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Mary Kay Product Survey
August 2, 2007, 9:29 am
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There are only a few days left to participate in this survey (through August 10, 2007), and I encourage all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants to do so. I just took the survey myself and I think the feedback MKC receives will help to improve the products that they are asking about. Some of the products they are asking for feedback on are: TimeWise Miracle Set (both skin types), MicroDermabrasion, Satin Lips, MK Signature Creme Lipsticks, MK Signature Mascara, and Foundations.

Ladies, take advantage of the opportunity to tell MKC how you feel about these products. It will only serve to better the products for ourselves and our customers. The survey does not last too long as it depends on your answers of the products you use personally. My survey was only 45 questions about how much I like or dislike the products I said that I used and only took about 5 minutes of my time. Here is the information about the survey as copied from InTouch:

Published 07.18.07

Calling All Independent Sales Force Members!

All Independent Beauty Consultants are invited to complete a telephone survey on a number of Mary Kay® products during Be a Star! Seminar 2007. If you are interested in providing feedback to the Mary Kay Research & Development team, please call the following toll-free number, (866) 498-9010, from July 18 through Aug. 10, 2007, 24 hours a day. Please note that the survey is automated so you will need a touch-tone phone to participate. The survey will be available in English and Spanish, and each sales force member may complete the survey one time.

We value your feedback and wish you a wonderful Seminar!



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Ladies after reading over at PT, I am urging current consultants to take this survey even more now. They are purposly calling and just answering with the most negative answers they can just to screw it up.

Partial excerpts from 2 threads at PT:

RAW JOY: “Are you guys ready to have some fun? I sent my stuff back two years ago, but called in just to see. I figured the first thing they would ask would be for my consultant number. NOPE!! They asked what seminar area I was from (Press 1 for Pearl, 2 for Diamond, etc)……Of course, I always put the worst possible answer.
Evidently, I could probably call back a dozen times and do the survey….”

NeW JOURNEY: “*67 before you call – private # then say yes you use every product, then say you strongly dislike each one!!”

This is an 800 number and that being the case, MKC can see the number they call from regardless if they block it with *67. Hopefully MKC will cross-reference and remove the non-IBC calls comments from the survey. So, please, if you are still in MK, please call in and give your truthful assessment of the products so that we don’t end up losing a product we love or not getting changes to ones we hope will change.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Hi Semi Im going to do it right now!!!
Thanks Colleen

Comment by Colleen

I didn’t know about this survey, thanks for pointing it out, that is so annoying that the PTers are calling just to mess things up. Don’t they have anything better to do like work.

Comment by beeproductive

what is PT? I guess I’m so old I don’t understand the internet lingo yet.

Comment by beeliever

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Comment by creepay

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