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Battle of the Blogs 

If you have been reading up on Mary Kay, I am sure you have seen the numerous blogs out there, both pro and anti-MK.  It’s even gone a step further and now there are blogs that are “anti anti”.  There are more blogs out there, but the few listed here are the ones I am going to talk about today.  Since I don’t want this blog to be a Blog war or a Pro or Anti-MK blog, this is probably the only post I will have that refers to all this. 

Background: I found these when I was looking for information about MK after joining this year.  I reviewed them, had lots of questions, got some answers, and made my decision to stay with MK as a consultant.  I have no desire to become a team leader or director.  I am not out to make millions either.  I just want to have some fun with it and if I earn some extra spending money, hey that’s a bonus I won’t throw away! That said, I think someone getting involved with MK now, should know about these blogs before getting sucked into one over the other.  I am going to try and be fair to all in this post, but I have formed my own opinions which I am sure will shine through.  I am sure someone may not like what I have to say, but oh well.  Remember, all bogs are full of opinions that some may or may not agree with.  That is the great thing about opinions; we all have a right to have them. 

The blogs I am writing about are:

 Pro-MK (IMO keeping it real and fun) Update: This blog has been deleted by it’s owner. June 25, 2007

Pro-MK/Anti-Pink Truth

 Anti-MK (IMO honestly helpful for those that need them) 

Anti-MK/MLM (IMO bashes and ridicules but really offers no help)  (Owner Tracey Coenen hereafter “TC”)

 Anti-Pink Truth (IMO show the much needed TRUTH about the owner of Update: PT Lies has moved June 21, 2007. The new link is: (Banned from the Bitchfest….) 


The Pro-MK blogs speak volumes for themselves and are full of great reads.  The couple of Anti-MK blogs also speak for themselves in that they are honest and IMO respectable. It’s the one Anti-MK/MLM blog (Pink Truth) that I think most people should be forewarned of.  As for the Anti-PT blogs, because of some of the language used there, they are getting bashed. Regardless of the language, they offer valuable information about PT and people should take a peek before falling into the clutches of PT. 

The Pro-MK blogs: MK Rules & the Fuchsiablog are great for those that are involved in MK and loving their business.  These sites offer wonderful advice and motivation for the MK Consultant including, but not limited to: Getting started; Money management; Starting MK w/little or no inventory; Dealing with pressures and being overwhelmed; and much, much more. The advice here is solid and can be taken and used or not.  My favorite is MK Rules. This blog has managed to completely stay out of all of this Blog War mess. (Amazing.)  Keeping it real and positive is the motto there and I love it!

The Pro-MK & Anti-PT blog: My Pink Truth was started by someone still involved in MK and someone who loves and is happy with her MK business.  IMO this blog went from Pro-MK to what it is today because she was targeted by PT.  Now the owner wants to shed some light on the practices of PT’s owner.  This smart woman saw through TC from the beginning when quite a few others didn’t, but because of that, she has been targeted by TC.  This site offers great ideas and information about your MK business, offers other posts about life in general, as well as sheds some light on unethical behaviors of the PT blog owner.  The owner of My Pink Truth has been “cyber-stalked” by the owner of PT and has had her personal information published on the net for all to see.  I think this was done to her by TC because she wouldn’t fall in line and blindly worship PT.  I am glad she didn’t fall into TC’s clutches. I do not know the owner of this blog, but from what I have read, she has very valid reasons to be concerned and yet she doesn’t wallow in self-pity or hide.  She is standing up for herself and speaking the truth.  Her latest post today was terrific and I am glad she has had time to reflect on all of this mess and realize that her life is what is important and that TC is not and probably never will be.

The Anti-MK blogs: Pink Lighthouse and Pinking Shears offer great information that one should probably look into if they are considering becoming involved in MK or any MLM really.  As with all businesses in life, some ladies have not had the best of experiences with MK. These sites offer information regarding unethical practices of some MK Directors over the years. Their stories offer insight and advice on how to protect your self.  I gained some very valuable knowledge from these sites and I know what NOT to do with my MK. 

The Anti-MK/MLM blog: Pinktruth was supposedly started about “unethical practices” of MLM’s altogether, and toted as a place to heal, but appears it’s more geared towards anti-MK and anyone who might have anything to do with it.  When I first found this site, it was very anti-MK and if you just so happened to post a question that gave an inkling of the fact that you liked MK, you were instantly ridiculed, bashed and banned.  It portrayed itself as being there to help women who were wronged by MK.  It spoke of women being brainwashed by MK.  What was clear to me was that if these women were brainwashed by MK, they were quickly being brainwashed by this blog owner and just trading one bad habit for another.   This site has been known to publicly humiliate others, encourage cyber-stalking and post peoples private and personal information on the internet for others to see and use.  The recent “bad press” (for lack of a better description) has forced the owner of this blog to retreat to her private discussion board or super secret chat rooms, for the bashing and belittling to continue, albeit behind closed doors.  Yes, she closes doors to the general public, only allowing certain posters to read and comment on certain topics. It appears too, that the blog owner has slacked off on banning people recently so that she can try to dispel the statements that she is “Ban Happy”.  In further attempts to clean up her act, she has quit posting the hate mail on the main page.  She now puts it on her discussion board. She has also quit posting the sender’s address and phone numbers, etc., which yes, she used to do, if only to encourage other posters to attack them via email.  It is a little too late for TC’s reputation if you ask me.

IMO PT is not a healing place, but a place where they continue to wallow in self pity and keep the anger going and going like the energizer bunny.  No one seems to heal there beyond hate. It’s like stagnant water that just keeps growing fungus.  It has become a cult of its own (they call MK a cult) since TC’s followers never seem to question her unethical ways or hear the real truth about TC.  They continue to follow her blindly like a puppy dog that is lost.   

The Anti-Pink Truth blogs:  Banned from the Bitchfest… and PT Lies were both started quite recently.  Both of these sites are geared towards showing the public the lies and deceit of TC and PinkTruth.  To read more about PT, visit these Anti-PT blogs.  

PT Lies is very informative and offers very valuable information regarding TC that anyone should read before being sucked in by PT and TC.  I highly suggest anyone who is thinking of befriending PT’s owner to review this site.  The posts are well thought out and very informative.  

Banned… is also informative, but in a more playful and fun way. The laughs are endless there. The posters here originally had all been banned from PT for not agreeing with and blindly following TC 110%. It has grown to include MKers, Anti-MKers, PTers (although the mostly lurk) and Anti-PTers. This site welcomes all with all opinions.  Just remember the language at this site is colorful and at Banned…, everyone (because she likes to be fair) is fair game for the innocent fun. IMO, it is quite funny and offers lots of chances to laugh. However, I am not easily offended and I like it when one speaks one’s mind freely, not caring what others think.  If you are easily offended by language, I suggest you try the other Anti-PT blogs.    

So back to my thoughts:  I happen to like my MK business.  It is cozy and I do make some extra pocket money.  Beyond that, I actually like most of the products.  I did not make a huge inventory purchase, but carry some product.  I paid attention to what’s going on and think I have a good idea of where I want it to go for me.  So, please, do not try to encourage me to quit MK.   

I want to say that only on Pink Truth have I seen personal information being posted about others for the general public. This site encouraged others to spam and stalk all those that did not agree with PT. All of the other blogs I have mentioned do not allow “outing” of people unless the person has OK’d it.  This is nice to know as this is the cyber world and there are some real crazies out there in this world. 

I also want to tell you that the first blog I found when I started MK was Pink Truth.  But, because of the way PT is handled and ran, the blog had the complete opposite affect on me than that of which they were trying to accomplish.  This site made me want to sell MK even more!!  Guess that is the rebel in me.  I then found Pinking Shears and Pink Lighthouse.  From those, I gathered information of what NOT to do in my MK business.  Thanks.  

Because all of the negativity out there, I went on the search for some Pro-MK blogs.  They are out there and they offer great ideas and places to build good decent cyber friendships. Although I am not as “pink” as most, I value these ladies opinions and have utilized some of the great ideas I have found. 

Something that really bothers me about PT is the ultimate goal of bringing MKC down while helping women to see the light. WTF??  Do they forget that some of the posters at PT still collect commission checks because they need the money for bills????  Who will pay the bills if MKC does crash??? Some of them have no education or skills to do something else.  I guess because they blindly followed TC, she will pay the bills for them. Not too likely.  And what about the many women out there that are ethical in MK and have made money in this business that rely on those incomes? I guess these women don’t matter to those over at PT.  They are not worthy of help because they chose to work the business ethically and continue with MK.  And do they not realize that maybe some women aren’t in MK for the money?? Not all of us lose money??  I don’t know.     

I guess what I am saying is: 

* If you got pressured to do something you shouldn’t have, I am sorry that happened to you, but I didn’t do it.  So, please don’t lump me in with those unethical ones.   

* If your financial situation was screwed up because of MK Debt, well, I am on the fence there. Women who were pressured into large initial inventories and never sold them I must admit, I really feel for.  It isn’t always easy to sell product and inventory choices need to be made wisely and cautiously.  However, I do have a hard time understanding those that were over $10,000 in MK debt.  At some point you had to know you were just buying and not selling.  At some point you had to realize that pink caddi was costing you money. At some point it becomes your own fault regardless of the pressures by your NSD, SD or MKC.   

* If it didn’t work for you, that’s fine. Please don’t try to make me quit too. I haven’t experienced what you did, although I have learned something from your experience.  I appreciate you telling me about what happened to you, but don’t ridicule me if I don’t completely agree with you.

*Last, but not least, those women who say they were encouraged (and did) to lie to their husbands, SHAME ON YOU! There is never a good reason to lie to one’s spouse beyond, “No honey, you don’t look fat in that shirt.”  

I suppose hoping for a blog where everyone got along well while sharing their experiences good or bad is like hoping for complete world peace overnight. 


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Good luck with your blog, very well written!

Comment by MK4ME

Thanks MK4ME.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Thanks for the great info and the nice comments about MK Rules. I do try to stay out of the blog wars because I am not anti-PT, I am pro-MK. There is a huge difference. I wanted to make a place full of tips, chat, crows, etc. I know PT has it’s opinions and they will not change. This is why I just say “forget it” and go on my merry way. 🙂

Comment by mkrules

Mk Rules..You rule!!! Thanks for mentioning this blog..

Comment by Colleen

Hello there–I saw this link in my blog stats so decided to check it out. Many thanks for the compliments!

Like you, I wish they would leave those of us happy with our businesses alone. I love your comment above: “If you got pressured to do something you shouldn’t have, I am sorry that happened to you, but I didn’t do it. So, please don’t lump me in with those unethical ones.”

May I put a link to this topic on my blog or would you prefer to remain a bit under the radar? You have made some very valid points but I don’t want to point more people in your direction if you would rather not have that.

Again, thanks for the compliments and best of luck to you!

Comment by Me

Hello there–I saw this link in my blog stats so decided to check it out. Many thanks for the compliments!

Like you, I wish they would leave those of us happy with our businesses alone. I love your comment above: “If you got pressured to do something you shouldn’t have, I am sorry that happened to you, but I didn’t do it. So, please don’t lump me in with those unethical ones.”

May I put a link to this topic on my blog or would you prefer to remain a bit under the radar? You have made some very valid points but I don’t want to point more people in your direction if you would rather not have that.

Again, thanks for the compliments and best of luck to you!

Comment by Me

Yikes, sorry for the double post–don’t know what happened there……

Comment by Me

Hi Me! You are welcome for the compliments. I also have no problems with you linking to this. I have never in my life flown under the radar, so why start now? I said what I said and I stand by it. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Thanks, Semi! I will do it now.

Comment by Me

love this post, its great! It is exactley the way I feel about the whole thing. Also is a great blog about the business of Marykay and she keeps it real as well with great advice about how to run your business.
Keep it up!

Comment by foreverpink

Excellent post. Real, heartfelt and most of all truthful.

Good luck!

Comment by Cocktail Anyone?

Slight spelling correction ForeverPink.


Nice Blog Semi-Charmed! Keep up the good work/commentary.

And kudos for taking in all of the information, and processing it and thinking FOR YOURSELF!

Comment by MKRealist

Bravo! I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll, too. Don’t expect a windfall, though. I have hardly any readers. 😆 It’s all good. I like your new blog!

Comment by shadesofpink

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and wishes of good luck. If it weren’t for all of your experiences, both good and bad, I would not be as informed as I am. So, again, thank you all for sharing your stories. I am lucky to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to MK.

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Howdy, Ms. Shades! Glad you made it over here for a visit. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

thanks mkr for the correction!

Comment by foreverpink

Great Blog Semi-Charmed!

Yay!! Another blog for Week in Review!!

Comment by Duh

Woo Hoo I made Duh’s Week In Review!

Comment by Semi~Charmed

The site address for PT Lies is

very nice post

Comment by whateva

Now there are more anti-Tracy and PT blogs then anti-MK blogs.

Comment by whateva

Hey – great blog! 🙂 Was nice to read it and I am happy it is here. There are lots of women that still sell MK and do it their own way, not the way that PT envisions all MK women do it. You will be a valuable resource for them. Kudos. I will add your blog to my links as well, if that is okay. Though, like someone else said, don’t expect a lot of traffic from it! LOL All of you ladies are just far to sane for me and my world! 🙂

Cheers, and great job!

Comment by Duped

Hi Semi~Charmed! I see you figured out how to do the “more” button on your own! Sorry, I am just now checking my email… 🙂

Comment by mkrules

hi all! just got back from our weekend away. i will hopefully have an interesting post about that later tonight. should hopefully be a funny read as we had some exciting and crazy antics happen this weekend. glad to see i wasn’t bombarded with hate posts this weekend. woo hoo!

whateva ~ thanks for the correction on the link, I fixed it and it should be working now. TC probably should have thought about the way she was going about her Anti-Mk blog. She may not have lost so many readers if she thought to be considerate instead of so hateful. 🙂

duped ~ you are welcome to link to this or add me to your blog roll. i don’t know how much MK or anti-MK stuff will be here, but thanks for the link! 🙂

mkrules ~ it’s ok. i only figured out how to do it by changing the page theme. maybe i will figure out html soon. LOL

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Wow! Thank you for such a balanced perspective! Some of the blogs are crazy, as if MK has nothing bad that has everhappened or that nothing good has ever come of MK. Every company has problems and bad apples, but I appreciate you giving both sides.

Comment by Kate

Hi Kate and welcome to my little world. Thanks for the comments. Hope to see you around blog land sometime! 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

Hi…I posted the following on pinktruth and it was deleted immediately.

Hey there Ladies. I am a high school teacher and my wife has been a consultant for some time now. Many of the women in our neighborhood buy their makeup from my wife and call her when they need more of this or that and my wife makes her bit of the profit on it.

We have never, ever bought a large amount of inventory. My wife knows, from experience, what her steady customers will buy, and she trys to keep some of that on hand, but most of the time, we just place orders as they come to us. We have 4 kids and my beautiful wife has never placed MK above me or them.

She has a few clever little methods of getting new customers and that seems to bring a few people to her every month, so…her group of steady MK customers grows a bit every month and so does the amount of money that she gets to keep.

I don’t know if she’ll ever be a director…right now she only has a few people under her, but I don’t think that building some massive organization in MK is what motivates her. She likes the extra money that it gives her and she gets to talk to adults occasionally. 🙂

I worked in the corporate world for many years and rose to senior-level management. As I climbed the ladder, we bought the bigger houses and cars, etc and I accepted more and more garbage from my corporate masters because I was…well….greedy….and wanted to keep all the stuff we had. One day, I decided that enough was enough, and resigned. I gave up my job and all the abuse that went with it. We sold most of our fancy stuff and I returned to teaching….a job that I adore. We live simply now…but happily.

I guess my point is this….nobody here was forced at gunpoint into doing anything. All of you are adults. If you’ve gotten yourself into a position that is hurting you…and you make some changes…great….thats what you should do. But, don’t sit at your computer and slam Mary Kay. (It’s been a great thing for my wife and has enabled her to have some spending money. She bought me a nice guitar a few weeks ago….something she’s been wanting to do for years!) All of you DIQ’s and Directors made that conscious decision to go for the big time…and many of you didn’t like the pressure. It was your choice though. And pressure….ladies….you haven’t seen pressure until you’re sitting in a 10th floor office overlooking Central Park in NYC while being grilled by a billionaire partner in a private equities firm over why the company you’re managing only grew by 15% instead of the 19% he wanted so he could buy his third house in Europe.

If you want a company-provided Cadillac and big commision checks….you have to jump into the shark pool ladies….that’s all there is to it. As my wife says when some other woman is whining….”stop whimpering and put on your big-girl panties!”

Now…on the other hand, if you just want to make some extra money and get out of the house occasionally, then do MK like my sweet wife does.

I pray that God blesses all of you…and that He helps you find contentment, love and peace.


Comment by Walt

Hi Walt. Glad you found my blog and no worries, I will not be removing your post.

I love my very small MK business (my MK my way) and originally wrote this piece because I couldn’t say what I wanted to at PT either without being deleted or edited. There is a one-track agenda at PT and it is not to help other women regardless of the fact that they say that is what they are there for.

I am glad your wife is happy with her MK business. If she hasn’t already, she may want to check out MK Rules’ blog. There are many MKers there that are happy with MK and there are lots of ideas and encouragement on MK Rules’ blog. 🙂

Comment by Semi~Charmed

[…] been following the MK, anti-MK, PT, anti-PT blogs “Blog Wars” in my previous posts and, and on the […]

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Is this site still active, I see these posts are from a year ago?

Comment by Maggie

Pinktruth is still active. My Pinktruth, Pinking Shears, Pink Lighthouse, Banned from the Bitchfest and MKRules are as well. I am still here, but I rarely have anything to do with MK other than keeping in touch with some of the ladies that I befriended on both sides of the pink fence. I do strongly encourage anyone who is involved with Pinktruth to be warey of Tracey Coenen and her dedicated followers. Just as I would caution MKers to be warey of buying too much inventory.

Comment by Krysti

Tracey Coenen is a closed minded bias b_tch. I’m surprise she is a fraud investigator and examiner. I wouldn’t hire someone like her.

Comment by erica

Those are pretty strong words, but I must admit in my opinion she is closed-minded and I wouldn’t hire her either.

Comment by Night Owl Mom

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