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Jamaica Vacation – Part 2
July 28, 2007, 2:52 am
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Monday June 16, 2007 started off with the hubby, my youngest and I heading to the buffet for breakfast and coffee.  The older two kids slept in a bit later and joined us after a bit. The five of us had scheduled a glass bottom boat tour for mid-morning and we were excited about what we might be seeing.  This tour was offered by our hotel for a cost, but since we are Holiday Inn Priority Club Members we were given a 50% discount.  That turned out to be a great deal, only $32 for a family of five! 

The tour lasted about 45 minutes and we got some wonderful photos of the resort from the water as well as some photos through the glass bottom of the boat.  We met a couple from CT, Peter and Dana on the tour.  They were very nice and we had told them about our tour to Negril with Winston and our upcoming tour to Ocho Rios. The tour was great.  The coral reefs were beautiful and the water was crystal clear but blue!  You could see all the way to the white sand on the bottom of the Caribbean ocean.  That is, the sand that wasn’t covered by the reefs with their gorgeous bright colors.  The photos do not do them justice.

We saw finger coral, brain coral, spiny sea urchins, blue fish, yellow and black striped fish, parrot fish and more.  It was a great experience.  The only thing that would have been better was to have been able to snorkel on this dive, but that was a different tour and the youngest hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet.  The hubby did consider taking the older two back out and give snorkeling a try, but this never happened with all the other things we were doing.

After the tour we came back and had lunch at the buffet.  I decided on the curry chicken and rice today which was great!  We ran into Peter and Dana during lunch and they asked about our tour guide.  I got them the number for Winston and also for Chef.  We told them of our plans to go to Rose Hall, Dunns River Falls and Blossom Garden. 

After lunch we grabbed our Bubba Mugs and headed to the bar for a fill-up.  We then crossed the water to the resort island for more swimming and snorkeling and sunning.  (Eventually, I will have underwater photos, but as of now, they are not developed.)  We lounged about in the sun, listening to the music from the resort in the background.  I occasionally picked up Jimmy Buffet’s book, A Pirate Looks at Fifty, but my heart wasn’t into reading anything, just enjoying the scenery and chatting with others having the same great time that we were having. 

The older two and the hubby headed over to the Jerk Hut for some Jerk Chicken and Pork, while the youngest and I played in the shallow warm waters.  The jerk chicken and pork at the resort was much spicier than we had in Negril although still quite good.  I had heard a few times, that a place called Scotchies across and down the street a bit from the Holiday Inn SunSpree (HISS) has some of the best jerk chicken local to where we were.  Although we meant to, we did not get a chance to try it.

We came back to the room to get ready for our dinner reservations at Cappuccino’s at HISS.  The boys had to wear pants (no shorts or jeans) and the girls needed to spiff it up a bit, too.  This restaurant is air-conditioned even though the majority (not the rooms) of the resort is open air.  Considering the dress code, this was a nice touch, although I really did not find it too hot too often, although there were times I was very grateful for the AC in our room or the water to cool you off.  

Jim and I left the kids to get ready and relax a bit while we headed off to refill our drinks.  We finalized plans with Chef to go over to Blossom Garden.  He told us there was no charge to take us, but we offered to cover the gas and he agreed.  I tried a Blended Fruit drink with Rum this time and it was fantastic.  Nothing like a fruit smoothie with a pick-me-up! 

It rained some today, something they really needed in Jamaica.  The rain only lasted about 30 minutes with a few rumbles of thunder, but it was over just as quickly as it came.  The breeze off the ocean during and after the rain was refreshing and cooled things off a bit.  For the first time, we opened the doors on the balcony and allowed the breeze to come inside to us instead of closing out the heat.  All in all the weather has been great so far and this small bit of rain didn’t hold us back in any way.  The rain also cleared off the beach!  Any chair you want is now yours. 

We took some photos before we went to dinner.  Dinner was delicious.  We had fresh bread with olive oil and fresh ground pepper.  For the appetizers, the hubby, youngest and I had crab cakes.  The older two kids had calamari.  For dinner, the oldest and I had seafood linguini.  The hubby and my son had beef tenderloin in mushroom sauce.  For dessert we had apple pie (their version which didn’t seem much like apple pie at all), ice cream and Tiramisu. 

We took some more photos after dinner by the waterfall, and then headed off to change. We watched the stage performances that night.  A lady was singing a melody of Memories and My Way to Ashlee and Matt, who were getting married in just 2 days!  They looked like such a happy couple, having fun with their friends and family.  They were a big group.  Being that we had an early morning the next day (up at 6 AM), we headed up to bed. 

Bright and early Tuesday morning, right after breakfast, we met Winston ( for our trip to Ocho Rios.  We went through St. Anne’s, the biggest parish on the island, where Bob Marley was born.  We saw Rio Bueno where Columbus stopped to find good drinking water.  We basically followed the Queens Highway from Rio Bueno to Discovery Bay. On the way to Runaway Bay and Dunns River, we stopped in Columbus Park.  This is where Columbus came to the island in 1494.  Columbus Park was interesting to walk through but didn’t take long.  It was a nice little break along our way.  To see a video of Dunn’s River, check out this post:

We stopped today for lunch at Bibips.  We had English fish and chips, jerk chicken quesadillas, and of course Red Stripe for the hubby.  This time I tried a “Blue Lagoon” which I think was straight rum and blue food coloring.  Needless to say, this time, I switched to water. It was on our way back from this trip that we stopped for the tour of the Great House at Rose Hall.  This tour was a bit expensive ($80 US for a family of five) particularly because anyone 12 and older was considered an adult.  And, honestly, my kids thought I was nuts for wanting to check this place out.  Maybe just the hubby and I should have done this one, but they made the best of it.  You can see in the photo of the kids and I at Annie’s grave that they were definitely not thrilled with this particular tour.  To see the post on Rose Hall Plantation and White Witch of Rose Hall, click here:

Back at the resort, we hung around the pool stage for movie night.  They showed Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith.  Great movie for the whole family and that was nice.  We had a late snack of grilled cheese sandwiches and fries from the Barefoot Grill and headed off to bed.   Wednesday we were heading to Blossom Garden with Chef of Cheftours (  Since I posted this trip separately, to see it, click here:

After we returned from Blossom Garden, Wednesday afternoon, we went swimming and hung around the resort for the remainder of the evening.  We had dinner at the buffet and again were in my favorite spot.  Tamara’s section!  We had been lucky enough to grab her section most times that we ate at the buffet.  She was always extremely nice and remembered who we were as well as what we were doing on our stay.  She always asked how our day trips went and mentioned others that we may be interested in.  She was one of those employees the hotel should know about because she made you feel like you were the only one there when there was really a sea of others. 

The last days of the trip will be in the next post sometime next week, so check back!


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Bob Marley music is perfect! Love the pics of the sea. 🙂

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