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Kid In A Candy Shop
July 12, 2007, 11:31 pm
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I so feel like a kid in a candy shop right now.  Our house sitter is here, we packed the car and are headed off.  We arrived at my mom’s house tonight, the night before our flight.  It puts us close to the airport and we can sleep in a bit later in the morning.  God knows that I will need it, as I am way too excited to sleep!

My mom had marinated some thick steaks, made a fresh green salad, sauteed zuchinni, and my favorite green beans and spatzle. For the kids she had cheeseburgers and hot dogs with mac and cheese.  (Can you tell we have some fussy young eaters in the family?)

Anyway, TT and her son were here to see us off, with my mom, grandpa and brother.  We even had a few other long time friends drop by as well.  Who would have thought so many would show up to wish us well on a vacation?  Dinner was fabulous, everyone had a chance to visit.  I hadn’t seen TT in quite some time.  Although I really didn’t forget, it seemed I had forgotten how much fun hanging out with her really was.  I am making a promise right now to go to the cottage this August and visit.  A weekend I know I will enjoy if I just got off my rear end to go.  I forgot how easy it is to take for granted what is so close.  Plus, every time I go to the cottage, I have wonderful memories of my wedding day with all of my family and friends there.  How great is it to hang out where you were married?

Needless to say, everyone is finally tucked in bed, alarms set for quite early (particularly for me).  I haven’t joined the 5 AM club in, uh, forever!  I know some of you know that already.  Just by the name of my blog, you can probably guess, I am not sleepy right now and those who know me know I will be here late.  It’s all good, I can sleep on the flight, and quite easily if I am exhausted. 🙂  Anyway, who  could sleep on the eve of their first time ever to Jamaica??

I don’t care if my hotel is a piece of &#%#! (Okay, so I hope there aren’t any bugs.)  Old I can handle. Not fancy is OK too, just please no bugs or mold in the bathrooms.  Dirty sheets would be another “eeeew”, but those can be changed. 🙂 

I am looking forward to so much on this trip that I hope I don’t jinx it.  Between Ocho Rios, Negril, cliff jumping at Rick’s Cafe, Rose Hall plantation, 7 mile beach, Margaritaville and our trip to visit the Sandy Bay school or Garden Blossom Orphanage, I am thrilled with our plans.  I am looking forward the most to donating school supplies to the kids at the school or orphanage.  Ok, so I am looking forward to the blue waters, warm weather and the relaxing atmosphere of our resort as well.

I am taking a journal with me to jot down notes on my trip.  I hope that my adventure in Jamaica is enjoyable for all because I have a feeling it will be the “talk of the town”.  At least, here at Perspective of Yet Another Night Owl, anyway.

My flight is currently on time.  I suppose at this hour it would be.  By this time tomorrow night, I hope to be drinking a pina colada or strawberry daquari out of my 52 oz. (I am really not a lush) Bubba Mug, enjoying the sounds of the water, music and wind through the palm trees.


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Comment by MK4ME

OMG! Have fun and come back safely! You are gonna have an awesome time!

Comment by mkrules

Have a great time and be safe! Tell us all about it!! 😀

Comment by shadesofpink

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