Perspective Of Yet Another Night Owl

July 7, 2007, 7:12 pm
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My oldest daughter is off with my mother this week, enjoying fun in the sun on the river at TT’s cottage.  I get a phone call about an hour or so ago from her, she needs to talk.  I immediately grab my drink and take a seat, this doesn’t sound so good.

ME: “What’s wrong?”
DD: “Well, I was on the way to a party with Mema, TT and the rest of the group when my eyeglasses fell off.”
ME: “I hope you picked them up.”
DD: “I did.”
ME: “Did they get scratched? Will they make it to August like we had planned?”
DD: “Not exactly, Mom. Mema ran over them with the car.”
ME: “What????”
DD: “Mema did it.  I was in the truck and leaned out the window to yell to Uncle P & Auntie T when they fell off. We were going slow, but Mema was right behind us and CRUNCH.”
ME: “Did you call Daddy and tell him?”
DD: “No, I was hoping you would.”
ME: “I will. (*laughing*) Between the band instruments, band camp, vacations, now eye glasses, you are one expensive kid!”
DD: “Love you, Mom. We’re going to a party. See you tomorrow!”

Needless to say, it wasn’t near as bad as I thought or it could have been.  And yes, I called the hubby and let him know.  He took the news fairly well, and even laughed, as did I. 

My mother has temporarily taped the lenses and frames back together for her, but my daughter refuses to wear them. Teenagers. There must be a cute boy or two on the island.  She has opted to be blind for the remainder of the weekend. 😉  

I will be calling first thing tomorrow (or Monday) to get an appointment for her and get her some new glasses.  She has to have them before we leave for Jamaica for sure!

Hopefully, LensCrafters or someplace who can do them quickly is having a sale.  A huge sale!  Last time, my teenager “had to have” Prada frames. Can we say “hurt the wallet”?? 

 These are not her glasses, but I posted the picture so you could get the idea. 🙂


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Oh Semi, thanks for the chuckle, but you just wait, my baby girl is turning “Sweet 16” tomorrow and every day, her tastes get more expensive and it isnt “I want” but “I need or I am going to die”!

I keep telling her she better choose a very high paying professsion or fall in love with a very rich man!

Count down to Jamaica!!…….

Comment by MK4ME

I am sure than that you have seen the show “Sweet 16”! My daughter has told me she HAS to have a party, but “not quite” like those on TV, Mom.” Both her and my son have been picked up for birthday parties in limos this past year and not even for Sweet 16’s! I told my guys not to get any bright ideas that we were not about “keeping up with the Jones'”. Nowadays, they do seem to “have to have/need” a lot, rather than just “want” it, eh?

Do you have big plans for your daughter’s birthday?

Jamaica ~ Only 6 more sleeps to go! Woo Hoo!!

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Wow, you are leaving so soon! Who will chat with me while hubby is in sunny El Paso, TX for 3 weeks? Not quite the Jamaican vacation you have planned!

Comment by mkrules

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