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My Week With Grandpa
July 6, 2007, 11:33 am
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This week I have been away from home, staying with my 87 year old grandfather at my mother’s house.  My mom is off on a mini-vacation with my oldest daughter at TT’s cottage on Cobb Island.  TT’s cottage is a blast and we have lots of fun when we are there.  We have been going there now for 16 years or so.  My husband and I even got married there on her pier!

Anyway, my week has been filled with lots of just hanging out.  I have been spending my days with my Grandpa just helping him when he needs it and spending quality time together.  Our schedule is pretty much the same day to day, breakfast at 8 AM, The Price Is Right, lunch at noon, hanging out talking about things and memories, dinner at 6 PM, a little more TV, and then off to bed.  Although my Grandpa is for the most part self-sufficient, he needs help with certain things.  One of those is putting in and taking out his hearing aids.  Although he uses the hearing aids daily (in at 10 AM, out at 9 PM) he still can hear without them as long as we are talking directly with one another.  This means you still need to watch your mouth if he has them out because you know as soon as the “bad” word slips from your mouth, he is certain to hear it. 🙂

My Grandpa is Catholic and since he can no longer leave the house for Sunday Mass, on Friday’s, St. John Neumann Catholic Church sends someone over to give my Grandfather communion.  He can then watch Notre Dame Mass on Sunday and when communion is done, he doesn’t feel he has missed it. 

Last night, I managed to pull off a bit of a family get-together for my Grandpa.  My cousin, Dan, happened to be in town from Hawaii.  His sister, Hillarie, who lives a couple hours from here, also came over.  We ordered dinner in, which was great, as that made it easier on me.  We had a wonderful visit.  My grandfather was so happy to see them, as he has not seen either of them in about 8 years.  I was glad that I was able to pull off this visit for him.  He misses his grandkids so much sometimes, as they are all busy with their own lives and so spread out, it’s hard to get everyone together.  I figure if I keep at it, even if it’s at different times, I will manage to get everyone to come and visit with him for a bit.  He enjoys those visits so much.

I am blessed to have been given this time to spend with my Grandpa.  Although, I do see him at least once a week, I truly have had so much fun spending this week with him, just the two of us, hanging out with him and talking about our memories and making new ones.

My Grandpa with my cousins, Dan & Hillarie

This photo was taken with a camera phone (all cameras are off on vacations) but from left to right, my cousin, Dan, my Grandpa, and my cousin, Hillarie.


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I am impressed by the love and caring you have for your grandpa. As a grandparent myself I hope my grandchildren will care for me when they become adults and will take time out of their busy schedules to sepnd time with me.

Well done! Keep it up.

(If you want help to keep the memories of grandpa alive forever check out my blog –

Comment by barbieygc

I will definately check out your blog. Thank you.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Sounds like you are having a good week with your Grandpa. My grandparents all live in Pennsylvania. I am due for another trip out there. 🙂

Comment by shadesofpink

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