, for no real reason other than laziness, I did not write her a note, just left her a tip.   Well, lo and behold, there it was for me, a note from her.  It was short and sweet, and a very nice touch.  I later saw Veronica in the hall and she gave me a hug and thanked me again.  Veronica was a great lady and so very kind.

We spent the day lying around the beach, swimming and snorkeling.  The kids and the hubby went out on Hobie Cats in the afternoon. Whizzing around in the warm breezes on the open and endless blue water.  After that, the hubby and youngest did some ocean kayaking.  It seemed endless the things that we could do at the resort to keep yourself busy.  And if you didn’t want busy (me) grab a good book, a great drink, a chair and some sun. 

For dinner, we ate poolside at the buffet in Tamara’s section, once again.  I must admit, even being a buffet, it was very well rounded with only a few side dish repeats and always a choice of something made to order.  While we ate, we watched the kids fashion show put together by the hotel staff and the onsite boutique.  Following the fashion show was a kid’s talent show and then came a local band.  We hung around for some time then off to bed for the night.

Once everyone was asleep, I again had a night owl moment and headed out for a late evening walk along the water.  The stars were fantastically bright tonight and only invisible when the heat lightening lit up the distant sky.  My night owl friends, the bats, were out with me, yet again, taking advantage of the lights on the buildings and their tendancy to attrack bugs.

Friday morning, everyone was off doing their own thing.  The youngest headed to the kid’s club for t-shirt tye-dyeing and crafts.  My son took off to get some computer time.  The oldest went off to the spa to get her hair partially braided. 

We all met up late morning and Chef ( took us over to the hip strip in Montego Bay and Margaritaville.  Along the way, we stopped at place called Sun Island Depot, where we were able to get tons of t-shirts and souveniers for next to nothing.  Apparently, this is where the vendors get their stuff. 🙂  At Margaritaville, the kids took advantage of the waterslide that starts at the top of the building and ends in the ocean, as well as the water trampolines.  We all had lunch and a few drinks, swam and hung out before heading back to the resort.

The younger two went back to the kids club, the oldest off on her own, and the hubby and I wandered the vendors set up for the Friday night beach party.  Here, I found a fabulous souvenier, which I am not divulging, as it is for someone very special to me, who will be reading this before I see her to give it to her.  (You know who you are, I love you!)  We were then off for some blended fruit drinks and more relaxation before the evening’s festivities on the east beach.  That night we ate dinner at the beach buffet. I had steak and potatos and a wonderful dessert.  This was our last night in paradise and although I am sure most of you may think we would have whooped it up, in actuality we took it easy and wandered around the resort for the rest of the evening.

During the later part of the night, I got everything pretty much packed up to go home.  The hubby and the oldest headed off to bed a bit earlier, having plans to wake the following morning at 5 AM so they can go snorkeling, one last time as the sun came up.  We had a great breakfast before grabbing our bags and saying good bye to Veronica.  I told her I was turning in a “Shining Star” for her with the hotel.  We came back to the lobby, found Tamara in the buffet so that I could say goodbye and tell her about her “Shining Star”.   We then checked out and waited for our transport back to Montego Bay Airport.

The ride to the airport was bitter sweet.  I was excited to go back home and share with everyone all the details of our trip, but I didn’t want to leave.

Side note: All underwater pictures and photos where the camera was wet will eventually be a slide show of their own, but as of yet, are not finished being developed. 

UPDATE: Calling home collect from Jamaica can be costly!  My Mom got her phone bill today and a 6 minute collect call to her cost $49.41.  That’s $8.245 per minute!!!


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[…] I have been procrastinating writing this, as it’s like ending the vacation all over again. | View Show | Create Your Own Thursday morning started off with the breakfast buffet and coffee. My son had left his flip flops somewhere on the … …more […]

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It sounds like you all had such a wonderfull time! I am so happy for you all! The pictures are beautifull. Did you try ‘jamaican jerk chicken’? It is also VERY good! It sounds like your trip couldn’t have been any better, unless of course it was longer 🙂 Love you all and glad you had a safe return home!

Comment by Tiffany Walker

Yep, Tiff, we did try Jamaican Jerk Chicken. There was a jerk hut on the resort, so the jerk chicken and pork flowed freely. Hope to see you soon. Love you, too! 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

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