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Marching Band & Instruments
July 6, 2007, 3:29 pm
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It’s almost here! Marching Band season is about to begin with band camp starting in August.  What does that mean for me?  My oldest daughter who has been playing the flute for 3 years now is ready to be upgraded to a piccolo.  In an effort to defray the cost of a new instrument, I acquired my father’s tenor saxophone in hope of trading it in towards the cost of the piccolo we will be needing. I am lucky that my step-mom had kept it to give to us for my daughter. Upon receiving the saxophone and pricing them, I discovered that the sax was in impeccible condition, and was pleasantly surprised to see it’s retail value of $2,260.00!  WOW! The saxophone looks like this:

 tenor_sax-vito-7131tk.jpgTENOR SAXOPHONE LEBLANC VITO 7131TK

My daughter has also expressed an interest in learning to play the saxophone, so knowing what my father’s saxophone was worth, my thoughts of a trade in were soon squashed.  A new piccolo runs anywhere from $500 and up.  That said, it would seem silly to trade such a wonderful sax for a piccolo, as I would be throwing away money.  I ultimately decided to keep the saxophone for my daughter and will be getting her some private lessons so that she can learn this instrument as well. Hopefully this will enable her to play any or all of the instruments she plays with her school band.

So, we are back to the situation of needing a piccolo for my daughter to play in the high school marching band. Looking around for used piccolos, I located a new one for about the same price as a used one. We decided to go ahead and buy the new one for my daughter and with my Mom’s help, are going to do so this coming Monday. The piccolo looks like this:
arm308-piccolo.gif PICCOLO ARMSTRONG 308

So, I would love to thank my loving family for coming through for me and my daughter in helping me to further her musical education that she loves so much.  Hugs & kisses to you all! 🙂


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I can totally relate! My daughter is in Color Guard and Band Camp starts next week here. I love being a band mom. I’ve always wanted to walk up to “off limit” areas and say, “Um, I’m with the band.” It is like the seas part! Too funny.

Anyway, I saw a link to your website from another consultant’s site and had to check it out because my nickname is “Night Owl”. I don’t meet too many people who stay up late like me. Do you find that your creativity comes out more at night? It is amazing how little sleep we can get and still function. ;0)

I included the link to my website. Stop by if you get a chance.


Comment by Melinda

my wife and i are both music educators – – having already graduated and she still currently in classes. i’m a brassman and she’s a flautist. we’ve both performed in military service bands for nearly 7 years now. tell your daughter that if she plans to pursue a music career, sax skills are a must for all flautists. i remember gigging thru college, and the oddity of a sax playing Euphoniumist / Tubist fed me thru many a long summer break. also in the military, playing multiple instruments gave my wife and I many, many options. she can also make a lot of pocket money doing church gigs.

good luck with the coming Marching season. i cant say that miss high school marching band. i’ve lived in the South my entire life so if it wasnt 95 degrees in central FLA, it was 105 in SC or 110 in TX. i dont miss it all.

College band was MUCH better and a lot more fun!!

Comment by Curtis Earl

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