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Mary Kay InTouch – New Look?
August 1, 2007, 2:23 am
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 I had not logged on to Mary Kay Intouch since July 10, 2007.  I know, shame on me.  To my credit, I was in Jamaica July 13 – 21, so I was obviously not worried about MK then. (Sorry, MK, but I do have priorities, and Jamaica wins over MK.)  Upon returning home, I was too excited about sharing our vacation with everyone, catching up on backed up emails, and then sneaking off to the beach one more time before football and cheerleading start.  Next week my life becomes the football leagues until December. 

Lately, my MK sales have been small, mostly because I choose to do family things rather than MK stuff and have been basically doing re-orders only.  I have not been actively working towards building my customer base and neglected to go to InTouch.  I was relying on emails from Directors and MK contacts.  Even though I had approximately 100 emails since July 13 that were MK related (duplicates from more than 1 director), that I can recall, none of them mentioned the changes on InTouch.  Tonight, I logged on and WHOA!  There is a whole new InTouch look! 

It took me a few minutes to navigate around the site and find all the little places I usually visit there.  I found a few new things too.   I know some of my readers and fellow MK bloggers tell us to read InTouch and usually I do.  This lack of attention from me these last few weeks really made me feel like I fell out of the MK loop somehow.  I guess with this post, I am going to create a new MK goal.  As I have always intended my MK business to be small and more for fun, my goal will be to add 3 new and returning customers per month, as well as go back to checking InTouch daily again.  And to start it off right, I am going to go back and try to catch up on other stuff I may have missed on InTouch.  

In the meantime, who can tell me, when did the change to InTouch happen and did I miss anything else???


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If I remember correctly, InTouch was updated on July 16. I have mixed feelings about the new InTouch. I was really used to the old way so I’m still getting used to the new look and navigation. Other than the website change, I don’t think you missed too much. 😉

Comment by shadesofpink

I am not so sure I like it more either. The print is much smaller and harder to read (and I don’t wear glasses or need them). There does seem to be a bit more information available to us though and the drop down menus are a nice touch. Just need to get used to the placement of everything I guess.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Yep, it was all up and running by midnight on the 16th. It was mentioned briefly at Career Conference and there was a full page info about it in Applause, too. I was really looking forward to it!

I work with several directors doing newsletters and unfortunately after all that anticipation, I do not like this new site. I love the look! Just not the navigation. I’m a consultant, also, and I really miss not having a direct link to my business or my customers on the front page. I also miss having the links on the At-A-Glance page.

Again, it’s very pretty, but you’re right, the words are just too small.

Just my $.02

Comment by Newslady

I really do miss the customer access being right there bright and visable.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I like the new site (at least the new training videos) I think its nice I guess Im in the minority here….<sigh I do agree with the customer
access thing though.

Comment by Colleen

I like the new stuff too. I think there is more than before for sure. I guess old habits die hard and some of us just need to get used to some change, although the print could be larger. LOL – I don’t want glasses.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I like the new Intouch, it think the organization is much better. If you think the type is too small try click cntrl and + button at the same time while you are on the site, that may increase the text size, I’m not sure how the site is programed but that is a standard keyboard trick that works on many websites.

Comment by beeproductive

Thanks beeproductive. I will give it a try, although I think I am getting used to it now. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I love the new look of the website. We have a lot more business tools to work with. It took a while to get used to, but it’s all gravy, cause I think I’ve got it now.
I don’t like that they keep discontinuing products from the line that people still love and use. Change & New Stuff is always good, but to discontinue products when they are still “fresh” on the customer’s & my own mind— is wrong.
What do you think? 🙂

Comment by Schweetheart

Ladies, rather than a daily dose of InTouch, go to for a daily dose of the truth!

Comment by nomoremlm4me

Ladies, I am no longer an MK consultant either, however, PinkTruth is NOT the answer!!!! As this blog’s owner, I disabled the link above. (I should delete it, but I try hard not to suppress people.) I do not want to send any traffic to Tracey Coenen’s site from mine, so if you must visit there, you will have to type the address yourself.

That said, before going to pinktruth, please read my post about the Battle of the Blogs. You can read it here:

The owner of PinkTruth (Tracey Coenen) is NOT a nice person and she will stab you in the back, as will her cloned followers, if you do not conform to their MK hating ways. You don’t have to be in an MLM if you don’t want, but hate is such a waste of time.
Just please think for yourself. Stay away from MK Koolaid if you like, but stay further away from the PinkTruth koolaid.

Comment by Krysti

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

Comment by sandrar

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