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Busy Schedules
July 28, 2007, 2:12 am
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So we decided that we needed to run off to the beach real quick this weekend.  And we are, right after some errands in the morning including football weigh-ins!  We are heading to Chincoteague and Assateague Island in Virginia.  We are taking the pop-up camper and making a cheap weekend of it, coming back Monday night.  Pony Penning week just ended there and most people will probably be leaving as we are coming in.  It should be a nice quiet weekend, even if we get hit with the thunderstorms over the next few days.  I know we need the rain.  And at the beach, everything is OK! Can you tell that I miss Jamaica already??

Football and cheerleading practices begin Aug. 6, and we will be busy with those daily after that point.  The oldest will also be starting band camp, too.  I got certified to be a cheer coach this year.  I will be co-coaching my youngest’s cheer squad with 2 other great ladies who also coached the girls last year.  I believe I am the team mom (or helping someone) for my son’s football team as well.  We will be meeting his new coach tomorrow morning and I am anxious to meet him and get the season started.  This was what the spring sports was all for…..practice and maintaining shape for football season.   If you haven’t guessed, I am a huge football fanatic, NFL, AFL, College, High School & Youth!   The kids will be practicing almost daily (not Saturday/Sunday) until school begins, having their first games on Labor Day Weekend.  Then our Saturdays will be filled up too.  We have kids in 2 different age groups meaning that a good portion of our Saturdays will be spent on the field.

I am a bit concerned about what I am going to do with my Mary Kay business.  I have not been working it at all, just servicing my small customer base.   My family life is really a big part of me.  I am usually fairly busy with hubby and kids. When we aren’t busy, we just hang together.  I love being able to do that too, so I let the MK part of my life kinda get left on the sidelines.   I need to set a small (extremely small) goal to achieve, like adding 2 new customers (who turn into repeats) every month.  Something like that would be easier to achieve without too much time and would make me feel better about just not doing anything. 

Well, I am still working on the Jamaica Vacation – Part 2 right now.  As we speak, photos are uploading.  I hope to have that posted tonight.  Part 3 and the conclusion of our trip to Jamaica will have to wait until next week when I return from the beach.  Who would have thought 8 days could turn into so many posts??


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