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July 11, 2007, 6:27 pm
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It all began in the Spring of 2004.  My oldest daughter came home from school one day and said that she wanted to play an instrument in the school band.  I instantly thought of myself at that age and when I told my dad that I wanted to play the alto saxophone.  He obliged me, having played in the band in school, too.  I, though, did not stick with it and soon gave it up.   

I asked myself if my daughter was going to stick with the flute. Regardless of my thoughts, we went to the meeting at school where she decided that she that she wanted to play the flute.  After listening to what needed to be done for her to join the band, we went ahead and signed her up for the flute.  We then went home and started looking into the rental or purchase price for the instrument.  I asked my daughter if she was going to stick with it, and she promised that she would for at least 1 year.  That said, we decided to save up and buy her the flute.

Later that summer, my father came to stay with us for a little while.  He was not in the best of health and I wanted to help out some getting him to take some steps towards getting better.  We talked with Dad about my daughter joining the band.  He reminisced of his days in marching band and his days of playing the saxophone.  He was thrilled that my daughter wanted to play the flute.  At this point, we did not have the flute yet, but knew we needed it by August.  My father stayed with us on and off  that summer, reminiscing and making new memories.

One day, in mid August, my dad and daughter got into a bit of a heated debate.  Both being of the same blood line, I knew neither was going to give in to the others’ point of view.  Ultimately, they both gave up, but my dad knew he had upset her.  He apologized and so did she.  Next thing I know, I am being given the credit card and being told, “Go get her the flute.  She’s going to be great.” 

Then, my dad began to make deals with my daughter. “If you stick with this and make it to first or second chair, I will buy you a piccolo when you are ready to move up”, he told her.  She said she would. When school started, she dove into band like no one’s business.  She has always been a good student and gives it her all in everything she does.  The flute would be no different.  She practiced day and night and we instantly recognized what she was playing.  She could really play and we were thrilled.  Best of all, she loved it.

Unfortuneately, my father’s health was getting worse, not better.  He was in and out of hospitals and doctors and nothing was helping.  I was busy with my dad and my husband was left busy with the kids.  Then all of a sudden, I knew what a blessing it was to have had the summer with my father.  Sadly, my dad went in the hospital one last time and passed away on October 19, 2004.  He never saw my daughter play in a school band concert.

My daughter surprised us all though.  She decided that she wanted to play the flute at my father’s funeral.  Nevermind the fact that she had only been playing the flute for 3 months! She practiced 2 songs over and over and ultimately she decided to play “How Great Thou Art”.  On the day of the funeral, with everyone watching, my daughter gave her very first public performance.  She played beautifully, not missing a beat. She’s so talented!  My beautiful little girl, then just 11 years old, gave her first solo performance at my daddy’s funeral.  She performed so well, we were all extremely proud of her.  She held herself together, when all the rest of us could do, was cry.  I know that my father was proud of her that day.  Her great-grandmother (my dad’s mother-in-law) even requested that my daughter play at her funeral when the time comes.  (Needless to say, this request has not yet been necessary, and we hope it won’t ever have to be.)

Now, it is almost 3 years later.  My daughter still plays the flute.  She has now taken up piccolo and tenor saxophone.  She is playing my father’s tenor sax and with the help of her grandparents, we got her the piccolo.  The piccolo was like second nature to her and amazingly, she is teaching herself the saxophone until we can get her into private lessons.  I truly think this one is blessed with a musical talent like I have never had.  My daddy must have passed his musical talent to her.  All I can do is continue to encourage her to reach the goals she sets for herself, support her in all her academic achievments, and last but not least, thank my family, for they truly stand behind us in all that we do!


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What a beautiful story Semi-Charmed, but, you really didn’t need to tear me up and get me reminiscing before bed. Now I am going to have to go visit some of my entertaining (you know the ones) blogs that sometimes are so silly make me lol.

Ooooohh… almost time, any chance I would fit in one of the suitcases??

Pink hugs, MK4ME

Comment by MK4ME

MK4ME, I was just thinking of you. Gonna send you an email. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Are you going to email me, there is room in a suitcase, I am on my way! xoxox

Comment by MK4ME

Sorry to make you teary eyed. I was reminded of this story today by my very dear step-mother and thought it was worth sharing. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

This story is very heartfelt, semi. Enjoy your trip and come back safely. 🙂

Comment by MK Rules

Loved this beautiful story. Have a fabulous time in Jamaica! 😀

Comment by shadesofpink

I loved that you wrote about this. I couldn’t believe how strong she was that day, and brave too! I know dad was so proud to have her as his g-daughter! Her performance was beautiful and that is the one thing that i will always remember from that day. Everything else was just so blurry… I am glad that you got to spend that summer with him also. I know that it also meant a lot to him!!!

Comment by Tiffany Walker

Tiff ~ I am so happy that you are reading the blog. I love you, sister, more than you will ever know. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

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