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Blossom Garden Orphanage ~ Montego Bay, Jamaica
July 23, 2007, 10:55 am
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While on our trip to Jamaica, we contacted Chef of for a day trip to Blossom Garden Orphanage.  First, let me say that Chef is an extremely personable man running a tour business in Jamaica.  He was kind enough to not charge us for this trip as we were there to donate much needed school supplies.  This was a very generous offer as gas prices in Jamaica are equivilant to ours here.  We did pay for the gas and tipped Chef as well for his generosity.

As for the orphanage, I was pleasently surprised to see that the center was located in a middle class neighborhood in Montego Bay.  The house was rather small for the sheer number of children residing at the center, which at this time is 60 children and currently at capacity.  The home is for children ages 1 day to 7 years old and the children at the center were placed there through children’s services.  After the age of 7, the children are moved into all girls or all boys facilities until they reach 18 years of age.  Once the children are moved into an all girls or boys facility, they are however, mainstreemed into the public school system.  At Blossom Garden, the schooling is done by the ladies that run the place and only for ages 5, 6, and 7.

We were told that siblings who enter the system there are immediately separated from each other.  In one case, Andre (little boy in the red t-shirt) is a twin, separated from his twin and 7 other siblings.  This is done immediately as they enter the system as it is usually impossible to keep siblings together.  The theory is that the sooner they are separated, the easier it is on the children.  Nonetheless, it is heartbreaking that they are separated from what was left of their families.

The center is quite health concious, very clean, but extremely basic.  We were immediately sent to the rest room to wash up before we could visit with the children and receive a tour of the facility. We met a lot of the children.  When we were first taken to meet them, we were introduced to the toddlers.  The babies were having a nap, so we could not bother them, just take a quick peek into their room. 

The toddlers instantly come up to you with their arms up, wanting to be held.  It brought a smile to your face knowing these children, even in their situation, came to you with a huge hug and endless smile.  Of course, they are toddlers, and a little pushing and shoving by a few to get picked up first, did occur.  I just wanted to hold them all and tried to.  I found it hard though as the one I was holding never wanted to get down for me to pick up the next.

We were then moved on to finish our tour of the center.  All the children’s basic needs are met, food, clothing (although boys wear girls and girls wear boys clothes sometimes), shelter and a bed.  Toys were minimal and the ones they had were very well used.  The most commonly needed items at this center was for pampers, baby wipes and lotions.  All of which are very expensive in Jamaica. 

As for their needs, you immediately got the feeling that one thing these children needed most and probably don’t get enough (as most kids need a lot) are hugs and kisses.  Being that there are so many children and only so many caregivers, they do seem starved for that extra bit of affection.  All of the children were very outgoing and just loved to be held and cuddled.  This was an easy task for me and I didn’t want to stop passing out hugs and kisses.

The center/house was comprised of quite a few large sized rooms.  There was a dining area with a kitchen off to the side.  An infant room loaded with cribs side by side by side.  A room for the younger toddlers with rows of beds and a few more cribs for the 3 children there who were bed ridden with serious physical disabilities.  There was a room for the older girls with bunk beds galore and one as well for the older boys.  There was 1 classroom, sparsly decorated, but room for the children who receive instruction. I could see that the school supplies would go to great use!

All the beds had sheets, but there were no blankets on any of the beds.  Mind you there is no air conditioning at all, so blankets are probably never necessary in Jamaica.  I am sure they do have them, as the linen closet was quite large and stacked with clothing, shoes, sheets, etc.

We were then escorted us to the addition that is in the process of being added to the home as a multi-purpose room.  Construction in Jamaica is as slow as molasses going uphill during February in Canada.  It could be a while before this room is finished.  However, there is a big yard where the children can run and play outside.  The play equipment is sparce as you will see in the above photos, but we all managed to have a great time.

While we were visiting, there was also a group of teens from Houston, TX.  They were spending a part of their summer break helping at the center and playing with the children.  We ended up spending a few hours with the children and visiting, but alas, my heart started to break and I needed to leave. I really wanted to bring Andre (6), Ricardo (3 0r 4) & Makayla (3 or 4) home with us. I couldn’t and didn’t want to let the children see me cry, which I did, so we headed back to our resort.

The photos above are just a few of the many we could have taken.  We had so much fun with the children, we didn’t take too many.  I have the information where you can contact the head mistress of the center if anyone is interested in helping them.  If you are interested in that information, please let me know and I will be more than happy to forward it to you. 

I know that we will never forget these kids, especially Andre, Ricardo & Mikayla.  They have touched our hearts.  We will be looking into how we can send some other needed items to the center until we can visit again.


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Semi- You are awesome! I am sure these kids appreciate your visit and your supplies, and especially your kindness.

Comment by mkrules

All I can say is WOW! That is so inspiring. Awesome!

Comment by shadesofpink

this is really great. I’m glad you were able to go and contribute and I appreciate the information you brought back. Please let me know how to send items…

Comment by Kate

OMG! i went there with friends forever TV! and i miss them all so much, trishana and ricardo and andre. i miss there faces! Amazing placeee ever.

Comment by Becky

Becky when were you there and what is Friends Forever TV?? I would love to hear all about it!

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Hey this is so cool. I have been to Blossom gardens with Friends Forever. I love all of the kids there.

Comment by Tara

thats realy cool ive been to blossom gradens! I miss that place so much!

Comment by ashley

Friends Forever TV is a TV channel that Dr. Mark Muirhead has in Jamaica and it is called channel 93. You can go to the website at or

Comment by Tara

Thank you for that info, Tara. I will check it out. I really miss the kids myself. I would have scooped them all up and brought them home if I could have. Unfortuneately, finances for us would not make that possible, and I would really hate to take anyone from their home land. Now, if I could move to Jamaica……..

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I have been going to Jamaica since I was a child … I have a deep love for the country and the people. Please send me the headmistresses info as we are heading there in two weeks!

Comment by Kim

Hello! I was actually there the day you were. In fact, I’m the girl in the tie-died shirt. I also come with Friends Forever TV on a yearly basis. I was there with a group of people that spent a month in Jamaica ministering to Blossom Gardens and other schools, churches, and orphanages in the area. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for spending part of your vacation at BG. The kids in that place are my total heart. I have spent the past 8 years of my life going to BG and praying for them. Most people who come to Montego Bay have no clue that there are so many children hurting in the city and wouldn’t know or care that Blossom Gardens exists. I thank God for the time that you spent there and pray that He continues to put a passion in your heart for that place. Hope to see you there again some day!

Comment by Liz

Liz, Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a message. I am going to do some looking into Friends Forever TV as my teenage daughter would probably be interested in returning to Jamaica on that mission. I know I will be back, but probably not until next summer. I wish that I would have had more time to meet everyone personally while we were there. I feel like we came and left so suddenly, but my heart was breaking and I was left crying for some time. I definately did not want the kids to see me crying. You and the rest of your mission group have a passion not seen in many people at all. May God bless all of you and continue to keep that passion burning strong. ~ Krysti

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Hello. I’m wondering if you could possibly help me. I think the Andre in your pictures is the one I just tried to adopt (but was told he was “unavailable”). Is his twin Andrew? If so, are they both still at the orphanage? I was told last month that they were living in a foster home and being adopted with their sister. I’m curious to know if this is not true. Please let me know!

Comment by Anne

Anne, I did not meet any of Andre’s siblings. I was told that they were all seperated from one another and only got to meet Andre. I was in Jamaica July 13-21, 2007, and at that time Andre was at the center. I was also told that Andre was a twin and 1 of 7 or 8 siblings. Other than that, I do not have any information. He was the sweetest little boy ever. I do hope that you are able to find more information and wish you the best of everything in your endeavor to adopt. Please let me know how it turns out. Hugs and prayers your way! 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

I am very impressed by your story. I am in the process of saving to build an orphanage in Jamaica. I would love to visit Blossom Gradens when next I cvisit Jamaica. Can you please give the contact info for the head Mistress. Thanks and God Bless you.

Comment by Abi

Did you ever get that orphage built? I came across your comments while searching for orphanages in Jamaica. I am 41 years old,married for 18 years with no children. I am at a point in my life where I am going be adopting a little girl, and I am praying that this will become a reality shortly.

However , I have also been thinking of starting an orphanage. I have access to quite a bit of land and would like to be able to give back and help these children in Jamaica.

I currently live on my parent’s property which is approximately, 7 miles from the city of Montego Bay. The area is called Anchovy,I would love to use some of the land on this property for an orphanage.I am starpped for funds , but would love to collaborate with someone who shares the same passion. I would be happy to discuss this in detail with you at your convenience.

Andrea Sawyers

Comment by Andrea Sawyers

Do you still have this land available, or possibly have started a project on the land for the children? I am very interessted in starting an orphanage there, and would love to collaborate. please email me and let me know if this is a possibility.
I am currently in Florida, but could come to Jamaica to discuss. Thank you!
Rev. Madaya Tina Hartford

Comment by Rev. MaDaya Hartford

I go to Jamaica all the time and visit orphanages. I would love to talk to you. I would like to be a part of a place there.

Pastor connie

Comment by Connie

My husband are in the middle of the process to adopt siblings from Jamaica, we have not located or had any children referred yet but it would be nice to have the information for this place as it sounds as though there are many children there that need parents. Thanks for spending time with all the children!

Comment by Kandice

Abi & Kandice – I think there is a link in my blog roll, but here is the information from a business card that I have:

Blossom Gardens Child Care Centre
18-20 Appleton Hall, Montego Bay
St. James, Jamaica
Manager: Mrs. P. Genas-Brown
Tele: 876-952-6068

When we visited, we hired Chef, from Chef Tours (link in my blog roll) to take us. Chef is Jamaican and has done a lot of work with Sandy Bay School for children in Sandy Bay, Jamaica. He was a wonderful guide and very knowledgable about the area and dedicated to the children of Jamaica.

Good luck to both of you and please let me know how things go for you.

Comment by Krysti (f/k/a Semi~Charmed)

Any chance that the new nursery was finished since last Dec? I am planning to stop in again. Mrs. Brown asked for a changing station like we have here in the states in most bathrooms. I want to purchase and deliver if they have not received one. I will also email but they rarely respond.:( Thanks

Comment by christine

I don’t recall seeing a fold down changing table when we were there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. The nursery seemed very basic though and we only got a quick peak. When we were there the littlest ones were sleeping and we didn’t want to disturb them. They were in the process of adding a multi-purpose room, so I believe the nursery room is complete (less maybe items within it.) You may have better luck calling. You might also try to reach Chef with Cheftours (there is a link to him in my blog roll). He might be willing to contact them for you or even take a quick visit there again and let you know. He was extremely helpful when we visited by checking ahead and arranging the visit for us. Let me know. I would love an update on how things are there.

Comment by Krysti

My husband and I will be visiting 12/30 thru 01/06. we are members of the optimist and I am hoping to be able to deliver some supplies that our orginization has collected. I have sent an email to Blossom House but have not heard back from them as of yet. Thank You for the link to chief, Im going to try to make contact. While I am really looking forward to it, as a mother and a social worker..Im sure my heart will break and I too will long to take them all home 🙂

Comment by Darci Janssen

Darci, what a great way and place to spend the holiday season. 🙂 I also had a hard time getting through to the school. I did find that telephoning was my best chance to catch someone and get a minute to make arrangements ahead of time. Good luck on your trip and God Bless.

Comment by Krysti

Oh what lovely photos of the kids! I volunteer at BG every weekend and just adore every one of those kids. They have even more babies (new borns) now, if you can believe that! So the need for pampers is at an all time high.

Yes they do have many many blankets…but as you said, they are so unnecessary in Jamaica’s heat. They do put them on the beds for the babies occasionally and they do have mosquito nets for all the babies’ beds as well.

Toys : The reason toys are so scarce is not because of a lack of them, but rather because of the fighting over them when they are around! 🙂 Kids will be kids and no matter how many toys are given to them (especially the toddlers) they will all fight over two or three for some reason. If anyone wants to bring toys for them I would suggest stuffed toys, toys with no moving toys, toys that are almost impossible to tear apart and toys that don’t operate by batteries. I have been there when visitors bring toys for the toddlers and have seen those toys destroyed in less than half an hour.

For the older kids, search a word puzzles and colouring books are usually a hit.

The nursery room still isn’t completed 😦
I was really hoping it could be finished for the new year but that is hardly likely.

Comment by Ann (Mobay DP)

Thank you so very much for an update on Blossom Garden. I totally understand the toy situation. I can picture the “chaos” just from our visit. The children were so affectionate. Every one of them wanted to meet you and have a hug. The toys would have an even greater “draw” for them, I am sure. Not much worse than a group of 2 to 5 year olds fighting over 1 toy, unless of course you are the one who needs to look that 3 year old in the eye when you take it away because of the fighting. Best to stick with basics, like you said.

Where I live children who visit the hospital (for an overnight stay or outpatient sugery) get a home sewn stuffed bear (very simple and basic) to keep them company. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of the children were to have their OWN stuffed toy? One that they slept with each and every night from the time they came to BG and to take with them when they leave? I know sometimes that a bear is not a necessity, but sometimes it IS a necessity. Hmmmm…. This, I need to think some more about!!

More infants at BG??? Oh my goodness. Pampers are a definite friend then. What more besides pampers and wipes can the nursery use? (*NOTE* I know they need pampers, BUT what in addition to pampers can be helped?) I hate to think it is getting crowded at BG. It seemed so full when I was there that I was under the impression that they were pretty full.

Our family hopes to make it to Jamaica in the Spring of 2008. Maybe instead of school supplies this time, we could bring a bunch of needed items for the infants, diapers, wipes, etc. I know disposable pampers there are extremely expensive and who has time to wash and use cloth diapers anymore??? (Although this “bear” thing has a hold on me at the moment.)

Bless all of you that have found the kindness in your heart to help Blossom Gardens. I know there are thousands of places and homes you could have chosen to help, but I am glad that you found BG.

I am not sure exactly why I feel the way I do about BG, but I do. Something about BG tugs at my heart and makes me want to give everything I can, be it time, love, supplies or a voice. I guess God works in His own mysterious ways and BG was the place He chose for me to feel the strongest about. I am great with that!

Hugs ~ Krysti

Comment by Krysti

Wow! That was long! Almost another post. 😉

Comment by Krysti

Hi krysti,

I’m heading up to BG tomorrow, so I’ll try to find out what they really need and will post. I really wish they had a wish list on It really would make life so much easier for volunteers coming wanting to know what they most are in need of.
These are more expensive than disposable diapers but I believe they achieve the same purpose and work out better in the end, as they can be reused over and over again.

I do like your bear idea 😀 I think that would be a wonderful thing to do and the kids would love having something personal, something that’s theirs. Hopefully they would be able to have enough bears available so that everytime a new child was brought to the home he/she would also be able to receive a bear.

Of course, for the sake of peace it would be better if all the bears for the toddlers looked exactly the same – same colour, same size, same material.
Otherwise it’s gonna be all out war! 😀 lol!

Comment by Ann (Mobay DP)

Hi Ann,

Are you still volunteering at blossom gardens? I am coming to the area in June and hope to give as much time to them as possible. To be honest I think the kids will do more for me than I could ever do in such a short time.

Would you be able to help me set up time to volunteer?

Thanks so much…I can be reached at

Comment by Elena

We are going on a mission trip to Jamaica this June, and need the contact information for the orphanage. – Thank you.

Comment by JoKeeta

JoKeeta – I have misplaced the address and business card, but believe this link is still good:

You could also contact “Chef” of Chef Tours (see my links on my home page under “JAMAICA”.) Good luck, God bless, and please let me know how the center and the children (especially the children) are doing. 🙂

Comment by Krysti

I went to Blossom Gardens in Feb of 2006 and I remember the kids that you are talking about!!! They are awesome and right now im a elementary education major and planning on going down there to teach…. was roy there when you went there??

Comment by lil_fish

Our family is going to Ocho Rios on Saturday. Does anyone know of a school or orphanage similar to BG in the Ocho Rios area. We would love to visit and take some supplies, games, etc?
Thank you.

Comment by Lisa

I haven’t been able to get much information about the health of the children in these orphanages. We are considering adoption but I was wondering about fetal alcohol syndrome and damage from drug use. Any input would be great!
These children are all soooo beautiful!

Comment by Kristin

Does anyone know an orphanage in Ocho Rios. I have an appt. at Blossom Garden, but realized the distance of where our hotel is in Ocho Rios. Please if anyone has any ideas. I found one called the Pringle Home, but no contact info. Any ideas please send them my way.

Comment by Mandy

Awsome job. I adopted a little boy from Blossom Gardens in 2001, He was almost 3 years old at the time, now he is 9. He is doing really well in school and in sports. He’s a member of a swim team and a soccer team. Maybe you could help me with some information. I took him to visit there back in 2006 and someone at the home mentioned that his brother would be living there soon. The last name is Morgan. Would you have a contact there that you can send me.

Comment by Clovis Rainford

Blossom Gardens Child Care Centre
18-20 Appleton Hall, Montego Bay
St. James, Jamaica
Manager: Mrs. P. Genas-Brown
Tele: 876-952-6068

This is the contact information that I have. I hope it helps! :o)

Comment by Krysti

I’m sorry that this is more of a question/plea for advice than a “comment” but…

For our Senior Spring Break (high school) a few of my friends, our mothers, and I are going to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Each friend is planning something to do during our trip. Although lounging by the pool, snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins sounds great, I want something with a deeper significance–an experience that we will cherish forever knowing that we made a difference in the lives of children. On TripAdvisor, it was suggested to bring school supplies to Jamaica’s Basic Schools and in my research I found your blog and from my understanding you’ve been to both this Orphanage and a (the) Basic School(s)? I would love to help both, but due to various constraints, at this time I think I will only be able to focus on collecting supplies for a/a few Basic School(s) or the Orphanage. In your opinion, which would be the best to focus on? This may be a tough question, but if I’m only able to help one or the other, I would like to assist in the greatest possible way. Thank you very much for any advice you (or anyone else) has to offer!

Comment by rhi

Rhi, I do know that during the summer months the schools are closed for summer break. That was how we decided to take supplies to Blossom Garden. The Sandy Bay Basic School was also highly suggested to me as in need of supplies, but when we visited it was summer and the schools were closed. We are planning a trip back to Jamaica in December of this year, so it is my hope that I can take school supplies again, but deliver them to a school this time.

I think it is great that you want to do what you can to help! I also think that no matter where your help goes, it will be needed and appreciated, so I don’t think you can go wrong. 🙂 The Blossom Garden Contact Information is listed in this thread. You could always start there. Maybe if they do not have any immediate needs they could suggest another. Good luck, have fun and bless your heart!!

Comment by Krysti

Mrs Brown, thank you so very much for allowing Rodrigo and myself help out at the center. We are so very fond of Brittney and want you to send me information regarding her, her history what you can share and her availability for adoption. Thank you for you attention to this matter, I know you are very busy. Thank you again,
Amy Flowers

Comment by Amy Flowers

This sounds amazing
my friend and I are planning to volunteer this summer
so if you can forward the information about the orphanage
it would be greatly appreciated

Comment by Patricia Han

Thanks to all for the information. I am from Jamaica and was looking for a way to help the kids in Jamaica. I will definitely use this information and contact the orphanage.
Thanks so much

Comment by Annette

My daughter’s father is from jamaica and we would love to send the children anything that we possibly can. My daughter will be 16 next April and I am planning taking her to see her grandmother in Jamaica. It’ll mean alot to her to be able to help in anyway. just let us know any information. I know she is getting ahold of her father for information too (He lives in Arizonia and we are in Ohio.) Thanks.

Comment by Maggie

hey i am from jamaica, kingston actually, my friends and i were wondering if we could support you guys in any possible way? we’re only fifteen and may not be able to donate much but we can offer our services. i can be contacted at 977-6570 or 292-8584 please call and let us know if we can help.

thanks in advance!

Comment by danielle

You don’t know me, but I stumbled across your page after googling the Garden Blossoms Orphange. I recently returned from a trip to Jamaica (just a month ago) and visited the orphanage while I was there. Our group loved the kids there! It was so calming to hold all the babies and I heard the toddlers were very active! (I didn’t leave the baby room haha) As I read through your description of the building, I could picture everything just as you mentioned. I was recently talking to a friend about international adopting, and I was trying to google information about adopting from Garden Blossoms. I would’ve brought back all of the kids, if I could’ve! I saw also where you visited Dunns River Falls…We went there, too and now I’m onto that page now to check it out!

Comment by Lindsay

Hi all! It’s been a long while since I have been on this blog. So nice to see all the new information and visitors here. I have been pretty busy with the family and have lagged on the blogging, but should be getting back in the swing of things soon. (Kids go back to school next week – woo hoo!) We are planning a return trip after Christmas this year. I can’t wait to visit the kids again. I love hearing your stories, so please keep them coming. ~ Krysti

Comment by Krysti

Hello! My church is planning a trip to Montego Bay/Falmouth in January. There are just a few of us but could you tell me how you set up a visit with an orphanage? What do you do while you are there? Do you take supplies with you? Any information would be appreciated!

Comment by CLB

CLB, I sent you an email, but here is the information as well:

Blossom Gardens Child Care Centre
18-20 Appleton Hall, Montego Bay
St. James, Jamaica
Manager: Mrs. P. Genas-Brown
Tele: 876-952-6068

Comment by Krysti

blossom gardens kids are great kids for lil fish roy isnt at hte home anymore

Comment by heart

the pampers situation at blossom g is not going too well.the new nursery is finally finish,it is perfect and they have also included a pre shool for the 3year olds they are just great. they need pampers like cazy.

Comment by heart

hi there,WOW me and my family are going to jamaica and would love to visit the orphanage,any information would be great,can we take supplies? if so what would be best? do we need to contact the orphanage first? the list goes on and on,any information would be great as we are flying to montego bay in about 5 weeks
regards Debs

Comment by debbie

There are links on my home page to the orphanage and the driver who took us there. Also if you look back through the comments, I have posted the address and phone number and contact information. Good luck and God Bless.

Comment by Krysti

i have done some mission nursing work around the negril area…i am returning in february and it is terribly difficult to get information on orphanages in jamaica. i wanted to visit one while i was there on vacation in feb to see what needs they might have and to see if we can be of any assistance when we return in sept. do you have any information, numbers, contact people, addresses…any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated

Comment by karie

hello my name is marcia i live in the state i would like to now if eny of thease kids is up for adoption please let me no if so i would like to adoption one the age i want is zeo to three years please respond to me thank you

Comment by marcia

I would like some information on visiting some orphanages regarding what i could bring to help, where to go etc. Thanks,


Im looking at coming to jamaica to live,therefore im searching around for a job to come in to.this place seems like a place i would enjoy working,because i work in a nursery in London England,with ages also qualified for this with over 8years experience.
i would like to get in touch to have more information please.
It sounds like you are doing agreat job there God bless you all as you continue.

Comment by CHERRY

hi! my name’s ashlee.
i’m working on a scholarship essay, and i’m including information about blossom gardens. do you mind if i use some of your observations about the orphanage in my paper? it would help a lot!

Comment by Ashlee Sumilat

*ps. the scholarship that i’m doing is the Arrowhead Credit Union Foundation Scholarship, in case you wanted to know.
the essay prompt is: “If you could run any single company, institution, or organization in teh United states which would you choose and why? What would be the first thing you would change?”
i was going to write about how i would pick an orphanage that mainly took in infants or younger kids & i would hire and screen volunteers to just play with the kids and touch them. there are a bunch of studies on how physical touch help growing children emotionally and even physically in the future.
i came across your blog while googling blossom garden orphanage, & some things that you wrote are perfect for my paper. i’ll definitely give you credit in the essay, but i just wanted to make sure that you were okay with me using it..

Comment by Ashlee Sumilat

hi again still waiting to receive some info,a number are something please.even if there is no job there at the moment still would like some info would be good to bring things and also do voluntary work.

Comment by CHERRY

I have lots of questiona about this trip. Can you contact me please. Thanks

Comment by Kerri-ann

I went here and it was one of the most amazing experiances ever! doooonate

Comment by K

What a wonderful story. I too am touched by these children and hope that you can forward the information to me to contact the head mistress of the center, it would be greatly appreciated.

Comment by lorie

as a young boy i was in a home like the one you visited i find your story rewarding your heart warm and your love amazing god bless you and keep bring sunshine to days that make a difference in a child life and i promise you they will not for get you:}:}:}:}:}

Comment by WALT

I am Australian and am marrying a Jamaican man this year and we want to adopt a Jamaican boy aged between 1 and 3. Could anyone send me information on the process and costs etc of being able to do this. Any help will be appreciated. My email address is Thankyou in advance!

Comment by Sharmane

Wow…I was so glad to find this thread. I am leaving for Lucea in June and have been searching for some type of volunteer opportunities around there or close like MoBay. I have found all sorts of trips that cost a lot of money. Unfortunately all I have to donate is an able body and a loving heart. I will be contacting Blossom gardens and hope to volunteer 3-4 times a week while i am in town for the month…THANK YOU and God Bless

Comment by Elena


I am so glad I found this website. I am coming to Jamaica in July of this year from the 9-13. And I was looking for something like this while working with the children. I wanted to bring things to donate as well, what should I take. I will check the link for Chef and I also wanted to ask you if you had the contact information for the head mistress so I can speak to her and arrange something for when I arrive in MoBay.!

Comment by Sadaf

It’s been two years since you visited the Blossom Garden Orphanage. We are going to stop in Montego Bay for a shore excursion in Sept 2009. Do you think we could get to the Blossom Garden Orphanage and back to the port in four hours?

Comment by Jenny

Hello I am practal nurse here in canada and have just came back for the second time from jamacia its so beautiful I wanted imformation in comming to volunteer my services doing anything to help with the children for one month could someone please contact me with this imformation on comming out for a month thank you so much god bless B renda Grenier

Comment by Brenda Grenier

Wow. I went on a Missions trip this last January with a couple of people from my church area.. and we all went down to Jamaica. We went to Blossom Gardens a couple of times during the week. Now, I’m only 17 years old, but the first day I got to hold the children, truly was god’s blessing! A little girl named Rihanna stole my heart for good! I wanted to take her in my arms and never let go! This next January, I plan on going down to Jamaica once again and relive an INCREDIBLE experience! I also want to gather a couple of Church friends, and live down in Jamaica for a whole summer. I would have the time of my life! That one little girl has definatly changed every aspect of my life for the better! I love you Rihanna! It truly is an experience like no other. I don’t know any information on Rihanna and if she is still there or not. I would give everything of mine just to be with her for one more day! God’s blessings! Thank you so much for this website!

Comment by Tiffany

Off topic – Help with PM?
lost password
Boss Resurfacing
Boss Resurfacing

Comment by Boss Resurfacing

Thank you for your inspiring post — Great information!

Are the needed supplies easy to purchase in MB? My husband and I would like to bring donations to the orphanage, but with all of the airline baggage restrictions, we are hoping to buy the bulkier items (diapers, etc.) after we arrive. Any experience with this?

Thanks again!!

Comment by trisha

Everything can be purchased in MoBay. Go to MegaMart – similar to Sam’s Club or BJ’s.

Comment by kim swaim

I know I am getting back to you late on this, but necessary items such as diapers, school supplies, etc. are actually quite expensive in Jamaica. I do understand about baggage restrictions. You may want to talk to the airline and tell them your plan… Maybe they’d consider shipment as their donation…making sure it gets there!

Comment by Krysti

Hi,I have been working with our missions our Church here in Colorado and the Pastor who heads up this dept has always had a heart particularly for Orphanges in Jamaica so trying to help him get connected came upon your site and would love any and every info you can give me as far as helping on the Island and possibly brining a mission’s team down.
As a native Jamaican and one who grew up in an Orphanage just outside of Kingston in St.Andrew,I look forward to being able to help in anyway I can as I know that there is a great and overlooked need in the Orpanages on a whole world wide.Thank-you for sharing your love,kindness and service with my countryfolk.God Bless you!

Comment by Norma Gordon

Please send me the info u have for the orpahanage as my husband and I wanting to go this Christmas.
Thank you much for your help, Rachel

Comment by Rachel

I submitted an application to the CDA this year and want to adopt from Jamaica. Anyone who has helpful information can reach me at

Comment by Tonya

I fequently visit Jamaica to conduct spay/neuter clinics for the street animals. Can you send me contact info for the orphanage?
Just a suggestion – see if any schools would like to ‘adopt’ the orphanage and collect clothes and toys for the kids. Then you send a letter to the Ministry of Finance to ask for a waiver to bring the goods in without paying duty taxes. You can also contact Food For the Poor which operates out of Spanish Town and brings in tons of donated goods for the poor. There’s alot that can be done with a little effort.
Contact me at . I live in Orlando, Florida.

Comment by kim swaim

Embracing Orphans is a non-profit group who is dedicated to improving the lives of orphans in Jamaica through fundraising, prayer, and programs. They currently work primarily with the orphans at Blossom Gardens.

Visit their website for more information!

Comment by J.Woods

This Christmas, Embracing Orphans will be putting in 2 new playgrounds at Blossom Gardens with the help of Kids Around the World

Comment by J.Woods

Hi please forward a contact # phone & email for the head mistress. I donated some items last year and am going back in Feb. I would like to know what is most needed. We are staying at the palladium in Lucea this time. Any idea how far that is to the orphanage? I appreciate your help.

Comment by Deanna

Hello from Canada! We are going to Negril for a vacation in May and are planning on spending a day or two helping out at an orphanage. Blossom Garden sounds amazing. Does anyone know of a way to contact them via email? Thank you.

Comment by Kimberley

It’s been forever since I have visited this site….sorry…
Here is the information that I have for Orange Blossom:

Blossom Gardens Child Care Centre
18-20 Appleton Hall, Montego Bay
St. James, Jamaica
Manager: Mrs. P. Genas-Brown
Tele: 876-952-6068

Comment by Krysti

Our church is bring a team July 5-7 and we are interested in providing a childrens program. We also have some that would be interested in a sports program. We would love to help in any way we could if you are interested please let me know. Thank you Charnel

Comment by Charnel

You are so kind. I have been wanting to visit one of the Jamaican orphanage every time I go to Jamaican, but it has been so hard trying to spend time with my Husbands people. I am going down in June and I will make it my business to visit one of them. can you please forward the contact information to me. Thank you and have a nice day.

Comment by Aisha

My kids and I also went to BG last Thanksgiving. We took Christmas presents for the kids, books, art supplies, candy canes, etc. They were amazing children! My kids and I wanted to bring them all home with us. The babies stole and broke our hearts!! 🙂 Please forward the contact information for the head mistress, I would love to continue to support their facility. God Bless and thank you!

Comment by Wendy

I would love to get the contact info for BG. We will be there in Nov. and have tons of toys and clothes to bring. Thanks!

Comment by Melissa


We are extremely interested in working with the Blossom Garden Orphanage. We have sent this email and hope to coordinate our service asap. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Dear Ms. Brown,

Hello. I am reaching out to you to see if you have any available Service opportunities available between the dates of Dec 17 to Dec 29th. My family and I will be coming to Jamaica during the holiday seasons and the Child Care Centre sounds like a perfect match for our children and our location to provide some service and helpfully assist you with your wonderful cause.

We will be staying near your location and would like to spend a day with you and the children and prearrange delivery of items that could benefit your mission. We have full transportation, but if agreeable would like to select a full day and assist in any way we can.

Our children are most interested in participating as well. They are more excited about working than the actual vacation portion of our trip.

If you are open to it…I would like to arrange a time to speak to you to see if the is a possibility. We would like to prearrange shipment of :

Baby clothes and children’s clothes, diapers (disposable or cloth), children’s shoes and socks, toys, books, children’s nursery items, crayons, modeling clay, reading books, backpacks, erasers, staplers, paper clips, glue sticks, phonic books, flash cards, educational tapes and CDs, tape players and CD players, puzzles, games, coloring books, activity books, construction paper, jump ropes, kites & balls, toys, band-aids, baby and children’s aspirins, children’s multi-vitamins, anti-bacterial creams and baby items. Along with some gifts for the children – if that’s ok with you.

Please contact me if you can at your earliest convenience or my wife at information below. We would really like to help! Thanks for your consideration. We hope to hear from you soon. I will also attempt to call you at (876) 952-6068.




Comment by matthew hetland

Hi. We were introduced to Blossom Garden through our hired driver, Chef. If you read through our Jamaica stories, his contact information is posted. I believe I also have a link to him on my blog home page. It has been so long since I have accessed my blog and since we went to Jamaica, I do not know if the contact information I have there is still good. I do remember that we found Chef through the tripadvisor website. I hope this helps. It’s a wonderful place to volunteer your time and assistance. My family and I were blessed to have had the opportunity to meet the children, the teachers/caregivers and offer what help we could.

Comment by Night Owl Mom

Matthew and Danielle,

I edited your comment to remove your telephone numbers, last name and email address…. You both sound like good hearted kind people and I am uncomfortable putting your personal information out there for the entire world wide web. I posted a comment in response to yours (see Night Owl Mom comment on 9/21/10. The information and links that are on this blog are all the information I have. Although I wish I could visit again, we have not ever been able to.

Comment by Night Owl Mom

Thanks a lot or your immediate response. I am sure we can make it happen. Our children are more excited about service than the vacation. Glad you had such a great experience. Thanks for editing the blog. Take care. I have emailed Chef and will contact him as well. Be well.

Comment by matthew hetland

Good luck to you and your family and God Bless! Our trip to Jamaica was wonderful in many ways, but without a doubt our families most fulfilling and favorite experience was our trip to Blossom Garden. If you reach Chef (and I hope you do) please tell him the Humphryes’ family says hello.

Comment by Night Owl Mom

BTW…. I called Blossom Garden directly and spoke with Ms Brown and she warmly welcomed us for 2 days in December. Thanks again for your assistance. We are blessed for the opportunity.

Comment by matthew hetland

What a great read and what a great bunch of folks you are! We are going to Jamaica in 2 weeks and are going to an orphanage, I believe it is this one.

What an inspiration you are to me! Thanks for the info and I so look forward to seeing the children!

Much peace to you.

Comment by Rick Halisheff

I have emailed Ms Brown at Blossom Garden Orphanage two times about 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard a word from her. I wanted to visit this Feb. but thats approaching rather fast! Do you know of any easier ways to contact Ms Brown? Thanks so much!

Comment by Denae

I am very interested in volunteering my time at Blossom Gardens Child Care Centre. Can you please tell me how to contact them.


Comment by Dawn Pettitt

Hello there. We did 2 fulls days of service with our children 2,4,6 at Blossom Garden this past Christmas. It was a wonderful experience. Please email me at and I can get you with Ms. Brown.

Comment by matthew hetland

I’ll be heading down there in less than a month with a group from our church – I cannot wait to be there..

Comment by LJ

Bless you for doing this, I am starting my research for where I want to spend time next Summer.I’m also thinking about bringing donations for the babies and school supplies.

I wanted to know though, how old were your children when you took them?
Also, if at all, were you able to feed or care for the babies? In other words, were you restricted from doing anything with the children?

Comment by Sachi

Hello there… Our children were 2.5, 4.5 and 6.5 years old. They all had individual experiences that they will remember forever. They can’t wait to get back.

All the children want to do is be held, played with, appreciated and loved. We painted, colored, played soccer, sang – tried to show the children that they were important.

It was amazing. As for bringing supplies, clothes, etc… Depending on what you are bringing and how much – there are some things to consider. Please contact me at any time to discuss.

Comment by matthew hetland

I loved reading the details on this as I am visiting Jamaica myself with my family in April and really wanted to take a trip to an orphanage to show my children not only how lucky they are but to take some well nee.ded supplies. I want my children to realise that not ALL children are as lucky as they are and despite me telling them this until they truly see it then they cannot possibly understand the concept. Another reason is if I can donate some much needed supplies to this worthwhile cause then it would make my holiday and I would leave a happy person. Becky, United Kingdom

Comment by Becky Allwood

Your detailed review of your visit to Blossom gardens Child Care centre is very touching. I can identify with some of your experiences and observations having been there myself. Presently we are planning a mission trip among my Church Youth group to visit and share with them in the latter part of March. I hope others will join and give not only tangible items but hugs and kisses to these children.

Comment by Therisha

Howdy and thank you for the information. Please send me the headmistress’ info as we are heading to Jamaica in April!

Blessings to you and your family!

Comment by Debbie

My husband is originally from Jamaica and we
travel there every year. I would like to know
how to send supplies to this orphanage? Can u please advise?

Comment by Elle Campbell

Revivalize Faith Ministry is now being established to help the children of Jamaica and St. Lucia. For anyone interested in getting involved to make a difference please contact Erika Christensen. Email address: We are non-profit organization striving to make difference for the people of Jamaica and St. Lucia. You can request our current newsletter outlining our vision.

Comment by Erika Christensen

Please send me the head mistress information so I may contact her. thanks.

Comment by Erika Christensen

Blossom Gardens 18-21 Appleton Hall Drive, Montego Bay. St. James (876) 952-6068 Mrs. brown is who you would want to talk to 🙂

Comment by veronica

i just got Back from Jamaica and spent two weeks here at the Blossom Gardens- we went with Embracing Orphans- an amazing organization that loves these children – it was such a blessing to be able to pour out to these children and we even go to take them to the beach and on a glass bottom boat ride!~- soo cool to see them run and play and be free( many of them have never even been to the beach- I definitely left my heart there and will most definitely be going back again!! If yu go to the CDA of Jamaica website you will find a list of all the residential child care facilities – We went to the Granville Girls Home and the Melody House as well- the Granville facility could really use some support and those girls really need visitors- such a sad place but man they love it when company comes! God bless on all that you do to help the Jamaican family ❤

Comment by veronica

Can any of these children get adopted? Is it ok to ship barrels with clothes, toys, and shoes to them? I reall want a child to adopt but no older than a new born. Are there any private orphanage that allows adoption without all the headache? Please email me.
Thank You

Comment by Shelly

I…I am finally seeing the light….coming out of the dark

Comment by james

It is wonderful to read of the caring and loving feelings that people have for children especially those in need. I lived in Jamaica for 10 years it was a truely amazing experience for me and my three daughters. While there I spent time with the children at Blossom Gardens.The children were so special, each time I left for home I would carry them in my heart. I later fostered two little girls for a number of years. It was a lot of work and a very costly situation. However, it was so worth it. The youngest child was adopted and the other child returned home to relatives.I plan to returned to Jamaica next year. I will be estabilishing a small orphanage there.I want it to be a home not an institution.

Comment by gwen akinlosotu

Call Ms. Brown at 876.469.4291. She will assist. When we visited 2 years ago she was the lead facilitator for the entire orphanage. Its a truly amazing place with beautiful children. Email me back if you need help.

Comment by matthew hetland

i will be visiting montego bay at the end of july. I am a kindergarten teacher in Canada and would love to come visit this orphanage. I do have a lot of books, clothing and other items that I would like to donate. The dates are not yet confirmed.
I just want to know if this is possible. I would love to come and read to the children, talk to them and perhaps write a paper about my experience to share with the college that I am currently working at (Seneca college E.C.E lab school in Toronto)
Please let me know at your earliest convenience. My email address is

Thanks Niluka

Comment by niluka

I am now working in Montego Bay, planning a charity event. would like to contact the headmistress of the orphanage to see if I can offer some assistance. Please contact me at :-
Thank You

Comment by Cheryl Moore

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We will be in Montego Bay in 3 weeks and would love to bring clothes, donations and love to the children at Blossoms Garden. Does anyone have current contact information? I emailed Mrs. Brown at the orphanage over 3 weeks ago and have not heard back from them. I am worried the info I have is incorrect. Giving back to the children when we are away from home has always been the best part of our travels. If anyone has information please email me at

Comment by Lori Fiola

Hi Lori, We are going to Jamaica Jan 28th and we are bringing a suitcase of clothing etc for the orphanage, did you hear back from anyone yet? Can you please email us. Thank you. Gabriella Serpan

Comment by Gabriella Serpan

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