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Dunns River Falls Climb
July 23, 2007, 9:29 pm
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Well here it is, a video clip of our climb up over 600 feet of water falls on Dunns River in Runaway Bay (Ocho Rios) Jamaica.  We went on July 17, 2007, and had 2 of the best guides, D. Shaw and M. Boyce.  Boyce carried my bag (silly me for bringing it) and kept it dry.  Both Shaw and Boyce made sure my baby girl was in the front of the chain gang, constantly stating “Get me baby” and making sure she was safe the entire trip. 

There were approximately 30 or more people in our group climbing the falls.  It is such a rush to climb and an experience that I never expected.  It is amazing how this fresh water river and water fall meet the ocean.  And first, looking up from the bottom, I thought my baby and I would be walking the hike along side the falls (there are some stairs) and watching the others, yet that was not the case.  We all did it and completed the task safely.  It’s not near as bad as you would think and it was so much fun.  The water was the coldest we came across on our entire trip, being that it was fresh running water, that would make sense, but with as warm as it is in Jamaica, it was still a shock to your system at first.

We took many photos along the way as well and the guides also took many photos of us with our water-proof camera.  Those, however, still need developing, so in the meantime, you can view the video that the Dunns River Club made for us and the other climbers. 

Just a note to those who plan to climb the falls, please remember to tip your guides.  They work for tips.  I was amazed and astonished to see that only a handful of the climbers in our group thought to tip these guys.  They were extremely personable and helpful, making sure everyone got up the falls safely and taking whatever pictures were asked of them, as well as telling us about the falls themselves, surrounding wildlife and plants.


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Very cool. I need a vacation! 😀

Comment by shadesofpink

Hey Semi, way too cool, but I am sooo jealous, how do you get your hair to stay so nice even wet??

Welcome back, MK4ME

Comment by MK4ME

I actually had my hair cut right before going so that my wet hair wouldn’t look too bad. 🙂 I had a few extra layers put in which lightened my hair enough to have a very relaxed “curl” when it’s wet. I figured it would be wet most of the trip and it was.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

[…] Bright and early Tuesday morning, right after breakfast, we met Winston ( for our trip to Ocho Rios.  We went through St. Anne’s, the biggest parish on the island, where Bob Marley was born.  We saw Rio Bueno where Columbus stopped to find good drinking water.  We basically followed the Queens Highway from Rio Bueno to Discovery Bay. On the way to Runaway Bay and Dunns River, we stopped in Columbus Park.  This is where Columbus came to the island in 1494.  Columbus Park was interesting to walk through but didn’t take long.  It was a nice little break along our way.  To see a video of Dunn’s River, check out this post: […]

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How high are the Dunn’s River Falls

Comment by aruna

Aruna, I honestly do not remember how “high” the falls were. They were on such a slanted slope that there is no straight “UP” climbing. Being that I am terrified of heights, this was NOT a problem for me. They look tall from the bottom, but like I said it’s actually an easy up hill on a very forgiving angle with the exception of maybe one or two spots. My youngest did the climb and she was 7 years old then. She only needed a hand part of the way and the guides there are terriffic.

Hope you have fun.

Comment by Krysti

[…] Japan this would have been a very tropical environment, similar to when we went to Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls over 10 years […]

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